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    yes 4 days ago

  • Florianfromtn Level 1 Level 1

    Could someone tell me his experience with taking in an out of warranty 15" first generation rMBP?


    I feel like Apple should take responsibility and change out the Display of my rMBP since it is showing very strong ghosting - however, since the warranty ran out i am not sure how to argue and i wonder if some of you might had success in this matter.



  • Chris Yates1 Level 1 Level 1

    Basically the last 3/4 pages of this thread talk about the new rMPBs.


    In a nutshell, it would seem the vast majority are getting Samsung screens although this is not set in stone. Some people can't seem to find out which display they have as the terminal command is not showing any details.


    IR seems like no, although one person did state they were getting IR retention on their 13" model.


    I think this will be an ongoing question for many for at least the next few weeks or months until people post their experiences.

  • Chris Yates1 Level 1 Level 1

    I think you'll struggle slightly if it's now out of warranty. Apple may ask why you haven't tried before?


    I agree that you should recieve some help with the issue. It's worth going into a store or speaking to Apple online to see what they can dio.

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    Dealing with the same issue, unfortunately. Hopefully it's fixed soon.

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    Just picked up my 15" retina today and unlike the others who have posted, I received an LG panel.  I'm in the process of testing out for any image retention.


    As someone who avoids Apple's first gen revisions for laptops, I patiently waited for this upgrade and then stumbled upon this thread not knowing there was so many problems with IR. 


    Here's my part number for reference



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    Has anyone received a Samsung replacement display that is not yellow tinted?

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    IR seems like no, although one person did state they were getting IR retention on their 13" model.



    Here is a picture of an image retention test on my 13" Haswell (30 min on black and white checkerboard). It took about 15 minutes to fade and become relatively unnoticeable. It was taken with my 5s, so it's not the best photo.



    I'm glad that people seem to be having good luck with the 15" versions, but it seems the 13" still have issues. Sad thing. Hopefully the next round will change, especially when they bring out the IGZO. I'm excited for that.



    This will be the last post I make. I'm taking it back. I don't want it to get worse once the warranty has expired.



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    Chris can you tell me why some people are getting the Terminal Command to work and some are not. I have tried everything.

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    lel62 wrote:


    Chris can you tell me why some people are getting the Terminal Command to work and some are not. I have tried everything.


    Some suggestions from MacRumors:




    ioreg -lw0 | grep IODisplayEDID | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6


    try installing Xcode (free) from the App Store.

  • lel62 Level 1 Level 1

    Still nothing and I have installed Xcode as well. This makes no sense! Thanks for your help though. If anyone else has any suggestions it would really be appreciated.

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    For those of you who are only seeing "Color LCD" when running the command:


    The 15" models that contain discrete graphics will allow you to check the display manufacturer.  The 13" ones will NOT.  You will only ever get back "Color LCD" on a 13".  (I haven't had a chance to use one to check it yet, but I also bet this will prove to be the case with the new 15" Haswells that only contain Iris Pro graphics, and leave out the nVidia chip.)


    This appears to be because either the Intel integrated graphics subsystem or the driver itself does not return the entire EDID that the display reports to it; it only returns a truncated one.  The "IODisplayEDID" property is returned from the integrated graphics, while the "EDID" property is returned from the nVidia graphics (you can see this if you examine the complete results of the 'ioreg -lw0' command without trying to filter anything out).  Only the "EDID" property contains the complete EDID, including the panel model and serial number.  Since the 13" models only contain integrated graphics, the "EDID" property generated by the nVidia driver is absent from the ioreg output.


    -- Nathan

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    See my latest response to trgn.


    -- Nathan

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    In addition to what I just posted, it should also be pointed out that it appears that *some* kind of LCD panel model distinction is able to be seen if you go to System Preferences -> Displays -> Color -> Open Profile (opens ColorSync Utility) -> scroll down to -- and click on -- 'mmod' / "Apple display make and model information".


    On the Ivy Bridge 15" Retina models, the manufacturer would always be 610 (Apple?), and the model would either say A00E or A00F.  On every 15" Ivy Bridge rMBP I have managed to test, A00E correlated to Samsung, and A00F correlated to LG, every time.  I can only guess that these are "internal use" model numbers that Apple themselves assigned to the various displays that they use in the manufacture of their computers, and have no bearing on the manufacturer of the display itself: A00E and A00F just happened to be the numbers that Apple assigned to these two displays for their own use.


    On models without discrete graphics where the command-line EDID check does not work, you may at least be able to see *some* difference in the model via the ColorSync Utility.  Unfortunately, although different model numbers may be observed here which people might be able to use to correllate different displays to different common problems (e.g., "I've noticed that all of my 13" rMBPs with image retention all show a model of '0BAD' in the ColorSync Utility, while the ones without image retention are largely model '0BAC'"), there is no way that I know of to be able to know for sure who makes a particular display using this method, given that these are just arbitrary Apple model #s.


    -- Nathan

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    Are you saying that all 13" are not suffering from IR ? I really want one but as far as I know they all have the problem ...