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    I will look later going to work 

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    Color LCD


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    Has anyone had issues with Safari 'plugins' after the newest Safari update?  I have 4 safari plugin icons in my toolbar and when I minimize then reopen the browser window the icons are 'blank', the buttons outline is still there and it works but there is no graphics to show what it is....  Sorry for off topic post but it just started this morning and wondering if anyone else is having this issue

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    I purchased my 15" rMBP in July on 2012 and have a LG screen. I dont think I've seen anyone elses as bad as mine. :-/

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    LG Week 23


    RMBPro Mid-2012 15"


    Image Retention is terrible, ghosting and lines on right side of screen on startup sometimes :-(

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    Color LCD



    I see ghosting of the safari toolbar after looking at a webpage for a few minutes then closing it on my desktop background.

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    My 2013 15" rMBP experience thus far:


    1) First one ordered from Amazon.  They screwed up and sent me a system that had already been opened.  Came with LP154WT1-SJA1.  Horrible IR.  Was going to return it anyway, but that just put the nail in the coffin.


    2) Went to Apple Store and bought one at full price plus tax.  It came with a Samsung display.  Dimmer than the LG.  No IR, but it has cloudy / dark splotches which are virtually invisible (but not entirely) unless you are moving windows around, which is when they become real obvious


    3) Bought another one from the Apple Store.  Brought it home, it had the SJA2 panel.  Brighter than the Samsung.  Dead pixel in the middle of the screen.


    4) Exchanged it and got another SJA2 panel.  This time, dimmer than the Samsung.  No IR yet, but that doesn't mean anything.


    **I have 2 days left before I have to decide if I'm going to keep the Samsung or go with the SJA2.**


    BTW -- all the systems I've received make the weird whining noise when the CPU enters different power states, especially running Parallels and giving a VM more than 1 CPU.  So I'm going to learn to live with that.


    I also noticed they seem to use different keyboard manufacturers.  Some keyboards are springy and harder to press than others.


    As for brightness -- seems that your mileage will vary.  No clear winner between LG and Samsung -- some are brighter than others -- but all of them are dimmer compared to my MacBook Air -- so training myself to get used to that as well.


    All in all it's very hard to find a well built system with these specs for the same price -- so I'm not considering returning them both and doing without.  Having had first hand experience with many of them, it's just good to know that what I've got is just "how they are".  Not perfect, not great, but darn well better than most anything else.

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    First MBP Retina with LG screen - the screen was replaced with Samsung which was just not right. I got another replacement screen - still not good. Whole laptop was replaced - new one arrived today. LG screen and it is not the SJA2 but SJA1. No problems at the moment and I can only hope it will stay this way. Min 2012 model was replaced with Early 2013 one. I will keep you posted if I experience any problems.




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    Update:  Well I noticed that my SJA2 has a faint vertical line about 4mm thick extending from top to bottom of the display about 2/3 of the way towards the center of the screen.  And another 4mm thick line extending from left to right about an inch from the bottom of the screen.  Noticed it on a dark gray background.  Thought it was IR but it's not.  These are permanent been there since day 1 and they never go away.  Wondering if it's some sort of support structure for the panel that's "showing" more than it should.


    I'm going to keep my trusty Samsung (even with its faults) and not look back and just enjoy the thing for what it is!  Good luck everybody!

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    I too have IR retention problems but unlike many people here I had no luck getting my screen replaced.


    I got my Retina MacBook shortly after it was released. It began showing IR about a month later. I took it back to the Apple Store and since it was only a month old I received an entirely new computer.


    The original MacBook had an LG panel and so did the replacement. I tested the replacement in the store and it was IR free. At the time I did not know these problems were widespread and assumed that it was simply a defective panel. I saw this thread but I just thought things were being blown out of proportion and that there was no way I could get two bad screens in a row. I did not realize how wrong I was.


    Fast forward to this month and I noticed that the IR had come back. I went back to the Apple Store to get the screen replaced but this time they refused.


    I showed the Genius the problem using a checkerboard and the dark grey desktop background he agreed that the IR was not acceptable. He took the computer into the back to run more tests. When he came back he told me it was within spec and that there was nothing he could do. They said even if they replaced the screen it would be the same because IR is normal behavior for IPS panels. I tried to explain that that was impossible since not all the Retina screens have IR but they just kept insisting that there was nothing wrong.


    After that wonderful news I decided to call AppleCare. In the past when I had problems getting help at the Genius bar AppleCare was able to help. This time however, I was told exactly the same thing and pointed to this article: They said that because the Apple Store wrote in the case notes that there was nothing wrong they could not order a replacement screen. I asked if there were any other options. I was told that the only option was to put in a request to engineering for an evaluation and that he would call me back in a few days. When he finally called back I was again told that there was nothing wrong with the computer.


    This was a few weeks ago. A few days ago I thought I would give AppleCare another shot. Again initially the apple care person agreed that IR was not normal behavior. But after reading the case notes he too told me that there was nothing he could do and that my only option was to try a different Apple Store.


    So now I am stuck with a broken computer. I have never posted anything to the Support Communities before but after this terrible experience I thought I should probably share. I hope that other people have better luck with this problem and maybe one day Apple will finally admit that the screens are indeed defective.

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    That's really ****** Logan. At least you'd think they owe you the courtesy of at least running the test right in front of you. Have you tried going to an authorized service center?

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    A word of advice for those still in their 14-day window.  It's better to just get a refund and buy again vs. do an exchange and then try for a refund later.


    You can still get a refund of course, but they will have to jump through hoops processing it.  They had to buy a gift card for me, then refund the gift card to my credit card.... plus they couldn't put the entire amount on the card so I am getting some of my money back via a mailed check.  Not a big deal -- but just something to be aware of, since I know many of us need to go through a few units before finding one that we feel comfortable keeping considering how expensive they are.  In fact, I only got two hours sleep because I'd been stressing about which one to keep.  But especially after reading Logan's story I'm glad I kept the Samsung.

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    OK, heres a list of problems with mine:


    Terrible IR

    3 Mura Spots

    Creaking under trackpad

    Loose bottom plate.


    Can anyone advise how I'd go about getting all these repaired from one meeting in a Genius Bar?


    Obviously getting the screen replaced is the priority but the creaking is also pretty darn annoying. I dont want to come off as someone with 'OCD' whining about all these different problems, but their apparent in day-to-day usage.


    Thanks in advance.

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    Just got my first Mac today!  Purchased a Macbook Pro with Retina 15" last week online via  After purchasing it found out about the display issues they've been having and as a result had been suffering from buyers remorse.  Just now ran the code to figure out what display I have and its SAMSUNG!  Shipped direct from China with the Samsung display.  Maybe when you customize the order you get a Samsung screen?

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    Hi sportsut79 unfortunatly not mine was 512 flash drive and 16gb ram with LG screen. Now replaced screen with Samsung.


    Really happy now. I do have some creaking underneath laptop but its not too bad.


    Samsung screen slightly yellow when compared to my iPhone 4S (really white) but my iPhone 5 is a little yellow too in comparison, it's not a big deal.