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    Usually max or nearly max, not automatic.

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    I've been in contact with the LG customer care service and they tell me that IR is normal BUT under certain conditions.

    It is a probem of screens containing phosphorus. And our Retina contain phosphorus as well.

    IR appers when the most stressed area of use deteriorate and phophorus lose brightness.

    However this possibility requires that you use the Mac really a lot and for a very long time.


    Is therefore not acceptable for the LG screen mounted from the MacBook show these signs of deterioration so soon.


    That's the question on wich tha Apple should investigate.

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    A representative of Apple is asked to write a speech about our problem

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    Don't hold your breath.

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    I don't deserve to die for this

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    I sent an email to Tim Cook. Maybe he colud answer us.

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    Phosphorus cannot "lose brightness" in an LCD because it does not create any brightness.  While phosphor is used in most LCD's it has nothing to to with screen brightness as you describe.  CRT displays used phosphorus for brightness by bombarding it with cathode rays to create light.  LCD's get there light from a seperate backlight.


    LCD displays need backlights, the liquid crystal panel does not produce any light at all (true for all LCD's), the individual 'pixels' in a LCD act as tiny red, green and blue 'color shutters' varying the amount of backlight allowed through each pixel by applying varying electric current.  The 'shutters' are controlled by how the crystals align in each pixel allowing varying amounts of backlight through.  IR is caused by the some pixel crystals not returning to their 'closed' or 'relaxed' state (off / black) completely when the current is removed.  This shows as IR because those pixels are not as dark as they should be until the crystals return to their fully relaxed (closed / off) state. This is why IR is most visible when going from a bright, high contrast image, to a dark solid image. 


    Bottom line is that your 'info' from LG is not correct (or you misunderstood).  If there is phosphor in the retina display it does not have anything to do with "losing brightness" as it emits no light.  If you see IR and it fades away then obviously there is no loss of brightness.  It's possible that phosphorus may play a role in not letting certain pixels return to their fully closed state in a proper amount of time, which is essentially IR, but that has nothing to do with, as you put it " IR appears when the most stressed area of use deteriorates and phophorus loses brightness ".  If anything it's the opposite, visible IR is actually where the pixels don't get dark enough.


    As for your claim that LG says IR is normal that is very inaccurate!  I own 3 wide gamut RGB LCD's displays (2 NEC, 1 Eizo) all of which have LG panels and they all carry a 5 year warranties which includes coverage for IR.  If IR was 'normal' there is no way they would include coverage for it with a 5 year warranty.

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    The fact these other manufacturers warranty their panels specifically for IR is a great data point that could be used to justify to Apple that it is in fact NOT normal or acceptable by other manufacturers of IPS screens. Apple is feeding us a line of BS saying this is normal.

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    maybe! don't really know because i received my rMBP in october

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    Not necessarily.  Keep in mind the retina display is the highest pixel desinty large (over 11") LCD IPS display ever produced.  The are lots of variables that may in fact cause IR.  Also 100% of all LCD's have IR by definition, it just 'normally' occurs so fast that we can't perceive it with the human eye.  The wide gamut displays that have 5 year warranties are in a whole different class vs. a notebook display.  I was simply pointing out that LG would not just make a blanket comment that IR is 'normal' as shadybro claims.

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    Might be a coicidence, but my IR issues began a few days after starting to work with an external monitor. I did't have a single issue in the 7 month previously. But as I said, might be just a coincidence.

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    I've been following this thread for months and purchased 3 rMBPs at different points throughout the last couple of months, and all shipped with LG displays. I returned each machine right away; didn't want to chance having display issues down the road.


    After yesterday's rMBP updates, I ordered the stock 15" 2.7 GHz model.  I upgraded the shipping and to my surprise, the computer arrived today with... wait for it... a Samsung display:


    Color LCD




    Hopefully all of the new rMBPs are shipping with Samsung displays.

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    I just got off the phone with an Apple Care representative, and as far as I could gather, they are still using mostly LG displays.


    They did say that they would of course replace or fix them if they had image retention issues, but it's rather unsettling knowing you are playing russian roulette if you buy them online.


    They suggested going to an Apple store and checking the computer in person before purchasing if you want to guarentee a Samsung display. Of course, there is a chance that they will not have any in stock with that display.


    Unfortunately for me the nearest store is a few hours away. I'm sort of stuck on this right now. Image retention would be a huge deal to me, and I don't want to get stuck returning 5 times (or more, who knows) until I get a Samsung.


    Edit: I should also note that as far as they were aware, there was no update related to the screen in the new version, so they are still shipping with the same LG and Samsung displays as before (but most of them are LG).


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    I don't have an Apple Store in my state.

    I talked to Apple over the phone for an 1hr and 15min.

    I talked to three people, everyone in a higher position than the next.

    The Image Retention is that bad its disgusting and seems to be getting worse.

    I will never buy that product again.   

    I am following it up with other sources and will not give up until a reasonable resolution is reached.

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    I'm confused.  What is your issue with Apple?  If you have IR then there is no reason why you should have a problem sending it in to Apple for repair / replacement.  What's the problem?  It has to be under warranty since they have been out less than a year.