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  • The Mac Genius Level 1 Level 1

    It might have been catching it early on these computers, I noticed IR after 3 days of using mine and so did some fellow co-workers. The others I did it on were all weeks 40 because it was a company shipment. Out of the 23 we received, 7 were having the issues and all had the slideshow run for 20 hours. It may be something to do with that week of computers. They all had the slideshow run 3 days after their first use. Having the display for longer might effect the pixels in a way that they cannot be prevented from displaying IR. I will test the slide show on a MacBook Pro that has been used for a few months and tell you what I find. Time may have an effect on the display and it's ability to show IR. If you have really bad IR and your computer has been used for a longer time, I would bring it into Apple and have it looked at. I know it is frustrating to have IR on a 2k + laptop, you would expect that money to get something that is free of defects, but we can only wait now for LG to change the way they manufacture displays or for Apple to change what displays they use. This problem may be blown out of proportion. There are probably many LG displays that don't have this issue. The shipment we received had only 1 samsung display in the whole lot, the rest were LG. That shows that not every LG display has issues. Out of the 7 that did, 4 were only minor ghosting, and the rest were more than noticeable. It seems almost like a random issue. I recommend that people stop trying to just get Samsung displays, because it's not that likely that you will. Instead, just try and get a display that has no IR, regardless of what manufacturer it can from. Be persistent with the Geniuses till you get it replaced. As far as the slide show, I will come back and tell you how an older RDMBP

    preformed after the slideshow test. I believe that you should also ask the geniuses to display a grey background after the test to point out the IR if it is there. You also might have better luck bringing pictures and you own evidence of the issue and presenting that to a Genius. If you start showing them evidence then they will probably be more helpful.

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    I do not have an issue with Apple resetting the view count as it's clearly not an accurate calculation of the number of unique visitors to the discussion, it counts 1 view each time you read a previous page, I would calculate I've added 200 views to the count alone.


    I do not believe this condition warrants a recall or a halt in sales, the condition clearly affects a majority of LG displays, however the condition is only noticeable to the point of distraction in a minority of displays.


    I feel Apple should treat their customers with more respect when it comes to this issue and any customer who feels the condition has reached an unacceptable level, in their opinion not Apples, should be offered a replacement or full refund.


    The condition is not always present from new and it is an ugly condition which can develop over time.

    Accounts of customers being fobbed off with the line 'it's within spec so there's nothing we can do' is completely unacceptable.


    I wouldn't expect Apple to advertise this condition but if Apple were more open with customers who raised the issue and displayed a better willing to replace units, a greater number of people who have read this forum would be encouraged to buy.

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    Following up on my earlier post here:


    BTO MBP-RD 15", 2.7 - 16gb, 512ssd


    Screen = LP154WT1-SJA1


    Build Week = 34 (August)



    IR problem was very present before running the "RGB slide show".


    After running the slide show, the IR problem is still there.


    Will be contacting Apple (800-692-7753) and start the exchange process.


    Otherwise, I really like the machine .... for now.

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    My order last week arrived today. Week 47 (via Chipmunk) BTO 2.3/16/256. Samsung display.

  • fxycn Level 1 Level 1

    Hi,everyone,after got four new machine replacements and four screen replacements,i got a perfact Samsung screen,it wasted three months.


    Good luck to everyone!

  • Sound Evolution Level 1 Level 1

    Congrats. You got yout screen replaced for the 4th time? Or they gave you a new machine with a Samsung Screen?

    fxycn wrote:


    Hi,everyone,after got four new machine replacements and four screen replacements,i got a perfact Samsung screen,it wasted three months.


    Good luck to everyone!

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    My BTO just arrived, and it's an LG. Don't know the build week and don't care...back in the box to Apple it goes.

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    My BTO is scheduled to be delivered on Friday.  Week 48 build.  Bad news to hear they are still shipping LG screens with new orders.  You'd think they would be aware of this issue and taken steps to mitigate it (i.e. by stopping production with LG screens). 


    At the very least, by everyone getting these and returning them, it's sure to get Apple's attention. 


    Do you guys think it's more likely to get a Samsung by returning the computer and getting a new computer or asking for screen replacements?


    Also, any chance LGs have improved on their manufacturing defect?  I wonder if newer LGs are equally as plagued.


    **crosses fingers that when mine arrives it's a Samsung**

  • jpalattao Level 1 Level 1

    I hope you don't mind me asking... What's the 3rd and 4th character of the serial number?



  • millerrh512 Level 1 Level 1

    Third and fourth number is 2J... what does this tell you?


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    Sorry Millerrh512. I was asking Drew84's serial number, and my bad. Was supposed to be asking for the 4th and 5th characters - this tells the week number.

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    I received and returned total four new machines,some of these were fixed with screen replacement,the fourth screen replacement,i got the samsung。

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    I have a question about difference between Samsung and LG screens. Have you any experiences about is Samsung warmer and yellow tinted then LG?

  • millerrh512 Level 1 Level 1

    I have heard of Samsungs being yellower, but if you calibrate your screens it should account for that.  Some guy on Mac Rumors even said using the built-in calibrator in OSX fixed it for him.  An external calibration hardware would be even better.


    I have used a monitor calibrator for years now and could not imagine going back.  Especially on my Windows computer at work, it almost hurts my eyes to look at it when it's not calibrated.


    So for me, it's a non-issue.  I'll take a color shift I can correct later vs. image retention which I can't.

  • gaborfromszigethalom Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, I understand. But... That is a huge risk to change screen because I had experience about that... If I get a patched screen, the Hungarian policy of Apple doesn't allows to rechange it...