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    Joseph from Australia wrote:


    @sitach and all the other people wondering the same thing why Jajba changes the topic.


    I think Jajaba could have an ulterior motives for being part of this thread and changing the topic all the time.

    Jajba do you work for Apple? Lol


    Jajaba you must be in charge of a lot of photographers,to buy another 5 more machines and you should be too busy to waste anymore time on this thread.


    @jajaba, please stop trying to shoot people down about their comments on the thread.


    ....... I have been a supporter for over 30 years and continue to be


    Looks like this thread is rather slow unless the topic changes.  I'm gone for 1.5 days and it's still on the same page... 


    But seriously, I have no ulterior motives, just paying very close attention before making a big investment on more rMBP's.  In order to make this decision I needed to sort the actual facts from all the specualtion, rumors and flat out false statements.   If I seemed to: "shoot people down for thier comments on the thread" It was only with the intention of clarifying the facts from the fiction so others could see the reality of the issue. I make no apology for any of my posts, I make comments here just like anyone else.


    Yes I do have do have a few photographers, 5 full time and 9 under contract.  We have photo contracts for the local tourism industry and do imaging for tour companies such as; Cruise ships, Whale Watching, Sport Fishing, Zipline, Parasailing, Flightseeing etc. along with special event, wedding and fine art photography which are all very profitable here in Hawaii. Then we have our in house printing division which averages 350 resale prints per day (out of ~1200 processed images).  FWIW; I project the new rMBP's should pay for themselves within 6 months (if all goes as planned).  Oops I better stop commenting here before I get accused of changing topics again....


    My new machines are due in next Wed. and I will post an update with what mix of screens we get and if there are any issues. 


    PS:  Your a 30 year Apple supporter?  So I guess your first computer was a IIe? I just saw one for auction, asking $2000, it was still in the original box.  64K RAM, 1.02Mhz CPU and a 'double high resolution display'  @ 560 x 192 pixels and 15 colors....  Even then they were touting high res displays....

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    Ironic how different people can be watching this thread since nearly the beginning and draw completely different conclusions. Mine is that ALL these notebooks are susceptible to screen problems. LG I believe is likely to get IR and may simply not be noticed by users because of how the computer is used. Samsungs seem to have dead pixels and mura issues, not to mention yellowing. Although with Samsungs the problems are more obvious right away and easier to deal with. According to two different Best Buy imployees who referred to themselves huge Apple fans and owned macs. The problems with these notebooks goes far beyond the screen. One was a sale's person, and one was a geek.


    I'm still waiting for some brilliant defender of these LG's with IR to explain to me why the samsungs don't have IR if it's normal. Why Apple didn't disclose the fact that with two different panel suppliers, customers would be getting screens with IR and screens without. People should have had a choice. Also, if it's normal for these LG's to have IR, then why do they not have IR right out of the box on day one and some people don't notice any problems for months.


    I didn't buy one. My logic works differently than some people I guess and based on the FACTS I read in this thread and was told by sellers of the computers AND what I've read elseware about there being NOTHING normal about IR etc. I couldn't think of buying one, not even at half the price they're asking, but as I've said before. I've never seen a nicer notebook when it's working in the store without IR. IF they fix these notebooks, I'll be all over one. With each passing month, I suspect they're not going to fix it any time soon.


    On a side note, I couldn't wait for for Apple to give their heads a shake on this problem and had to pull the trigger on a notebook. I purchased the Samsung series 9 np900x4c-a03. DON'T DO IT. The computer has a firmware flaw which I assume will be fixed soon and Windows 8 has got to be the worst OS I've ever used unlike windows 7, complete garbage on computers that aren't touch screen.

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    I agree with you, I've been wanting to buy one since October and I keep putting it off hoping the situation will improve. I don't think it is. In fact it's worse with the 13" models not even being able to check what they have. If the IR issue is heat related like has been speculated, it will be interesting to see now what happens with summer on its way. Even if the initial cost wasn't an issue, the headaches of trying to get a replacement if you need one are not something I want to deal with.

