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  • twosix79 Level 1 Level 1

    So basically an update to my original posts is....


    Visited the genius bar today, complained a little and voiced my concearns of 3 or 4 IR tests, mutliple calls to apple care and they ran another test, apparently it did pass the test ( withing spec) and they still agreed to replace the screen. Bonus!


    1 hour passes and I get a call, the screen is done and installed ready to collect, opened it up there and then and ran the terminal command to find...





    It's a Samsung, don't like the screen as much as the LG it originally had, but as long as this is all I find wrond with it, compared to the awfull IR on the LG it's much better.


    Anyone got/had any issues with this model samsung after any amount of time?

  • Merch Visoiu Level 1 Level 1

    twosix79 wrote:


    Anyone got/had any issues with this model samsung after any amount of time?


    Yeah, it's hideously yellow even after calibration. If I had received this display as my first display I would have returned the machine so I don't know why I should accept it as a replacement. Complained to the Genius Bar 3 times and they refuse to take it back.

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    I've had my Early 2013 15" rMBP with the LG SJA2 display for over 6 months now, and have used it every day anywhere from 3-4 hours to 8-9 hours, and have no ghosting or image persistence whatsoever.


    I'm not sure if the SJA2 actually fixed it, or whether they simply improved their quality control such that fewer SJA2 displays are defective.

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    twosix79 wrote:


    It's a Samsung, don't like the screen as much as the LG it originally had, but as long as this is all I find wrond with it, [...]


    You never actually said what it was that you found wrong with it (the Samsung).


    -- Nathan

  • nlra Level 1 Level 1

    Okay, so this is what we know so far:


    15" mid-2012 A00E - Samsung

    15" mid-2012 A00F - LG


    13" late-2012 ?


    15" early-2013 ?


    13" early-2013 ?


    15" late-2013 A022 - Samsung

    15" late-2013 A019 - LG


    13" late-2013 A018 - ?

    13" late-2013 A020 - ?


    Hopefully we can continue to fill in some of these holes.


    -- Nathan

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    I picked up the 15" 2.6, 1tb with Samsung display last Friday at  the local Apple store. Everything looks fine and machine runs good. I have waited to purchase the haswell model after I returned the early Retina last December when I recevied the LG model with IR. I  went through many chapters to return machine and previously left my long written concerns on this message board whcih no longer appear in this discussion. I decided to wait to see if the QC and the supply chain got figured out.


    My impression is to early to assess if IR will come creeping back like it did after several weeks.


    Best Regards

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    Yeah sorry bit of quick post. Just a slight yellow to the screen but this is compared to an LG mid 2012 (a nicer colour) but with very bad IR.


    No gradient of colour just an all over slight yellow, a couple of calibrated profiles I have downloaded tonight at home have helped but will properly calibrate tomorrow at work in the studio and check the results.

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    I have been silently following this thread for the past year and held off purchasing a Retina Macbook Pro until this latest Haswell refresh. Due to my need for a computer I recently pulled the trigger and purchased a 15" Retina Macbook Pro (2.3 Ghz Quad Core, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD). The machine arrived today and I immediately verified that it contains the LG Panel. I have performed numerous image retention tests over the course of the day and have not seen any IR. The screen's colors look absolutely amazing and I have been unable to find any defects.


    Screen Information:




  • Canuck1970 Level 1 Level 1

    mr_tom wrote:


    "Screen Information:





    I may be mistaken, but I think that's the first "SJE1" panel that I've seen. Only time will tell though if that really means anything though.

  • flat earth Level 1 Level 1

    I just received my rMBP,  BTO: 16 GB, 1 TB, 2.6 Ghz.  colors are absolutely brilliant with no trace of yellowing.  As of now, there is no IR, but that could take a while to develop.  Time will tell.   I'm not sure where the "A019" comes from, but my teminal specs are:


    Color LCD




    The SJE1 seems to indicate a new generation  of LG screen.

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    Complaint about mistreatment at genius bar in osaka shinsaibashi apple store.


    Hello I’m an apple loyal customer until now.

    Recently I made an appointment with a genius to address an issue with my screen in my macbook pro retina display.


    The display has several dead pixels and a terrible image retention problem.


    I travel a lot so I couldn’t make an appointment earlier also I though the 1 year warranty was still in effect.


