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  • Chuck Gould Level 1 Level 1

    I agree it would be hard to prove - I didn't expect anything but anecdotal evidence. Also, I wasn't envisioning max operating temperatures as a cause - more like an oops-I-left-it-in-the-trunk kind of temperature. I'm also convinced it's most likely caused by variabilities during production. There's nothing inherently wrong with LG displays.


    So far, so good with mine at almost 2 months. It's perfect.

  • Chuck Gould Level 1 Level 1

    Mine's also a mid-2012 15" with LG (week 46, Nov.) - no problems whatsoever.

  • bseand Level 1 Level 1

    I feel your pain man, im in the same predicament. I have had 6 replacements. Same issues over and over.Its absolutely ridiculous. By the way, does your 2013 model still have the creaking noises?

  • pedrofromguimar Level 1 Level 1

    I bought mine in january. The first unit I had had the left usb broken, they changed it in the first 15 days. The second one had horrible image retention with an LG display. As I passed the first 15 days they didn't change it to me, so they sent it for repair...




    In between they upgraded all models so mine has dropped in price and specs and my work is completly stopped as I don't have a computer to work.



    I feel like an idiot. I've bought a computer to be a beta tester.



  • djv1967 Level 1 Level 1

    Early 2013 rMBP with LG display LP154WT1-SJA2 tested with:




  • macran Level 1 Level 1



    I have ordered a custom RMBP 2.4/16/512 SSD.How likely is it to get a LG screen.Are they still using the LG displays knowing that they are having problems.I am scared that i have spent 3000$ on machine and still woulnt get the perfect product

  • 0hn0000 Level 1 Level 1

    Honestly Macran I would cancel the order and get a full refund.  The way they are treating those of us with the ghosting issue is ridiculous.  They are not even officially admitting there is an issue.


    We all spent in excess of $2,500+ and Apple's official stance is to say that ghosting is "normal" and "acceptable" with these high res displays.


    Another thought that I had was this whole "we are unable to tell which display you are getting" is BS..... I am in manufacturing and any decent company with average quality control would have supplier codes and batch #'s..... The whole entire story is BS.



    1) display only Samsung displays at all Apple stores

    2) Not publically admit there is a ghosting or IR issue even when hundreds if not thousands of people are having identical issues

    3) run a screen performance test that specifically tests for IR that is completely unreliable to deter customers from demanding replacement screens

    4) after unit is dropped off for repair, run more IR tests without customer present so he can't argue his case and demonstrate IR when performance test passes unit

    5) have customer sign paper without informing him that no repair was done

    6) encourage customers to go to to show them that "HEY, PERSISTENCE IS NORMAL PEOPLE! TRUST ME I'M AN APPLE WEBSITE"

    7) release updated MBPR that has updated screens from the same suppliers..... but wait even those are having issues too.



    Obviously I am a little frustrated but this narrative is not too far from the truth....... agreed?

  • pedrofromguimar Level 1 Level 1

    Today, and after three weeks waiting for my rMBP to be repaired (it had image retention when it was only one month old), my local reseller called me to tell me that the computer was back and fixed.


    I went for it to the shop and gess what? They changed the logic board telling that the problem was on the logic board and not in the display. (The logicboard was perfect)


    I passed a retention test in front of them where we could read the whole apple site in my gray background.


    I told them that I was so upset because I NEED IT TO WORK!!!!


    ...the computer is back again to the apple service.






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    Not sure where you are but  you would have had better service and replacement times if you had gone directly to an Apple authorized repair center and not the retailer you purchased it from.  Obviously if they are sending it to Apple or an Apple service center then they do not have any control on what repairs are made.

  • pedrofromguimar Level 1 Level 1

    It is an apple authorized reseller with an authorized technical service. They sent the computer to be repaired with a complete description of the problem, made by a previous analisys.

    So yes apple knew what they had to change.

    I live in canary islands and apple doesn't have a genius bar here.


    If they think that I'm going to accept this display: they are wrong. I'll do whatever I can legally do to obtain a samsung display or a complete cash refund.

  • Jajaba Level 1 Level 1

    I said you should have gone to (or sent it to) an Apple authorized 'repair' center.  They do the repairs on site so their is no middleman involved and it does not require Apple to be involved at all, the repair facility can make the decisions and authorize repairs on the spot.  That's probably easier said than done, I am in Hawaii on an outer Island and we also have no Apple store, but we do have 2 authorized repair centers, both of which I'm not sure I would trust openeing any of our MBPr's...   Thankfully all 4 of our LG models have no sign of IR.

