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    Can you post links?   If its true, I'm going to cancel mine that's on order now,

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    jmlivid wrote:


    I just got my base rMBP. I'm still within the 14 day return period....I checked and it has a Samsung display and SSD. BUT...I'm still thinking of returning it. I've been all over the internet and find nothing but bad things about this laptop. It may seem weird to ask but what does the community think? I going crazy here. Thanks.

    If you've got a flawless Samsung LCD panel in your retina display and you haven't noticed any other issues, keep it. It's an amazing machine! The only serious problem is with the LG LCD panels, and the problem is endemic with that manufacturer, whether people want to admit it or not. All the other issues (dead pixels, mura, crashing, etc) are much rarer by comparison.

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    BarrettF77 wrote:


    I should add this is the new 2012 late iMacs to be specific.   Looks like LG is screwing everyone across the board.


    You are right, as you can see there's an article that LG was to blame for the delays of the new iMacs


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    For those of you contemplating waiting until the next generation Macbook Pro I would be skeptical, by all accounts it appears Samsung is slowly being phased out, which means LG screens will be on all new Apple products.  Is LG's along with Apple's quality control going to fix this problem or just continue to band aid it.  I decided I would just keep returning Macbooks until I received one with a Samsung screen.  It took two returns, but I met my goal.  It was a bit of a pain, but I was not going to wait until a next generation product came out to go through this all over again along with what ever new problems arise.  Good luck to all.

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    I bought the rMBP 13 3 days ago from BhPhoto in NY, it came with a sticker on the box with a date of 11/4/2012.


    Not sure what is the brand of the screen as the screen command does not work on the 13"!! (I believe apple blocked it), however I tried the testing link and waited for 7 minutes and switched to the gray screen!! NO issues at all no burn in or retention! Either I have a good Samsung, or maybe good LG which is fine provided that it does not get worse over time and show IR later.


    Message for all, best thing is to forget about it and enjoy the new machiene, if it happens one day and I get IR that is really obvious and noticable during day to day activities then I will simply go to Apple and get the screen replaced (I have Applecare and 3 years warranty). Even if Apple is trying to get away with it now, sooner or later LG will fix the manufacturing defect and the number of people that goes to Apple store asking for an exchange will be much less which will make it easier to get a screen replacement in the future.


    I upgraded from mid 2011 Macbook air which is really smooth and never gets hot during internet browsing, emails,..etc. This 13 rMBP gets hot even if I am not doing anything and closing all programs!! The fan runs at 2000 RPM even after the laptop gets hot to save battery and reduce noise !! I installed smcFan Control and configured it to run at startup and set the minimum fan speed to 3000 RPM. The new settings worked well for me, no noicable noise and the laptop runs cool to a level that I can put it on my lap all the time!! 


    Good Luck for all

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    I get replaced today and it's a Samsung (3days to get a replaced ....really fast!).

    No IR, different color and it seems more brilliant.

    The just one think better on the LG is the dark. It seems more dark than the samsung. Maybe calibration will change something but Samsung without IR is really better.

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    I had 2 screen replacements already. Both were Samsung screens.

    The first one was extremely yellow tinted!

    The second one (the one I have now) still has a warmer tint to it compared to my LG screen (and compared to ALL screens I can find in my house: iPhone 4 & 5, iPad 2 & 3).

    I feel like the LG screen is far superiour to Samsung (apart from the IR of course).

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    I matched mine to my 27 iMac (2010) using a colormunki and both screens are pretty spot on.  I don't think the logo means anything. Mines pink but my screen isn't.

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    Is this burn in problem mostly on the 15" model?  I'm not finding many posts of problems with the 13" model which is the one I want. Or maybe 13" owners aren't noticing the problem?

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    on page 405 I have posted a picture of one of my friend's 13" with IR after 1 week. Sent it back and got his money back, the same thing I did with my 15" back in September.

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    Is it true that the refurbished models have Samsung screens? If so, then I will buy one!

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    I only read one report of a refurb coming with a samsung display.  I called Apple and tried to see if they could verify a refurb has a samsung display, even a sienor supervisor could not figure out how to confirm this.  He did send a request to the refurb manager to see if they could do this, I'm still waiting to hear back.

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    Which model of 13 rmbp did you get and why?  I'm thinking of getting one but can't decide on the 2.5 256 gb or the 2.9 256 gb