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  • Inamorta-II Level 1 (0 points)

    If you still are in the time of warranty it should be no problem to get a replacement. I don't know how the situation is in your country. I am living in Germany so I have the 1 year apple warranty. Within this time you can get the replacement for the product no matter what the apple guys are saying. It is a hardware issue with means you have the right for a replacement. They say it is normal yeah... Ignore this ****! It is not normal. I don't know how the situation is with the refund. In Germany you have the right for a full refund (within the warranty) when the same mistake / issue appears 2 times or so. I had the option to get the refund after my second replacement but as I needed a MacBook I gave it 3 more tries. Right now I am waiting for the new generation wich will hopefully be released in late June... I need a MacBook for my studies but am not willing to try another 5 MBPr :/

  • ikomu Level 1 (10 points)

    My LG SJA1 is now been replaced with a Samsung display @Regent Street Apple Store...

    Samsung has a lot warmer whites(yellow) and Blacks no where near to LG Black levels its more washed out,has a light leak on left side, After all those stressful days I sadly see that LG Displays are far more superior compare to Samsung...


    They also tweak the frame design so we can able to push the display back a lot further for more extreme viewing angles which is good it was very limited on my previous one...


    I'm now looking forward to buy or borrow an affordable color calibration device like colormunki etc. most people says true white after calibration progress always ends more yellowish compare what we used to...


    I kindly advice you to think twice before to go for a replacement with Samsung

  • Tapisvolant Level 1 (5 points)

    Thanks ikomu. I have read here some other people's disappointment about Samsung panels and would try to avoid them when servicing my laptop next month, if only I knew what the SJA2 replacement part number is. Many people already mentioned that Samsung panel part number is 661-7171, but nobody seems to know what the LG panel number is.

  • ikomu Level 1 (10 points)

    I'm afraid 661-7171 is the only option on their ipad there is no other part number for display order on their system unless part number is same...

    total cost of this replacement is £400+ but not worth a penny

  • wjkalana Level 1 (0 points)

    Well finally my display got replaced today after battling with apple for a long time. Now I got a Samsung screen with LSN code.

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    Is it also very yellow, compared to your original screen? I had 2 samsung replacement screens - both have very warm/yellow colors, almost unacceptable...

  • wjkalana Level 1 (0 points)

    Well I think display colors are better looking than my LG screen and also not having to deal with image retension. This was my 4th retina macbook pro and all of them had this ghosting and all of them were LG. I got so fed up with it so I gave up on returning and decided to  keep my 4 th one thinking that oneday I can have my screen replaced, finally thats done. LSN code on my terminal.

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    Same here! finally happy and excited about my macbook pro retina.


    got into the store yesterday, found it was defective. The sales representative went to the back, came back with a brand-new box, pulled it out and walked away with a brand-new 2.7/16/512 MacBook Pro retina with LSN showing up in terminal.


    not sure why everyone says their screen is yellow, ran color calibration and manually adjusted white to just above DS65 levels and i have my perfect whites. Doesn't seem as bright as the LG display at 50% but at full brightness its about the same, i can't say i actually notice any color differences between the LG and the Samsung (this is using raw pictures from a m 4/3 in aperture and photoshop). so not sure why everyone is going on about washed out colors and bleeds on samsung so far, knock on wood, love the laptop!

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    I guess They (I also) have washed out colors and bleeds on Samsung Panel

  • wjkalana Level 1 (0 points)

    By the was caliberate your display all yellowness goes away.

  • ikomu Level 1 (10 points)

    I did and Shared my .icc profile file here on the forum but I can still see the yellowness a bit ...

    p.s Some pro photographers says True white suppose to be a bit yellowish

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    humm... are you running advance calibration or regular? its wierd you still see yellow after that, cause i turn my whites almost all yellow to almsot all blue and anything inbetween with minimal effect on other colors using the white settings. I would take it into an apple store and see what they can do. I was a little skeptical till my experience today with them.


    There was a $100 price drop on my laptop as well so they not only refunded me the 100+tax but also corrected the screen problem for me. I was also looking into the colormonki if we could get even 10 ppl together willing to callibrate it would only cost $20 a person for the device. Maybe even a rental service for the device...

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    Apple can't calibrate in the stores except by using the colorsync software, they don't have calibration sensors (colorimeters) in the stores.  I believe ikomo must have used an external calibration device since he says he posted the .icc profile.  Also there are many reports of yellowish tint from people with Samsungs even after using professional calibration sensors.  We own 6 MBPr's 4 LG and 2 Samy's.  Both Samy's cannot get nearly as close to the 6500K whitepoint calibration target as the LG's , LG = +/- 5K of target, Samy = + 50K or more from target.  Also the Samy's have significantly lower contrast (800:1 vs. 1000+:1 for the LG's).


    Update since I haven't been here for a while:  Still no sign of IR on any of our 6 MBPr's.

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    Hey jajaba,


    What are you using to calibrate your screens? and determine the contrast ratios? i'm still getting into the semi-pro-hobbist photogropher field so just out of curiosity cause to my eye between the LG v1 on med 2012 and the Samsung on early 2013 besides a little difference in brightness i couldn't tell a difference with the naked eye...

  • Jajaba Level 1 (0 points)

    We use the Xrite i1Display Pro