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  • Baris3 Level 1 (0 points)
    Is it true that the refurbished models have Samsung screens? If so, then I will buy one!



    Samsung screen rMBP's are defective too. Sadly but, all rMBP displays are faulty. So if you are thinking to buy a rMBP, do not buy it, you will be thankful to me later.

  • jmlivid Level 1 (0 points)

    There seems to be only a small number of faulty Samsung displays. About as much as you would expect from any cross section of any brand you sample.

  • armin n Level 1 (0 points)

    anyone with a wekk 48 or later with IR??


    could it be true that the LGs are fixed?

  • Florin101 Level 2 (170 points)

    I have an LG Display, and no IR!

  • Florin101 Level 2 (170 points)

    By the way, Mine is Week 50.

  • Baris3 Level 1 (0 points)

    With time, I think it will develop slight IR. And it will be worse over time.

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    What specific facts do you have that back up your claims that "...all rMBP displays are faulty"?


    You need to be specific if you are making claims like that.  This is by far the largest thread regarding this issue and there looks to be under 1000 unique users posting complaints about this issue! 


    Now put that in percpective with how many units are shipping.  As Apple does not release sales data by specific product model I have estaimated the rMBP shipments with data from Apples annual report as follows:  I estimate that 10% of all Macbook shipments are rMBP.  Then based on Apples 2012 projected sales volume of 16.7 million MacBooks the  rMBP shipments should be approx.1.67 million or 133,000 per month.  Yes I am 'guessing' at sales volume but I believe it's a fairly reasonable (and conservative) guess. 


    So now lets assume my guess of 1000 unique user posting problems here is the tip of the iceberg, so there may be what? 10 times that amount of actual problematic displays???  So now we have about 10,000 unique customers with IR problems that need addressing.  OK so 10,000 faulty displays since July out of almost 1,000,000 shipped to date....  That's a 'failure rate' of 1%!  Even if if my guesstimates are still off by a factor of 10 then were talking a 10% failure rate.  Obviously neither failure rate is ideal, esspetially if you recieve a defective unit, but it in no way suggests that: "..all rMBP displays are faulty".  As you so blatantly claim!

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    No way to know how many are affected.  What you can know is how apple and the idiot bar handle the situation.  Not impressed. 

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    I like where your coming from. In no way is it acceptable for apple to let these things slide but surley not every rMBP is faulty. That would make the evening news. I myself have decided to keep mine. I have the samsung display and I;m going to live with it. I love this computer and if it messes up than i will use apple care.

  • Florin101 Level 2 (170 points)

    So your SAMSUNG DISPLAY has IR? I have a LG RETINA with no IR

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    Hi everyone,


    I felt I need to communicate my experiece from today's visit at the Apple Genus Bar at the Mayfair Mall, Wauwatosa, WI.


    I came in due to the burn in on my 15 inch Macbook Pro retnia display configuration 2.6/16meg ram, 512 SSD which has a LG display. We purchased this Laptop Online on December. 2, 2012.


    Well today the genus ran the "Test" for Retina retention for 3 minutes and it pass APPLE's Engineers Standards. Thsi was done in the showroom with very brightly lights.


    I was very very  frustrated due to the fact the display does have goasting and burn in when I am at home using this machine.


    The genus explained to me that they are willing to order a replacement display even though the test passed. However, they would not be able to replace again if I came back and the APPLE's engineered approved  3 minute Test passed.


    At home I ran a 7 minute test that I found on this forum with the solid gray color as a background and the test shows several bars.


    I have been a very loyal APPLE evangelist for many years. I have spend thousands of dollars over the years. I have 6 adult children who are professionals in the Graphic Design field and another who is envolved using the many software music composition tools used on apple Macs who depend on excellent tools to perform their jobs.Because of the issues we are having with this machine they are now considering other options.


    IT is extemely frustrating as a consumer of Apple producs to experience this ongoing denial of this issue. The lack of quality control to many of their products is going downhill. Besides this issue, I have also had to return 2 IPAD 64 gb AT&T due to light bleeding.