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    Just bought my 15 retina 8 days ago from the retail store in Brea CA.  I have the lg screen and worried that down the road ill end up with the issue.  Ran the test and it doesnt have the problem.  Should i just exchange it for another and try for the samsung?  Otherwise i may just get my money back.  Really loving the laptop but for $2400....rather get the right screen than deal with the headaches everyone else is having.

  • Chuck Gould Level 1 Level 1

    First off, it's not "everyone else". You have to remember most posts/threads are created by those who already have a problem. The vast majority of rMBPs sold are fine. Yes, there are defective displays, and yes, they seem to be mostly LG (Samsung displays have issues too).

    Secondly, If you look through this thread, there are many of us reporting perfectly fine LG displays. I believe over at MR, there's a dedicated thread for those without problems. But, (because of #1), there are significantly fewer posts with positive reports.

    Mine's going on two months since purchase and still has a perfect display (week 46, Nov., mid-2012 15"/2.7/16/768). I can't predict the future (if I could, I probably wouldn't have purchased Apple Care), but I expect the display will be fine for years to come. I have other IPS displays, in my first-day 1st gen iPad and a year old 3rd gen (retina), and neither of them show any degradation - meaning I haven't experienced "all IPS (or TN) displays are susceptible to IR". (I also have an iPhone 4S with no IR, though I haven't specifically tested for it.)

    There's no guarantee the machine you swap it for will be perfect (though chances are good it'll be fine too). Unless you outright return it and repurchase (most likely at another store), I don't see them exchanging it if there are no defects. Also, there is no way to predict which display make another machine will have.


    If you aren't having any problems and are happy with the display quality, you should just keep it and enjoy it. It's an incredible machine.


    Enjoy the best of the best of the best...Sir!  - MIB

    A side note: many complain how expensive a machine it is. It actually is almost identical to their flagship portables for the last ten plus years. My last five were roughly the same price (2001 TiBook - $3500, 2002 TiBook - $2500, 2005 17" $2700, 2006 17" MBP C2D $2800, 2009 UB 17" $2800). Taking into account inflation, they are generally cheaper. You want expensive? Try the top-of-the-line PB G3 Series (WallStreet) for a still-can't-believe-I-spent-it price of $6700 in 1998 dollars!. And it was still competitive with other high-end portables of the time (they still a bit of a performance edge with the G3).

  • pedrofromguimar Level 1 Level 1

    When I was in your possition I made the decision to keep it because it had no image retention at all although it was a LG screen. I told myself that If it had no image retention it should be like that forever. Two weeks later the issue started. One week later it was so serious that I had image retention in only one minute.

    If I could go to the past, to my first 15 days of returning without questions, i'd do it without a doubt.

    We are buying deffective laptops for more than 2000$, and apple isn't doing anything to solve it but hidding it under the carpet. This is a shame.

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    I had a rMBP with LG display bought in July of 2012.  I had image retention from very early on and was an early commenter in this thread.  After about 8 months (in Feb this year I believe) I started experiencing the flickering video problem also, so I took the unit into the Apple Store that I bought it from (Valley Fair Mall, Santa Clara, CA).  They were very responsive - I just showed them a video I had taken of the flickering display and also mentioned that the screen had image retention and I'd like them to address that if they could.  The machine had to be sent out for repair due to the logic board.  One week later received my repaired rMBP with a new video logic board and Samsung display.  No more flickering or image rentention.


    Two months later (sometime last week) I noticed that a small cluster of stuck on green pixels had appeared about 1/3 of the way from the right side of the display and halfway down.  Since I tend to use dark background colors it was pretty obvious.  Made another appointment at the same store, was immediately told that they'd replace the display again (I was a little worried that since it was just a small cluster of maybe 2 - 3 green pixels they wouldn't want to replace it, but they agreed to do so immediately without any pressure from me).  This time the repair was completed in one day (guess the replacement displays are on site) and the replacement was another Samsung.  No dead pixels at this point, although of course I'll keep a sharp eye out for a few months.


    I think that every customer is entitled to the same experience that I had, which was fast, courteous, and immediately addressed my problems without questions.  It is a shame that not every location has the same level of service, because if they did, I don't think there would be anyone unhappy about this issue.