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    RJPMacbook wrote:


    Testing IR is pretty easy.  I set my background to the darkest grey, then turned up the brightness.  I put the checkerboard grid on the screen for 20 minutes.  When I switch to the gray background, the checked pattern remains for more than 5 minutes.  I also tested by leaving the Apple website open on my gray background.  After 10 to 20 minutes, I moved the browser window and could still see the header bar and other shadows.  These DO fade after 20 minutes or so, but my guess is that things will get worse over time (I've only had mine for less than 12 hours!).



    I'll try that out when I get home from work. Are you planning to return it?

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    This one hit the front page of Techmeme today. 



    Wow.  This, hurts.  Almost embarassing.

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    I got lucky. Bought a 15" Retina Macbook Pro and after 2 weeks got it.

    Samsung Display, looks fine without dead pixels.


    Week 47 (chipmunks) / Week 48 (appleserialnumber)

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    Is it just me or is the amount of rMBPs with Samsung displays increasing?

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    we have been though this a dozen times now. they have their screens coming in bulk orders so one week its mostly LG another week or two its samsung. Give up people, ive given up. The only way to be almost sure is to replace the screen

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    I got my MBPr back in July (week 27/28), and it has a LG screen. It worked absolutely fine until today, and to be honest, I always thought people complaining about ghosting where either whiners or just very unlucky.


    Today I started noticing the Facebook banner "ghosting" on my dark backgrounds. Now it's getting worse and worse by the minute! I don't even need to keep the same image for more than a minute, and it'll ghost. I'll probably have the laptop replaced sometime after Christmas (I'm way too busy before that). I'd expect this sort of degradation after a year or two, but not even 6 months...? This is the first laptop I've ever bought from Apple, and I feel a bit let down.

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    I am not happy with my current MBP with HiRes AntiGlare screen, as it has backlight issues, but I have already gone through 3 Retina screens before (2 replacements, 1 screen replacement). The screen replacement was a Samsung without IR, but it had a massive yellow tinge at the bottom of the screen. I wonder if it's worth returning the MBP HiRes AntiGlare and giving the Retina lottery another try :/ The rMBP is really the one I wanted...

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    Be sharp on the SAMSUNG screens, please peal your eyes and look for SPREADING dead pixels...Its a nightmare this is my second SAMSUNG with dead pixels...waiting for a repair...This is awful, considering APPLE being a yardstick for Quality and Reliability. Even my resellers are furious at how many faults these retina can register.





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    No dead(stuck) pixels on my Samsung.

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    Keep lookin!!!! develops over time...mine took almost 4 months for it to reveal dead pixels....rMBP is no safe bet :-(

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    Those are stuck pixels, not dead pixels. Dead = black, always visible. Stuck = always lit up (often in neon colours). Dead pixels are dead forever. Stuck pixels have a (very slim) chance of being "unstuck" with flicker videos.

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    Awww.. they did try the video remedy at my Service Centre but unfortunately wasn't helping...they report it as DEAD in the official repair sheet.....

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    I decided I've had enough all the worry about displays etc on the rMBP and purhcased a custom MBP Air 13.  My daughter has one and they are a beautiful fully mobile laptop (a drawback is I wanted the 15in).  I'll get a 27 IMac in Jan and wait a year or so for the next generation of rMBP which should have better screens and be lighter as well.


    It has been frustrating this issue as the retina is great once you start uisng it you dont want to go back.  My current Ipad is retina and the contrast with my first Ipad is signifincat once you go back and use the old one.  Also would never consider any laptop without flash storage - it is fantastic.

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    So is it safe to buy retina macbook from apple store? what is the chance of getting this issue?

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    Major conversation about this on Hacker News.