    Sadly when I make it to the appointment the first thing I was told is that there is no warranty as the product was purchased in 10/12/2012,  and it’s already past a year.


    After being told that the genius proceeded to check the computer. I told him that the image retention problem was a widely known issue and that also having dead pixels in the screen was definitely a problem in the manufacture of the system.


    He after seeing the dead pixels accused me of damaging the computer a first. After I told him it was a dead pixel and not a damage due to misuse he checked again and said it was truly some dead pixels.


    Then he proceeded to make the image retention test which came positive. 

    I told him that this problem had been since several month which he just told me that he doesn’t care as the warranty was expired there is nothing he or me could do even if it was a manufacture issue.


    Then he gave me a lecture about how I should have taken the product in the warranty period and that it’s not his problem if I travel a lot or if there are just a few apple stores available where I live.


    At that moment I felt terrible insulted not because the computer couldn’t get a free repair even if it wasn’t my fault but mostly for the behaviour of this “genius” who believe a customer has to just accept the fact he has to pay for the repair, and even insulting me and calling me a LIER just because I told him it was a known issue. He just say “I’ve never heard of anything like that you are making that up".


    Then I told him I wanted to speak with the manager, after that he went away and made me wait for over 30 minutes.

    Then he came back and told me his manager said the same thing. This guy was all the time with a smile in face just mocking me and acting like I was some kind of idiot just for asking to talk to the manager of the store.


    After that I politely asked him to bring the manager again and then he proceeded to look for the manager. Which was just a young boy who was laughing in my face in an even worst way.


    I started explaining him my problem and instead of acting like a manager he just asked the other guy every techie question I asked him.


    Then they gave me a quote of the repair price which exceeded the 400$.


    I asked the manager’s name which he reluctantly gave me then I went home shocked for the terrible service I had just received at the store.


    I don’t know if they treat like that every customer in this country and I don’t really care I believe that’s definitely not the correct way of attending a troubled customer.


    Being called a LIER, being ACCUSED of scratching and damaging the computer, making me wait for over 30 minutes, etc…


    To my surprise when I go back home after checking on the internet there are several countries where Apple take care of the damaged screen even after the 1 year warranty expires.


    Then after checking more I found out that there is a way to pay 300$ for a depot repair which I was never told in the store.


    After this experience I definitely will think twice before buying an apple product.


    I never had any kind of problem like this when I was using a pc. The pc’s quality in general is much worse than an Apple computer but I was never treated like that before.


    I own several apple products which I will try to sell and go to another platform after.


    best regards

    Former Apple fan.

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    Ouch you had a bad experience with lame employees obviously. Personnaly even thought I had not always plaisant experiences with Apple products I have always been treated respectfully by Apple. Apple is clearly taking us for fools with this IR problem but I'm not sure you should judge a all brand for the behaviour of two employees. I would just report them :) Good luck with exchanging your screen and do not hesitate to mail Apple executives.

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    While I don't agree with the way you were treated at the store you should have known your warranty expiration date.  This is a very important date to keep in mind when owning any Apple product.  I've always got it in the back of my mind and my stress levels start to increase as it gets closer.  I worry about whether or not I should puchase AppleCare or take it in one last time for an issue.  You can try calling in to AppleCare and continue pushing the issue.  Its not unheardof to get a post-warranty repair if you're persisitent enough.

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    Merch Visoiu wrote:


    memosaint wrote:


    I have this problem and Im going to take my mabcook pro retina 15" early 2013 (with LG screen) to warranty service and check if I can have a replacement, I just bought it 3 months ago, I hope to get my mbp fixed, its a $2500 machine


    Let us know if your replacement is a yellow-tinted Samsung LSN154YL01001.



    I got my screen replacement from apple, I had a LP154WT1-SJA1 now the new one is LP154WT1-SJA2 but now ther is not image retention, it seems to work fine

  • kenosecon Level 1 Level 1

    I bought it in october 2012 so I though it was good until october 2013.

    I know I should have known better but the fact I wasn't even offered the depod repair option really makes me angry. As the screen is not the only faulty piece of the pc I could have used the oportunity to get those pieces repaired.


    Anyway I'll sell the machine as it is I don't want to know anymore about apple or its products.