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  • dscoti Level 1 Level 1

    I bought my 2012 15" MBP retina the day they announced. Received it July 2 2012. It had an LG panel but was ok. Well for the first 3-4 months. Then ghosting or image retention started creeping in.


    It progressively got worse until I just couldn't take it anymore. So Monday, yes just two days ago, after work, I took it to my local Apple Authorized Service dealer, one I've dealt with for years. They confirmed it failed "the test" and would order a new panel on Tuesday morning and it was to be in on Wednesday, today. I do have AppleCare on it. Wouldn't buy a portable computer without it.


    They called me today that it had arrived and for me to bring my MBPr in for replacement. I arrived at the shop at 4pm, dropped off the MBPr and they took it to the back to begin work immediately. I came back at 5:30pm and waited about 15 minutes when the technician came out with it saying all was fixed and tested with no more ghosting.


    Yes, these guys are totally awesome. Treat you with respect, courtesy, and will do whatever they can to help. If you are in the Los Angeles, CA area, in the San Gabrial Valley, let me know and I'll introduce you to the best non-Apple Store anywhere!


    Anyway, it is very nice to not have those issues anymore. And as luck would have it, I got a Samsung replacement panel!   I've tested it several times and there is no ghosting. Time will tell, but right now I'm loving it again.

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    Nice to see you got yours fixed


    I also notice some ghosting, especially Safari ( which is opened at most times ) seems to have left it's traces...


    I got my MBPro 15" Retina in Jan. 2013 so it still has an LG panel as its a Mid 2012 Series.



    Wonder if I shall call Apple and get things fixed while I have the option !?





  • dscoti Level 1 Level 1

    I would definitely have it checked and replaced while you can. They do have to verifiy that it fails the image persistence test and if it does and is still under warranty they can order a replacement part.


    I did get part# 661-7171 which is listed by as a new Samsung Display, complete, which I verified by copying this into a Terminal window: ioreg -lw0 | grep\"EDID\" \ sed '/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6

    Terminal will return several lines,

    Color LCD

    LSNxxxxxxxxxx or LPxxxxxxxxxx (where LSN = Samsung, LP = LG/Phillips)

    serial number


    The tech literally just removes the whole display, aluminum and all, plugs in the cables, re-attaches the hinges, and done.



  • jct133 Level 1 Level 1

    I've had the displeasure of dealing with this issue. I recently purchased a rMBP on May 2nd, 2013 from B&H (immediately I ran the test in terminal and it is definitely an LG monitor, **sigh**). Just yesterday I noticed that there was some ghosting/IR happening after browsing Chrome. After doing some video editing this morning I noticed that Premiere Pro had burned into my desktop as well. It slowly went away but the problem was clear as day. I ran the mitchmalone retina test numerous times ( and noticed the checkerboarding clear as day.


    I decided to drive from NH down to Boston to the Apple store on Boylston St to attempt to resolve the issue and have my screen replaced. I dealt with an underqualified "genius" there who I overheard talking to his co-worked, explaining that he was "going to try to do as little as possible today". Great I thought to myself. He ran through Apple's IR test twice and he only showed me on the second time he ran it and I could see a very minor checkerboard but by their standards it "passed". He told me there was nothing that they could do to help me. I ask him to call his manager over and that this was completely unacceptable. She knew absolutely nothing about the technology itself and just spouted lines directly out of their handbook, she refused to even acknowledge that the rMBP's had problems in the past. They flat out would not replace it. I was stuck in there for almost two hours and accomplished nothing.


    Their manager refered my to their customer (dis)satisfaction line, who I promptly called while still in the store. I spoke with a very nice lady but she basically said there's not much they can do. She actually admitted there had been problems with past rMBP but that she allegedly hadn't heard of the issue happening much lately. She said to send her photo's of the issue to try to help "build my case" but didn't sound overly optimistic.


    I am simply disgusted by Apple's refusal to admit wrongdoing. This test is garbage and as many others in here have said, proves absolutely nothing. I am in the process of taking some photos now to try to document the ghosting to try to get this thing replaced. What a nightmare! I almost want to just buy the part myself just to get this dealt with but can't on principal yet. This is pathetic. I've been an Apple customer for over a decade and have never been more repulsed by a companies negligence.

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    It's very likely that B&H sold you the first generation rMBP, not the 2013 refresh. You can check that by comparing your model number with one you can see when you go through the first steps of purchasing from the Apple Store online. While it appears that some of the original LG displays were still turning up in the 2013 rMBP's, take-two of LG's display so far seems to be behaving better.


