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  • Jajaba Level 1 (0 points)

    A quick update: Our 5 'new' rMBP's (15", 2.7Ghz, 16GB 2012 version) arrived yesterday.  We recieved 3 LG's and 2 Samsungs.  Out of the box there was a group of 4 dead pixels on one Samsung and it's on it's on it's way back for replacement.  All the others look perfect and no signs of IR on th LG's after 10 minute checker board tests.  All the LG's are the 'original' J1 version.  Of note is that the Samsung is noticably different right out of the box, the black level is not nearly as dark as the LG's.  After calibration with Xrite i1Display pro the Samsung improves a little but is still not as dark as the LG.  The calibrated results on the Lg's averages 1005:1 with a white point of average of 6490K (target 6500K) while the Samsung measures; 856:1 and 6642K.  With the same sample images (from Xrite software) on all displays the color differences between the Samsung and LG's are barely noticable except the whitepoint which is a noticably warmer on the Samsung and in very high contrast areas the Samsung's contrast is visibly much lower at or near full black. The differences of the displays are obvious when viewing full screen black, white or dark grey images side by side but in normal image editing it is very hard to tell the difference.


    OK time to get back to installing software....  I'll update if anything changes with IR and what we get as the replacement for the Samsung with dead pixels.

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    It's a real shame there have to be fairly significant differences between the two screens. They should be identical. The superior colors, contrast, etc. of the LG is marred by the unacceptable IR flaws in a product whose screen is "Revolutionary". The Samsung displays, meanwhile, seem to have their own dead pixel and pink/yellowing issues. It's a real shame. I'm lucky enough to have gotten a Samsung from the start, and it seems perfect now, but what if a pixel dies in the future? I'm gonna have to go without my computer for a week to have it replaced? Unacceptable, Apple.

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    I ordered a 15 inch retina MacBook Pro 2.7/16/512 standard $2799 model on March 4th, 2013 and got it today. It had an LG screen but I don't care. This computer is the best I have ever used!

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    Another data point:


    Samsung display on early 2013 model calibration points using an i1 Display Pro:


    Target White Point: 6500K, Actual: 6462K

    Contrast Ratio: 778:1


    Amazing how close the LG screen gets and the contrast ratio.  But I am very happy with the way this one calibrates. From what I understand, the best printed photos only get a 300:1 contrast ratio, so perhaps the Sammy is more than sufficient for photo proofing.

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    @ Millerr512   I was going to send you a P.M. but can't seem to find the option to do so.  You bring up a valid point regarding contrast. I love the contrast for viewing on the LG but it causes problems for print output on our epson stylus pro printers. We do all final edits / soft proofing for printing using one of our high gamut RGB displays which are all calibrated to a 600:1 contrast ratio.  We need to use the high gamut displays anyway for final proofing since our printers exceed sRGB gamut and we can't see all the colors on the rMBP displays.


    By the way, modern pro printers can acheive well over 2000:1 (equivalent) contrast ratios, it's not actually measured the same as a display, it's based on Dmax and the ink set, paper quality / brightness and lighting source have as much to do with perceived contrast as the image and printer itself.

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    fwiw.. I started teaching recently and the iMac I was using last night had IR issues. After leaving a web page up for an hour, I watched it take 2-3 minutes for the ghosted image to fade from view...


    I've had my mbr15" for a month now, with an LG display, and it still is performing incredibly... I'll be sure to post here if my situation changes.

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    well it seems after 8 months of being a smug and content LG screen user, posting on here that I had not seen the effects of burn in, it has now begun. [sigh]

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    Yesterday I went to apple store Dresden and was denied the exchange due to the Apple "sort of" test passed.


    To my surprise the Apple test they had (they boot over the LAN and run their test right after LAN booting) was 4 minutes of checkerboard then 1 minute of black with countdown and then the same BLACK again (not grey) just without the counter. During the final black there is no way to adjust the screen brightness.


    I said that it can't be visible as it's only on grey and in my case it takes some 15 minutes to see it and it is still not fine for me but this was ignored as they didn't want to see my own tests on grey. They said that it doesn't matter and if Apple test was fine then no exchange can be performed anyway so viewing my own tests is pointless :-(

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    received three days ago my 15' 2,4ghz 16gb and its luckely a samsung display. everything

    works like image renrention, no fan issues....smooth...and silent and it.

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    Yours is obviously a CTO to have a 2.4ghz machine with 16g RAM. You have a Sammy screen.  Two questions -- first, what is the suffix on your screen manufacture SJA1 or SJA2 using the terminal command? Second, where are you located?  Just attempting to confirm if all early '13 rmbp's are shipping SJA2's and if geographical location has anything to do with who gets what screen.

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    If I recall correctly the SAJ1 and SAJ2 are suffix's for the LG displays.  As tomgadd reported he has a Samsung so I don't think your question applies.  If Apple or the display vendors revised anything that calls for a new P/N or version ID code it is very unlikely they would both use the same new suffix.

  • Joseph Amirault Level 1 (0 points)


    Oh; roger that.  Just scaned back and found the Sammy's are a single, un-hyphened string.


    @ Anybody

    Have the early '13 Sammy-installed 15" rmbp's changed the "LSN- . . ." terminal string?

  • tomgadd Level 1 (0 points)

    Color LCD




    that's what terminal speaks with: 

    ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///"  |xxd -p -r | strings -6


    sorry if my reply does not fit your request...i#m brand new to mac.....still learning...






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    Asside from all the IR issues, does anyone's retina macbook pro still make the creaking noises???

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    has anyone else see the newspapers? apple stock down 40% since last September. I will bet its because of issues like this, I for one have held off buying 4 computers for my business because of getting messed around over my mbp retina.