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    LG havent fixed anything mate you might think so and i dont know why ??? but theres other ppl out there with week 48 and on-wards with bad IR ..... was only the other day someone posted here they had a week 48 and returned it due to bad IR ... its nice to be hopfull but it doesnt change the fact it was and still is a major issue ......


    Mines a week 48 samsung .... so they were still both being produced and still are with no changes with either ...

  • kimmie92592 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Are most of you talking about 15" models?  I'd like to know how 13" owners are faring. I need a laptop and have been putting it off until this problem is resolved. I don't want to buy a problem but I want a 13" retina mbp.

  • Squilly827 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Honestly, I suggest you wait until June or early Q3. The new rMBP's are expected to be unveiled around that time. That's what I plan on doing. Hopefully, by then, IR won't be present in future MBP's.

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    Good question... When I opened that there wasn't the typical smell... Which there is when you buy and open a new Apple product. I don't know...

    And it would be interesting to know what happened with the tons of rMBP which were sended back after when the customers relalized it is LG but there isn't any signs of IR (just after opening). I read lots of issues about that rMBP was sended back without using.

    Is it possible my newest one is such like those? There was 3 cycles in the battery.

  • Big Vakanas Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    sounds like it was a returned new mackbook ..... mine was definatly 0 cycles and smelt new out of the box

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    WOW! Now they sell used MBRr used as new ones? Nice Apple, continue to destroy your image. No more premium looking company. Samsung is the only company in this trio that actually is getting bonus points. They are not perfect but in comparison to ****y lg and apple they sure look good. Everyone is ****** at lg and apple and want a Samsung display. I talked to a guy here in Romania that imports USA MBPr (not officialy) and he said he will have some MBRrs with Samsung display by the end of the week. He will unbox it in front of me and if it is samsung i will buy it.

    By the way gaborfromszigethalom is you display Samsung or LG?

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    I just got back from the local Apple Premium Service Provider here in Belgium to ask a replacement screen.

    My first screen was a LG witch IR problems. I loved the colors, contrast and the white point.

    My first replacement screen was a Samsung display. It looked terribly yellow so I asked for another replacement.

    My second replacement again was a Samsung display. While better than the first replacement, it still looks yellow/green compared to any other display out there (MacBooks, iPhones, iPads,...). I added a comparison photo with an iPad 2. Both full brightness in a pitch dark room.

    So I explained my problem to the APSP and they compared my screen to another rMBP of which they replaced the screen a few minutes earlier. They said my screen looks exactly the same so replacing the screen would not solve anything.

    I asked about the LG/Samsung panels and they gave me a very interesting answer. They said Apple stopped supplying LG panels. They can only order Samsung panels from now on. Apple was nog going to recall all LG rMBP's because they're hoping most people won't notice.

    If anyone gets in with problems on there screens, they get a Samsung screen. Which is a bad thing I feel... For me Samsung panels are disgusting to look at and spoil the whole Retina experience.

    I'm debating between buying Apple care and asking for a replacement screen when Apple gets all the problems solved in a couple of months or so OR selling the rMBP and getting a MBA which has a far superior white point to my screen.




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    Unfortunately, LG. It has darker side on right.

  • gaborfromszigethalom Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, disgusting, but my experience is the Samsung displays have good skills to calibration :-) The yellowish colour will disappear thx to that.

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    I just want my screen to look like most other sceens out there (colorwise). I tried the build in calibration software with little to no succes. Do you mind sending your color profile?

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    OT I'm very interested in calibration.

         What is the right calibrator to use with the retina display?

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    My old iPad 2 was WAY TOO BLUE and not calibrated well at all. If you're noticing the Samsung looks yellow or warmer next to an iPad 2 it's actually a good thing and likely more accurate. You just are probably so used to seeing the cool color cast of your iPad and are used to it. So now this screen seems too yellow. Calibrating it is the only way to know for sure, but I would bet it still looks yellow compared to your iPad 2 even after calibrations. My iPad 3 on the other hand is a lot more yellow than my iPad 2 and closer to accurately calibrated.

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    If Apple says this IR issue is normal on the rMBP and the Samsung display doesn't have the issue, logically then, the Samsung's must be "abnormal".  Has anybody brought this up to an Apple Genius?  Apple's statement makes no sense.  Anyway, all of you with Samsung's should take them back immediately since they are abnormal and demand the "normal" LG.

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    My 5th exchanged turned out to be a Samsung (Week 49).  No problems with it so far, but the battery cycle count out of the box was 3. 

    Is Apple really repackaging returned/used rMBP and selling them as new? 

  • Usmaak Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)

    impuls3 wrote:


    My 5th exchanged turned out to be a Samsung (Week 49).  No problems with it so far, but the battery cycle count out of the box was 3. 

    Is Apple really repackaging returned/used rMBP and selling them as new?


    Aren't there laws against that?  I haven't done the research, but I can't imagine that it's legal for them to sell something that's been opened as new.