    Anyway I came across this article and wanted to share this with everyone. This rings true to my current situation.


    I believe what most consumers want is acknowledgement that they screwed up and will be fixing the problem and provide the solutions once and for all. Not to drag it on and hope that eventually this will cleaned up down the road.


    The covert way they treat consumers seems to stall the proces by providing the APPLE Engineered TEST with the hopes consumers will give in to there process. Then the consumer has to go back get the display replaced and start the entire cycle of action once again whicl will take a couple of months then needs to start over again.


    I am loosing much trust in there quality and customer interaction processes when it relates to onoging probems with their downward spiril with  Quality Control. Stop the cover up.


    A multi billion dollar company has no forsite to tell us that they have no ability to know what part # and or manufacture display replacement I will get is a joke. When all the while they claim they design and manufacture leading edge techology products.


    Perhaps this has been posted before.. Perhaps it may be redundant. Thanks for listening. Buyer Beware.


    MacBook Retina Displays have a ghosting issue Apple won’t repair

    Dec. 3, 2012 (12:30 pm) By: Matthew Humphries


    MacBook ghosting

    One of the major draws to the new range of MacBooks is that fantastic Retina Display. But it turns out there may be a flaw that ruins your viewing experience, and one that Apple isn’t willing to repair.

    Matthew Cleevely has been an Apple user for the past 11 years, and a few months ago dropped $3,000 (with Apple Care) on a MacBook Pro with Retina Display. He’s not happy, though, because that Retina Display is faulty due to a very noticeable ghosting issue. The problem is, Apple doesn’t regard this type of ghosting as worthy of repair.

    Cleevely first noticed an issue on the unlock screen when lines appeared across the display. Those lines also appeared when switching from a text document to viewing a photo. This ghosting detracted from the overall quality of the viewing experience and would definitely be annoying, so he went to see an Apple Genius in a bid to get it repaired.

    Apple has set tests it can carry out to determine whether specific components are faulty. In the case of a display demonstrating ghosting, they place a black and white grid on the screen for 3 minutes followed by a completely gray screen for 1 minute. If the grid pattern is visible in the gray, the display is faulty and gets repaired.

    The problem is, the ghosting Cleevely’s MacBook Pro is experiencing does not show up on this test and therefore he doesn’t get a free repair. Instead, he’s having to pay to replace the screen himself. It seems the ghosting isn’t apparent with black on white, but it is very apparent for different shades of gray on white as the images included here clearly show. Cleevely even carried out the Apple test himself using a grid of shades of gray, and the ghosting is obvious:

    This has left Cleevely out of pocket and angry at Apple for not fixing a clear problem. I’m also seeing other people pop up since he posted about this and say they have the exact same problem with their Retina Displays.

    Apple needs to respond to this simply by introducing another test that doesn’t just involve using black and white. If it doesn’t, depending on how widespread a problem it is, they are going to have a growing group of very angry MacBook owners, many of whom won’t be willing to pay for replacement displays.

  • CT Level 6 (17,545 points)

    Can't confirm.

  • jmlivid Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry, I should have been clear....I have no issues with my computer. No IR (fingers crossed).

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    I think there's way, way more people with the IR problem than are posting on here. Keep in mind that a couple months ago Apple reset the counter on this thread so it really should read the current 204,000 views plus the 470,000 or so views it had when it was reset. Most people with a problem will never see this thread. Tons more people who see this thread will never post. The number of people who will post is miniscule by comparison.


    I think by Apple's response you can tell that the problem is widespread and pervasive. If it was only a few random displays going bad, then it would be no big deal for Apple to just repair them under Applecare, or replace the unit, and you might never hear about it. Because Apple came up with their bogus test to dissuade people that their units are faulty, and because they really try to convince people it isn't a problem in a coordinated fashion means there must be a TON of units with the problem, so many units that it is not in Apple's best interest to admit to the problem and replace them or recall them. The problem isn't going away and doesn't appear to be getting better any time soon.

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    I remember it was over 720,000 views before they reset it to zero!!