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  • End_Game Level 1 Level 1

    I've been monitoring this forum for a while and am also new to the forum, but I thought I would weigh in on the subject.  I have been contemplating purchasing a new Macbook Pro for a while, but was concerned about the display issues and ending up with an LG screen with its possible problems.  I decided to order on last week and received the computer today.  The configuration was ordered as a 2.6ghz processor with 16gb of ram and 256 hard drive.  The build date by serial number was December 2012 (week 50) and when I ran the command script it returned as LSN (Samsung Screen) so for those of you wondering if Apple is still shipping with the Samsung screens, they are!


    Again just thought I would pass on the information and good luck.  I thank all of the knowledgeable people out there providing great support on this forum.

  • NYSTAR2 Level 1 Level 1

    I tried the command on my new rMBP 13 and it does not give me anything, I tried all variations of the command and still the same!!!


    I believe apple blocked the command no the 13 rMBP! I did the test for 5 minutes then switched to the gray, couldnt notice anything and after looking carefully I believe there is a hint but its not easy to be noticed unless somebody like me who read this forum go and do it on purpose.


    Not sure if I keep the page for half an hour then switch the green what will happen (I tried 5 and then 10 mins) and the result was the same (cant see anything or just like a trace that cant be noticed easily).


    Is my laptop ok? Does it worsen by time? Does that means I have LG(Because sometimes if I look carefully i find a very very minor shadow, not easy to be noticed though)?


    Is there any other way to get the screen manufacturer other than the blocked command?

  • Fa_St Level 1 Level 1

    This is my display after morning test...

    one month of use and LG screen ( week 45)


    but... i had to request apple assistence cause a fan problem (left fan noise) a "little bit"  clatter

    ...a nightmare



    foto (1).JPG

  • NYSTAR2 Level 1 Level 1

    Looks good, can you give me the website address to test please?

  • Fa_St Level 1 Level 1

    Test your screen by visiting this web app


    you can restart the test after the standard 7min 

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    Ok, fourth time lucky!


    Just to recap: ordered in June on first day, it quickly developed terrible IR.  After a lot of correspondance with AppleCare online and Apple ER I eventually got an advance replacement arranged.  It arrived but the screen was as bad as the first, dimmer and more discoloured / unevenly coloured.  Sent the second back immediatley, held onto the first for long enough to do a business trip (appreciated them letting me do this, even if it took 100s of hours to sort this out.)  They only offered a refund at this point, so I took it.


    Waited a few months until December.  Still wanted a machine of this spec, and felt that there were less reports of problems so it may be a good time to try again.


    The machine was another LG, with medium IR which I decided to just live with.  But after 2 weeks it developed a vertical line of dead pixels.


    Finally got another appointment at the local genuis bar (the same guy who I'd taken the first laptop to in July, luckily, so he was sympathetic.) They offered to replace the screen, and even though I'd refused last time (due to not wanting a brand new machine torn open), I decided it was my best shot this time, being just out of the return period.


    To my amazement, they replaced it that day and today it has a new Samsung screen.  It's brighter (I think, or maybe the whites are), a touch warmer in colour (yellower perhaps, but closer to my Dell Ultrasharp in colour, which has seved me well.)  The screen is nice and even.  Text looks slightly sharper to my eye.  Blacks are noticably muddier / greyer, colours are a touch more desturated, which is the one thing I do miss (always found Apple laptops a bit washed out and the Retina LG was definitely better than any I'd seen before for that.)  But all in all it's a better screen just because there's no IR, which was very frustrating when trying to do detailed edits to artwork.


    So, the reason I'm posting all this is to suggest that it's probably worth taking a screen replacement, even if it's really new, over trying the machine replacement / refund lottery.  I think the rumour that most Samsungs are ending up as backups for replacements is probably true.  Wish I'd done it back in July, and then I'd have had a working computer for an extra half a year!

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    I ordered a MBPr 15" 2.6/16/512 on 12/31/12. Received on 1/8/13.  First Mac I've owned.  I stumbled across this thread shortly after I placed the order so obviously potential display issues have dampened the purchase experience.  Just turned it on about 10 minutes ago and went through the basic setup process. Immediately checked build week and display manufacturer.  It is a Week 1 January build with a Samsung display.  At this point I do not have any of the Samsung related display issues discussed in this thread.  So far, so good. 

