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    I do have Apple Care, but it shouldn't make a difference as it was still in it's one year warranty.

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    JAJABA- In response to your question - Yes, my brand new 13" rMBP does have an IR issue. It was just manufactured (5th wk of 2013) and it has an issue..


    I ran the test and saw the checks appear after the five minute test. I didn't even need this test though. After just using the MacBook for the first hour, the frame of Safari was already showing on the background (dark bars on the left/right sides, with the display in the "retina setting" and the Safari screen not maximized). When I noticed this, I just opened Google and left it on the screen for about three or four minutes. When I minimized the Safari screen, I could clearly see the Google address bar with the refresh logo to the right & the word "Google" above the search block was clearly visible...


    After spending way too much time reading through posts here and beyond, I found out that it's not always that easy to get an issue like this fixed at the Apple Store. Many people spend unnecessary time arguing with store managers, store employees, etc. about whether they are qualified to receive a repair or replacement.  Since I'm already seeing these issues and I'm within the return period, this one is going back. I don't want to have to worry about this situation getting progressively worse and having to fight for a good screen later. The whole situation is ridiculous - especially at this late stage when Apple is well aware of this issue and they are still choosing to use substandard parts.


    The terminal command has been disabled for the 13" (either prior to or after release of the 13") and the screen info has been removed from within the screen profile info:


    Under System Preferences -> Displays -> Color -> Color LCD -> Open Profile -> (Display Manufacturer/Model labels are there, but the results are blank)


    I just wanted to let others know that the screen issue has not been resolved yet!!

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    I was going to buy a couple of 13 inch machines for my daughters but I am going to wait after all the trouble I have had with the 15 inch I purchased. Still love the Apple laptop but will hold out for a while before I waste anymore money on these retina screens, I might have to go back to the non retina machines but I am presured by my girls to give them the SSD hard drives because they are so fast and the screen so nice. Anyhow I hope to pick up my replacement screen laptop on Monday from the Apple reseller and hope its a Samsang. I don't think I can go through all this night mare again.... To be contiued...

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    I bought the mid 2012 on launch day. It had an LG screen and was great for about 6 months and then I began noticing the retention issue. I had the entire screen/clamshell replaced through Applecare(roughly $700 repair), and I lucked out with a Samsung display this time around. No image retention. I'm trying to decide whether or not to buy the extended Applecare for the additional 2 years due to these issues...

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    I am not happy.  I tried to post a message to this forum, and Apple rejected it.  Probably they will censure this message as well.  If you say anything very negative, they will not allow you to post to this group.

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    If you want to buy a Retina MacBook and are scared of the IR issues, does purchasing AppleCare solve your problems?  In other words, if you have AppleCare and experience this problem, is it pretty much guaranteed that Apple will replace your screen?  Or is there still a chance that they will send you home saying that you really don't have a problem?

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    There is definitely a chance they will tell you your device or screen is 'within their limits' or is 'acceptable'.

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    Nexus444 wrote:


    I am not happy.  I tried to post a message to this forum, and Apple rejected it.  Probably they will censure this message as well.  If you say anything very negative, they will not allow you to post to this group.

    Try again. You only have to scroll back in this thread to see they are not censuring negative comments. Now asking for a class-action lawsuit? Yea, that will go away.

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    There should be a way for people to put more pressure on Apple to fix these screens.  I can't imagine that Steve Jobs would have allowed this to continue as long as it has if he were still alive.


    Apple should come out and admit the problem publicly, announce an unlimited warranty on all Retina screens, and also announce what they are doing to fix the problem in their manufacturing process.  Or they should go back to using only Samsung screens, even if they plan to stop using Samsung for all other components.


    I have a 2011 13-inch MacBook Air and I want to upgrade to a Retina MacBook Pro.  The 13-inch model doesn't have the horsepower to handle the Retina screen because of the slow integrated graphics.  Hopefully Haswell will fix that.  The 15-inch model performs quite well, so that would be my choice if I bought one now, but I am afraid to do anything until the IR problem is fixed permanently.

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    You can advocate any action you want, just not necessarily on Apple's website. As far as things being different under Steve Jobs, does "You are holding it wrong." ring any bells for you?


    By numerous posts, Apple has acknowledged that there are issues with some displays. We know this by comments from various Geniuses and phone agents, as well as Apple's utility to check for it. But the issue isn't as widespread as some here would have everyone believe. As much as they complain about Apple's utility not effectivly showing the retention, they are also just as guilty with their utility that is designed to make even the mildest case appear severe. Seriously, how many typical users will leave the same image on their display for more than an hour? There might be a couple, but not most users. Heck, put that checkerboard pattern on your display and look at it for about a minute, then look away to a light colored  wall...I bet you see the pattern. You going to get your eyes replaced for image retention?

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    It's really easy to see on computers that have it though even without bad tests. I was just in an Apple store and did a quick check using terminal to find out the display manufacturer.   Saw it was LG and let the Calendar app sit on the desktop for about one to two minutes.  I then moved the app off to the side and clearly saw the place where it once was.  That's bad and very normal behavior.  It was also the first computer I randomly happend upon. If all LGs are this bad eventually I don't know how they can continue to ship this computer like this.

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    Steve Jobs would have fired people over this, but would have tried to save face in the public eye. Remember Antennagate? "You're holding it wrong!" Even though a lot of people had issues with the iPhone 4, a free bumper was all they got, and only for a short time. I never had issues with my 4, but they were pretty widely reported.


    Again with these tangents. What we've discerned so far is that Genius Bar support varies from experience to experience, IR problems persist on the revised Retinas, and 13-inch Terminal commands don't work.

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    Not sure why my response came through in that font. Weird…

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    I have yet to hear about IR issues on the revised "Early 2013" version of the 15" Retina MacBook Pro. All I read is that there are still both LG and Samsung screens being used. What does it matter if there are no reports of the LG displays having IR? I would really like to know whether 15" LG screens have been fixed or not...

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    My understanding is that there is NOT a revised early '13 version of the 15" model. The 13" was the only model 'updated'...