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  • pedrofromguimar Level 1 (0 points)

    I ran the test on the older model the firsts weeks and had no retention at all. I was so confident with the display but a month and a half later I ran the test again obtaining horrible results. Retention from 2 minutes on. So we have to wait a little to trust in the new displays.

  • jangobout Level 1 (0 points)

    I ran the test yesterday on the last mbpr model of the 15 inch in the Madrid Apple Store and retention appeared after 15 seconds running the checkboard test.


    An old man was doubting between the retina and the non retina macbooks and the apple guy was talking bout the awesome experience the retina represents. I nearly talk out the old man about the retina but my girlfriend told me to stop being the store nerd again. Now i feel sorry for the potential owner of the retina. I he only new...


    The end on the line is that apple is lying to people just in the face, and im sure they are aware of the problem. This is a same for apple.

  • william4507 Level 1 (0 points)

    After googling the Apple Macbook 13' Retina i came accross this article, and it appears its a worldwide established problem that Apple have not owned up to nor / nor tryed to fix without just offering customers repairs or replacements. as of this year (2013) can anyone tell me what the situation is on the early 2013 Macbook retina models 13/ or 15". are the chances of me buying one and having the Ghosting / Burn problem still just as high as last year?



  • 1belvedere Level 1 (10 points)

    Jeff, glad to hear you lucked out with a Samsung panel.  Most customers have not been that lucky.


    Your comment that customers concerned about creaking noises need to "get a grip" is out of line.  On my system it was a loud and disconcerting CRUNCH.  Unless you are intimately familiar with the internals of the computer,  you can't assess whether it's cosmetic or something more serious.  In my case, Apple  said it was cosmetic and took care of it.

  • Old Macs Level 2 (175 points)

    I took my rMBP in a couple days ago.  When I put on a completely white image, it showed the mura spot on the screen and the Genius went ahead and checked it in for that.  He still wanted to check for image presistance.  He ran the offical Apple test, and the retention was horrible!  I could make out the checkerboard pattern they use from a normal sitting distance away.  They got the display in and I checked it in the next day.  Now they are having to replace the SSD due to it causing Kernal Panics, so it will be a complete week without the computer.

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    Old macs what do you mean by kernal panics?


    Because I constantly get this message: "UserNotificationCenter[1184]: *** WARNING: Method userSpaceScaleFactor in class NSWindow is deprecated on 10.7 and later. It should not be used in new applications. Use convertRectToBacking: instead."


    and then it goes really *****. I don't like this computer even though I spent way too much on it

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    Genius guy told me off for using terminal on the mbpr today, when I was checking the manufacturers of the mbps. They have some monitoring software.. I advise turn the wifi off first!


    Found 2 out of 3 were sammys.. funny that.


    Mine is in for repair, but they do not know what manufacturer it is as they all come in the same box.. They also told me that they can't keep replacing the screen till they come across a sammy one.


    I pick it up tomorrow.. lets hope its sammy.



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    The "genius" Definitely acted like they had no clue of what I was talking about when It came to Samsung versus LG screens. I think they actually are told to play dumb. However I was shocked that they had a test for it and concluded something was wrong. I'll test in the store of what replacement screen they give me before I walk out. So this'll put me away from MBP retina for at least 10 business days since I've owned it, lovely. Prior issue was the battery died. This is a $3500 machine I ordered it on day of announcement  and waited a month to receive it buying all the highest specs As I had heard the upgradable part of it was impossible. Not impressed

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    Crunch?  Yeah, I'm sure it wakes up the neighbors and interferes with productive work.  I realize Apple pulls more than its share of anal retentive types, but it doesn't take a engineer to know the noise you're so bothered by isn't an internal fault with the electronics.  I wouldn't dream of having my rMBP case opened for the sole purpose of something so superficial.  A computer is a tool, not an object of perfection to obsess over. 

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    My 15" rMBP is from Week 25 — Samsung screen, No Problems!

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    Bought a loaded MBPr that arrived in early September and went into service in late October. Build week shows 32, LG screen. Initally saw some Image Retention (IR) others have described, but nothing worth getting worked up about. Fast forward to last week. Opened a finder window for  about two minutes, closed it and saw the window's ghost for almost two minutes.


    Loaded Marco Ament's test web page and switched to gray at 3 minutes with stopwatch in hand. The checkerboard pattern's ghost took almost three minutes to disappear. At appt with Genius bar yesterday, the genius who greeted me seemed not to know of--or how to test for--the image retention issue and brought a second guy over. Second guy said they'd never seen a machine fail the test they were going to run (basically the test I ran myself, with a "failure" if the IR lasted over 60 seconds.)


    Their automated test suite seems to run the test with a lower backlight setting, making it harder to discern the retained image, but it was still visible at 75 seconds, and both geniuses agreed at 61 seconds that it failed the test. They had two replacement panels in stock, so took the machine in at 5 PM and called this morning to say it was done. Replacement is a Samsung panel, with none of the IR issues that the LG had even fresh out of the box.


    A little skeptical that the problem and failure rate is as rare/low as stated, but really pleased by the overall customer service experience.

  • Tommylux Level 1 (0 points)

    Picked up my repaired laptop today- and replacement screen is Samsung. I'm assuming all replacement screens are Samsungs.

  • Ipinotti Level 1 (0 points)

    @old macs:


    Is it a new rMBP 2013 that you have? When did you bought it? Is it 13" or 15"?


    People who has bought the new 2013 models, please share the quality of your display for the one who are willing to buy a rMBP..


    Thank you

  • r_andy Level 1 (0 points)

    got my rmbp a week ago, LG sja2 panel, no IR so far after various tests.


    is there someone out there who had already problems with the newer SJA2 Panel?

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    I started following this thread back in Sept. when I started looking into a replacement for my 7 year old 17" mbp. The horror stories really kept me from getting a new one and I refuse to enter a lottery game, so after weighing all the pros/cons I took the dive in March with good positive results,15" Samsung screen, 0 dead pixels 0 ir, clean white screen, hopefully it will last as long as my other one.