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    "The unit, defined as one joule per second, measures the rate of energy conversion or transfer."


    115 watts a CCFL display uses does not mean it all dissipates into heat. That would mean you would burn your hands touching it - try touching a 100 watts light bulb. The conversion efficiency to light of a CCFL is much better than that of a light bulb. Watt only means what is stated above and nothing more.

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    Was it

    Apple Store


    2700 Clarendon Boulevard

    Arlington, VA 22201




    Apple Store

    Pentagon City

    1100 South Hayes Street

    Arlington, VA 22202

    (703) 236-1550



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    I believe that the IR test that Apple runs is outdated or not accurate..... I also think they use this as a crutch to turn people with legitmate IR away and say "we tested it and ran our great little IR test which is biased to not show IR at all in most cases" 


    Make sure you recreate your IR for the Apple genius and don't let them talk you out of something that you know to be true....


    I had this same experience myself.  I demonstrated my IR to the apple genius using Keynote, Powerpoint, finder windows, etc about a week and a half ago..... he then ran thier IR test which is booted from a thumb drive and you can't watch it because it can apparently cause seizures in certain types of peple which I just think is a bunch of malarkey but thats my opinion.


    The Apple genius says "even though our test showed your screen passed the IR test, I did witness the IR that you demonstrated and will go ahead and replace the screen no problem"


    I had to work all week and since this is my primary work computer I was not able to drop it off until last Friday so it could be worked on over the weekend hopefully be ready for pick up Monday morning.


    Monday morning rolls around and I decide to call and check the status - I called the store and someone after a normal Apple wait answered and said "Yep, looks like we finished it late last night and it is ready to go"


    I go in an hour later to pick it up... after waiting about 20 minutes they bring it out and ask me to sign a piece of paper which was a work order..... I open the computer up and power it on and said "so they replaced the screen...... everything is good?" the lady looks up the work order in the computer and says " actually...... it looks like another tech looked at your computer and it passed the IR(I forgot what she called the test I think she called it a "screen performance" test) and was deemed that the screen did not need to be replaced"


    Trying to keep calm I said "did he read the prevous Apple Genius' notes?" the other Apple genius ran the same test and it passed but it was clearly demonstrated that it had IR and he wrote that in the notes and ordered the replacement for me" I even said at that point "I think that your performance test is out of date or flawed"


    Since when does an Apple work order have to be double checked by another tech without the presence of the customer and without the notification of the customer???


    Then they wanted me to show up and sign a piece of paper saying basically that I accepted the work that was done and was satisfied without ever being told that they did NOTHING to my computer at all.... just hold it over the weekend for me and completely waste my time and gas so I can drop it off and pick it up? I told them heck no, I ripped up the piece of paper I had just signed and told them it was unacceptable and they agreed and said they would be happy to replace the screen and it would take 3-5 days..... which would again screw up my work week so I said that was the whole reason I waited almost a week before I could drop it off on Friday.... so now I have to wait until Friday againa and repeat this whole process.


    To me this just screams that they are doing everything in their power to thrwart legitamate IR screens from being replaced... saying well IR is "normal" for these types of displays..... here check this arbirary website to see for yourself..... and also to save themselves $900 a screen that needs to be replaced since it seems like thousands and thousands of screens are probably affected.......... having another tech check the screen behind closed doors and without notifying the customer and hearing their side of the story or checking the previous tech's notes.


    If I pay over $3,000+ for a laptop I expect the screen to not have burn in / image retention / etc.......... I think its ridiculous for people to say that "I guess I'll just live with my SJA1 since my IR isnt that bad...." I say screw that - we all paid good money we all deserve machines without manufacturers defects, no matter what.  and I'll be damned if they are going to double inspect my machine without me there to defend my case or even a phone call to let me know what was going on....................


    who's with me???


    I suggest to those out there who are reading this and are thinking about taking your computer in becuase of IR or something similar.


    1) make sure to be able to recreate the IR on your own.... DO NOT rely on Apple's test to reproduce what you already know.


    2) make sure the Apple genius specifically puts in their notes that the IR was demonstrated by you and he witnessed it - this note section is able to be seen by Apple corporate or others down the line who will question you about your IR if that happens.


    3) make sure when you pick your computer up you double check what all was done to it before you go signing anything!!! My computer looked like it had been cleaned with spray and wiped down - I would almost gaurentee some people pick up their Apple products that have been "deemed OK" behind closed doors and they don't even ask if it was worked on they just take it home and think its all good. ignorance is bliss.


    4) Report back here with your experience to help other Apple users.



    No matter what happens I still maintain that Apple builds the best consumer electronics in the world.... but it does seem like a new age of Apple is upon us - Steve Jobs would not have put up with this BS.




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    I know this post is about IR but does your macbook pro retina make the creaking noises???

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    No, I do not have a creaking issue at this time.........

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    Sorry but that's not correct.  You just restated exactly what I posted but used 'Joules' instead of 'Wh' which is just a different scale of energy measurement.  If you looked further you would find that 1 Joule = .000948 BTU's of heat.  So for the same 115W converted to Wh you get the exact same amount of heat:


    1 Joule = .000948 BTU's  So:  115W x .000948 x 60 x60 = 392.4 BTU's of heat per Wh


    Which is exactly the same as


    115Wh x 3.412141 (BTU's per Wh) = 392.4 BTU's of heat per Wh


    The 'rate of energy transfer / conversion' is measurable as heat which is constant,  It's physics 101 (E=MC2).  It doesn't matter what form you measure it with.  It also doesn't matter what the energy is being used by, it will generate the same exact same amount of heat for a given amount of energy transferred.

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    In Tysons Corner, VA first attempt:



    In Reston, VA - 3 tries, all LP*

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    Alexey_P wrote:


    In Tysons Corner, VA first attempt:



    In Reston, VA - 3 tries, all LP*


    Are you referring to the entire rMBP or screen replacements?

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    I refer entire rMBP. I tried to purchase LSN* one, but got lucky only on the forth time.

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    Btw, it's quite odd, but at first I got early 2013 model with SJA1, but I've tested it maybe 10 times using that web test, and still could not get any visible issue, at least for my eyes.

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    Alexey_P wrote:


    I refer entire rMBP. I tried to purchase LSN* one, but got lucky only on the forth time.


    That's what I thought. I really think that the most reliable way to get a Samsung display is to wait until your LG suffers from IR and take it in for replacement. Unfortunately, Apple's customer support, at least for this issue, is very inconsistent.

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    Unfortunately, that wasn't an option for me, since I'm not from US. But, if you have somewhat good credit limit, there may be a chance that you'll get what you want. From my two-day experience, LSNs appear in "crouded" places. E.g. Tysons Corner is quite crounded shopping mall, while Reston isn't. And from posts earlier - Arlington, VA Apple Stores should also have larger "flow" of rMBPs, and maybe LG's are getting out-of-stock. Other version, is that Apple is quite sure what S/Ns have LG or Samsung. Since _all_ rMBPs that are given to public in Apple Stores are Samsung. Truly, I've tested maybe ~7-9 of them. I won't believe that they just that "lucky" to place exactly LSN ones in stores.

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    If I were to purchase a rMBP today could I still get a unit with ghosting problems or has the issue been resolved?

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    Well, probably you haven't read last several pages. Early 2013 rMBP 15" still have issues, and still they are LG-related. That's why people hunt for Samsung versions

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    So after a week and not even extensive use my new MBP Retina model Early 2013 with LG screen is showing IR. And all of this after my original Mid 2012 had screen replaced 3 times. I'm not going to drive 60 miles again to Apple Store to proove I'm right and loose my money and time. This is just ridiculous.