  • millerrh512 Level 1 Level 1

    Antecdotally, it seems as though a lot of newer purchases are with Samsung Displays.  I wonder if Apple finally ironed out the logistics issues and have fixed the problem on newer units.

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    superflatsonic wrote:


    "So, the reason I'm posting all this is to suggest that it's probably worth taking a screen replacement, even if it's really new, over trying the machine replacement / refund lottery.  I think the rumour that most Samsungs are ending up as backups for replacements is probably true.  Wish I'd done it back in July, and then I'd have had a working computer for an extra half a year!"


    Good for you. I'm glad you finally received the machine you paid for.


    With regards to your recommendation, I emailed Apple corporate relations back in August and suggested this very approach to them (to set aside Samsung displays for all IR-related replacements). I had mine replaced with a Samsung display back in September and it's worked great ever since. As for LG displays, I still think that virtually ALL of them have IR or will get IR in varying degrees. As for the Samsung defects some have described on this thread, they're less prevalent than the image retention issue and they're nothing new. Even non-Retina displays can sometimes have dead pixels, mura, yellowing, etc. The image retention issue with LG displays is a design issue, either inherent in the hardware itself, in it's manufacturability, or both.

  • NYSTAR2 Level 1 Level 1

    How did you get the build date?

  • jwang158 Level 1 Level 1

    I repaired my display a second time after noticing a mura spot near the center of the Samsung display (the previously mentioned dent wasn't that big of an issue, but all the more reason).
    Again the Genius gave me no trouble, and again the repairs were completed quickly.
    The new display is Samsung made, and has none of the frequently mentioned problems in other threads (no yellow tinting, no mura spots, and most importantly, no ghosting). I think I have a perfect display this time. The backlighting seems to be ever so slightly less even around the edges relative to the LG display I had earlier, but it really isn't a problem at all--it isn't perceptible at most viewing angles and the display is much brighter.
    I'm really happy with this display. For all those still having issues, keep trying, because there are definitely flawless displays out there.

  • millerrh512 Level 1 Level 1

    Slightly OT, but for all you retina MBP owners I have a question for you:  Is your Apple logo on the backside glowing a slightly pink color?  Or is it a neutral white?


    I had an LG screen that I recently returned.  Partly because of the worry of IR.  But also because it had a reddish color cast that I couldn't calibrate out.  When I compared the backlight of the Apple logo to my old MBP, it was definitely more magenta than the old one.  I figured it was some other issue with the backlight causing the color cast and why I returned when I did.


    But I have read on other forums of this "pink Apple logo" and wanted to check to see if this might be actually common to all rMPBs.

  • End_Game Level 1 Level 1

    The first Macbook 15" I ordered had an LG screen and the apple was a pinkish white color, so I sent it back.  The second one I received was a Samsung and was neutral white.  Both builds were week 50 December.

  • jwang158 Level 1 Level 1

    Actually, my Apple logo is kind of pinkish now that you've mentioned it. I don't have another MBP to compare to, but compared to the whites on the display, the logo does have a tint.
    I noticed that my LG display had a slight magenta cast, but never paid attention to the hue of the logo. I have a Samsung screen now and the whites on the display itself are accurate.
    I wouldn't worry about it.

  • millerrh512 Level 1 Level 1

    I was trying to match the display to my Cinema Display. I do photography, so being able to adjust colors accurately is a must for me.  Having one display more red than another is a non starter.  I need to be able to calibrate them well enough that color casts are eliminated.  This was definitely a big deal for me.  When a calibration device (i1 Display Pro) can't neutralize color casts, there is a problem with the display in my book.  Seeing the pink backlight in the logo seemed to correlate with the red color cast I was seeing in the display. So back it went.  Now, I'm back to using my 2010 MBP until Haswell comes out and *hopefully* all these display issues are ironed out. 


    I'm just curious about the red color cast to the Apple logo though...maybe that was not an indicator of the color cast issue I was noticing.  But based on End_Game's post above, maybe it is...