    Was your rMBP sold to you as the current version? The 2013 refresh was introduced in February, so you bought yours after it was available.

  • jct133 Level 1 Level 1

    Not sure how to tell. It wasn't outright sold as a 2012 model, they did have a model similar to mine that was "coming soon" but it was only available for pre-order. Now it is listed as discontinued when I check the link on my previous orders on B&H. Either way I feel like I'm getting the shafted. Here's the link.. 872003&is=REG

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    jct133 wrote:


    Not sure how to tell. It wasn't outright sold as a 2012 model, they did have a model similar to mine that was "coming soon" but it was only available for pre-order. Now it is listed as discontinued when I check the link on my previous orders on B&H. Either way I feel like I'm getting the shafted. Here's the link.. 872003&is=REG

    The  "coming soon" had already arrived, just not at B&H. The same thing happened to another poster a few pages back thanks to B&H. Check YeahWrite's post in the middle of this page.

  • Werner P. Level 1 Level 1

    Well here is my story, I just bought a macbook pro retina 15 inch refurbished, it now has arrived, I ran the usual commands, and low and behold, LSN display. I just wanted to say that you might get a samsung display if you buy a refurbished 2012 model.

    I am a happy camper, feeling like I hit the jackpot :-)

  • Canuck1970 Level 1 Level 1

    jct133 wrote:


    "I ran the mitchmalone retina test numerous times ( and noticed the checkerboarding clear as day"



    Thanks for that link. Just in case the ASC forums decides to edit that link out, or deletes your post altogether, I looked around and found it posted on another user-created online resource, along with some tips related to Apple’s in-store tests. This is by far the best IR test tool I’ve seen. It really kicks butt!




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    I just got my refurb 2.7/16/768 from Apple.  Waited months and thought it was safe and would get a SJA2 or Samsung.  Got the SJA1 with the serial showing a production of May 2013.  No IR or dead pixels so I guess it's a waiting game to see if it happens.  It doesn't seem the SJA1s are out of the system yet.  I avoided online retailers incase they were still moving old stock, but it didn't help in the end.

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    I ordered a 13 inch rMBP refurbished for $1,269 and just received it today.  I ran the image retention test and there is clear image retention   Even when I have Safari open and decide to minmize it after 5 or so minutes, the outline of the browser shows as image retention.  I tried running the command to determine manufacturer's display model, but all I get is "@.`0 6 Color LCD" as the value that's returned. I've tried it multiple times with no success.

    Having no luck determining the manufacturer, but based on the IR test, I'm assuming it's an LG.  Very frustrating now I have to go to the store and return it.  Wondering if I just order a brand new one for $1,399 (education discount) and hope the issue has been corrected in that version.  Man, this *****.

  • Aeks2466 Level 1 Level 1

    Just bought my brand new rMBP 10 days ago. Its the 512GB with 16GB. I ran a display test and got this:




    Are they still putting LG displays in new rMBP?

  • 2B-4G10 Level 1 Level 1

    The LG panel is 100 times better than the samsung one in color contrast clarity and equality for that samsung can have some lc leakage or dead pixels yellow hue low vib in color and much more


    The fact that samsung does not have Image Retention doesn't mean it's better or even close to LG's screen.


    Anyway good luck with the saj2 i hope it serves you right

    If i were to choose i'd take lg right away

  • FatMac>MacPro Level 5 Level 5

    Aeks2466 wrote:




    Are they still putting LG displays in new rMBP?

    Obviously yes, but the SJA2 LG's do not seem to be generating the level of complaints the SJA1's have, at least not yet. Time will tell, though that's small comfort.


    I'd suggest running the IR tests referred to in this thread pronto, and if you see trouble, return it within the 14 day return period.

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    These assertions about the relative color quality, backlight bleeding, dead pixels, etc, between the Samsung and LG are just heresay.  There is no definitive difference betwen the Samsung and LG that is non-subjective except that the LG experiences image retention and the Samsung does not.  Last year when the problem first presented itself there were so many people claiming that the Samsung had superior image quality and colors as well as no image retention.  Then later on there was a backlash in the other direction.  It's pretty clear that the color and image quality differences are judged very differently by different people and are entirely subjective.


    I had the LG for a while and now have had a Samsung for a while and I can't say there is a discernable difference in image quality or colors between the two.  Sure they don't look identical when you put them side by side but neither is more correct than the other, just 'different'.  And different people will favor one look over the other.  There is no way to call one or the other objectively better, and certainly not "100 times better".