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    I'm taking my 15" MBP Retina to Apple store tomorrow - after checking as adviced I found I have LG and that was after I discovered that there is ghost image staying on my screen after I use internet or email (applications with bright colors). I really don't know what to think - it is my first Apple device. I would never expect such a thing from Apple, I thought I pay for the quality. I'm a photographer and I decided I will invest money because it sounded like a good idea - and I love how fast and responsive it is but the main component, most important for me just failed. I don't have extra money to pay for extended guarantee and when I called they said I will not have a choice or can't request Samsung screen. So what if it fails again in next few months?

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    You can't specify the screen you want in your MacBook, but it seems Genius Bars are mainly, if not exclusively, replacing Retina MacBook Pro screens with the Samsung model.


    You're talking about the extending guarantee - but you should still be within the free 1 year warranty. AppleCare doesn't get you special treatment if you're still within the first year, so all you have to worry about is proving to the Genius Bar that your case of image retention is severe enough.

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    I'm having trouble using the command to check my screen manufacturer.  I know it's a Samsung since I've tested it before but it's not working now.  Anyone else?

    ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6

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    Still works fine for me.  Make sure you don't have an extra space at the beginning if you paste it in terminal.  Here's what I just used, looks identical to yours....


    ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///"  |xxd -p -r | strings -6

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    LG panel.

    Suffers from a less severe IR, uneven screen brightness (more apparent when viewed from ~170 degrees side angle under a grey bkg and swiping through full screen apps) and of course a single dead pixel all in 7.7 months of use.


    I am not complaining but I sure don't like it as much as I used to.

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    Interesting news today about Samsung planning to invest $110 million to help bail out Sharp's displays division.  Unknown if it will lead to any impact on furture supplies of sharp Igzo displays to Apple...  It has been reported by several sources that Sharp is qualified on the 15" Retina display but has not been able to achieve high enough production yeilds.  Sharp is also the primary iPad 2, 3 & 4 display supplier.


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    Throwing in another two-cents worth.


    After almost four months following this and a few key threads on the rmbp, I bought a CTO and just picked it up two days ago.  Build is 2.4 / 8 / 512.  Confirmed an LG display while in the store.  Attempted to access Marco Arment's image retention test and Jason Farrell's dead pixel color test in the Las Vegas Forum Shops store and both were blocked by apple.  (Big brother is definitely aware.)  When home, ran multiple solid color screen savers checking for dead pixels.  Perfect.  Ir test for 3, 5 and 10 minutes showed no ir.  Screen is absolutely flawless . . . so far.


    Had a brief problem with a solid blue desktop color continuing to return upon start-up, regardless of what desktop background I chose myself prior to shutdown.  After 1.5 hours on the phone with applecare, solved.  Had to remove a preference file that refused to reset.


    Am I worried it's an LG -- yes.  My heart skipped a beat when I saw the terminal results.  So beautiful, but . . .

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    i got the early 2013 retina with an lg display (2,7ghz 16gb 256gb) today and have absolutely no problems. i ran the pattern test for 5 minutes and saw absolutely no signs of image retention. i noticed that this machine has a different lg panel than the last one:


    LP154WT1-SJA2 instead of SJA1


    i hope it stays like this. it's an amazing display.

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    so it's 3rd day my laptop is in service and I was told it might take up to a week. it was suggested that I could go to other Apple store where they have service and might be able to do the work there and than but I have full time job and other store is about 2 hours away by car - i took time off already to get to this one which is close to me. i have to say - this is simply dissapointing. when i called apple support line I was told they will replace the screen for free (of course) - should they not arrange for pickup so I don't waste my time and money and do it bit faster? first Apple product I have, was thinking about getting iPhone this year but somehow I'm no longer convinced this is what I want. another thing is - I invested a lot of money on software so even if I still have problems with my laptop I can't just return it. I'm stuck with Apple. not a happy bunny anymore especially now when on Saturday I have a premiere of my film. come on Apple I was convinced you could do better!

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    are you sure that your panel is a new lg panel? nobody talked about it so far, new lg panel, realy?


    lp154wt1 sja2


    never heard or saw this .. when you are right that would be good news





    i also got a early 2013 macbook retina 15 last week


    but mine shows IR and its a sja1 panel

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    i am absolutely sure. i got the macbook today.

    this is the terminal output:


    Color LCD



  • Deniz21 Level 1 (10 points)

    you are the first one who dicovered this then


    but mine is also new, one week, why mine still has the old panel sja2


    dam apple, why so confusing