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    Sorry, How do I do that?

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    Just email me. Thanks


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    You need to calibrate your screen with hardware and software. The Colormunki is another calibration device that gets good reviews for $170.


    Personally I think a good calibration device is well worth the money.  And it's basically mandatory if you do photography or videography.  Once you go calibrated you won't ever go back.

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    Hello again, everyone!


    Six months ago, I was one of many Retina MBP owners who was forced to order one 15" MBP w/ Retina display after another, because I wanted a BTO model. Even though I was in love with the LG screen that I had received after buying the $2,199 version of the rMBP in July, I chose to sell it and order another rMBP with several upgrades (CPU, RAM, etc.) This is how I initially found out about this thread and with that, the issue of the two panel makers, LG and Samsung. I eventually received a Samsung screen and all was well after FOUR exchanges!


    Without going into too many details, I decided to sell that unit in December, because a friend really needed it right then and there. Time was of the essence, so I agreed to the sale.


    Needless to say, I purchased another one the very same day and by that I mean from a local Apple retail store instead of going with another BTO model. After 6 months of using my upgraded model, I realized that I truly did not need the full 16GB of RAM and upgrading to the 2.6GHz Core i7 made very little, if any, difference at all. So I re-purchased the 2.3GHz quad-core i7 w/ 8GB RAM.


    After turning it on for the first time, I immediately remembered my LG/Samsung Retina display issues from 6 months prior and I was eager to find out what screen I had in my newly purchased rMBP. It's an LG. Big surprise, huh? lol...


    Let me say unequivocally that I absolutely LOVE the display, and thus far, there is no evidence of any problem with it. That said, I realize that image retention (IR) often times does not develop until some time has passed.


    So please allow me to ask as to what the state of these issues is? Has LG gotten its act together? Is Samsung still superior in quality and/or longevity? Has Apple's policy or attitude towards the issue changed at all? (for better or worse or same?)


    Thank you in advance! :-)

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    well this proves that LGs are faulty and that they are not fixed.

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    To answer your final question... I seriously doubt they did. Apple still isn't acknowledging anything either.

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    Thanks god!! I got an MRA from B&HPhoto for my rMBP 13 and shiped it today, they sent me a return label and my money will be credited within 3-5 business days


    It has a slight IR from day 1, no need to wait 7 mins!! just 1 or 2 mintes and I can see the IR on the gray screen!! some members here say it will worsen over time otherwise I could live with it(Doesnt show on real life usage).


    The other issue is I usually put it on my lap, this laptop gets hot even if I am not doing anything and all program closed(Confirmed through activity Monitor, CPU Idle 98%).


    Opening Imaail, Calender, IMessage, and one tab of safari gets it really hot and uncomfortable on the lap!! Now I returned back to my 13 Air.. will wait for an updated Air with low voltage CPU like the Core I5 1.7 in order to avoid the heat!! Not sure why my Ipad and Nexus 10 can handle retina with no heating issues at all!!


    I can understand if I watch HD video it will get hot, but with normal browsing and email I cant !!


    Will wait for an updaed MB Air



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    My first rMBP was a Week 50 LG.  On a scale of 1-10, the IR was a 3.5.  Not as noticable as some of the other ones I've seen. 

    Had a dead green pixel, and extremely loud fans even at 35% CPU.  Returned it.


    Second rMBP was a Week 48 LG.  Did not test for IR as it had 3 white dead pixels.  Exchanged it before walking out the Apple Store.


    Third rMBP, also Week 48 LG.  Scale of about 2 IR, 2 white stuck pixels, not as bad as dead ones.  Took it home.

    Played SC2 and ran CS6 on it with absolutely NO FAN noise.  Extremely pleased.  However, with the LG display and the stuck pixels, I'm going to return it tomorrow within the 14 day period and try for another rMBP.



    Summary: Either the first one is defective or they improved the system.  Week 50 still comes with LGs, which still have IR.  Dead pixels on all 3 LG rMBP.

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    For reference, mine is a Week 48 December 15" rMBP.  Got lucky on this one.  Third time, got the Sammy screen

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    I just got my first apple product a retina mac book pro and was excited till I saw this thread accidently searching for other issue I had with external monitor display and found out mine to be having same issue as others here, though I haven't done any extensive testing I did see pretty visible ghosting on the left side of the screen. Based on the replies here I don't think it's still at a stage whee it will pass apple's test but this is something from day one so might keep getting worse as I use it more. I still got time to return it but chances of getting a new one without same issue is tough at this stage on top of it have to deal with Best Buy instead of Apple. Not sure if Apple store will be better or Best Buy to do exchanges till you find the right one.

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    I bought mine at Best Buy and had ZERO issues doing returns.  They didn't bat an eye.  Again, got lucky on the 3rd one and got the Sammy display.  On my 2nd return, I went to a different Best Buy hoping for a different batch, and it worked!  I find Apple to be more difficult just due to waiting.  BBY, just walk up, tell em what you want and you're out the door.

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    I originally had a LG display that was from a "bad batch". Bought it in July and didn't have any issues until about a week ago. Brought it into Apple and they sent it in to have the display replaced, came back today with a Samsung (thank god).


    One thing that might help those that are having trouble getting a Genius to acknowledge your burn in is to turn it on in the store while you're waiting, and have a light (white) background and have an application running that will create the burn in before your appointment. Then, when they ask what the problem is, you can immediately show them BEFORE they do an "image persistence test" which might not show the burn is as severely as it is. When I brought my rMBP in, the "image persistence test" used a grey that was so dark, the checkerboard was difficult to notice (but was present). However, the Genius saw, and more importantly acknowledged the issue was present before the test (which your machine might fail).

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    Just came back from the exchange.  The Specialist promptly swapped me a new rMBP and asked if I would like to check it in the store. 


    Booted up, entered Terminal and saw LSN.  I told her I just won the lottery (she didn't get it). 


    Very happy to finally get a Samsung.  No IR, no dead pixels, and have not detected mura or bleeding as of yet. 

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    Today, I received my 2.3 Ghz i7 refurb rMBP.  With eager anticipation, I powered it up, opened terminal and typed in the magical command:


    ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6


    I paused a moment before selecting the return key and reflected on how well my late 2008 MBP has served me.  I then closed my eyes and selected return.


    Before opening my eyes, I could hear Magnifcat in the air - soft at first and then louder  I opened my eyes slowly and then wider and wider.  I felt like Indiana Jones in the map room when the sunlight penetrated the crystal and shot that beam onto the floor.  My results:



    Color LCD



    Glorious Day!  Oh Glorious Day!  May fortune smile your way!

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    Hang on - "LTN"? Since when are the Samsung Retina screens labeled "LTN"? So far it was "LP" for LG and "LSN" for Samsung, but I read that with older Macs "LTN" used to be Samsung. Are they reverting back to "LTN" now?