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    Based in the uk, spent a year going to the bar, calling and complaining about bad ir, finally with a week to go on my 12 month warranty they replaced the screen, even though it passed the or test... So persistance pays and some luck on who you deal with/where you are/what store you visit.

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    I am from India, I have rMBP mid 2012. I visited Apple Service Centre here in Ranchi. They rejected my case on the basis of a dent on USB port on right side. Although all the port on that side is working very well. Then, I read all the warranty conditions thoroughly. There it is written that Apple will not cover if the defect is caused by some accident. Everyone knows that USB port has nothing to do with the display and most of the users with LG displays are experiencing the same problem. After that they agreed that this is not caused by any accident. Then they gave me a silly excuse that there are small scratches on display's corners and display is made in such a way that Apple has to replace all the part including cover so they will not consider this under warranty.


    Then I served them a legal notice. They responded with the excuse that this is a accidental damage.It is kind request to all please help me so that I can again prove that this is not a accidental damage. Apple should not go away like this by making silly excuses.

       I can post you pictures if you want to see.



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    Hey andeepsbrar


    I would try calling Applecare and speak to to a senior advisor.

    I have a first gen rMBP and have had multiple issues which I won't go into here as is not related to topic but after writing a letter and speaking with Apple they are replacing my mid 2012 rMBP with the equivilent late 2013 model.

    Hence the reason I am reading this topic, to see if people are still having IR issues with the new models.

    In my communication with Apple I was clear and honest about my experience with the laptop in question the good and the bad without being attacking or upset. With less than a month left in my warranty, they where glad to help and have shipped a new machine which I should recieve on Monday.

    For an acceptable outcome I needed to see speak to Applecare and take the machine to the Genius Bar multiple times.


    Hope that helps.

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    Recieved my SECOND 15" Late 2013 Haswell model here.

    Again yellowish screen at the bottom.


    I asked if I could get one shipped from china, they will look into it.


    Same screen as before:



    Photo 08-11-13 13 15 23.jpgPhoto 08-11-13 13 15 36.jpg

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    Hi Nick,


    I have explained them each and evry point. They responded with different reasons every time. I have no idea about why it is so. Sadly there is no Apple Genius here in India.

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    I wrote a letter then spoke to apple support via chat on and unploaded the letter. I then called Applecare and spoke with a senior consultant who was then able to see the letter. The senior consultant took over the case and it took a few days to come to a solution after taking the machine back to Apple to be inspected.


    I'd put your case in writing detailing the issuses but also documenting your experience of the product and of the support you have recieved and what your expectations are.


    I quoted one of Apple's more recent advertisement where they make a pretty strong statement on how important the end user experience is and in my case Apple did come through with excellent customer service and a satisfactory outcome.


    This is it.
    This is what matters.
    The experience of a product.
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    Designed by Apple in California

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    Hi Nick


    Do you have Job sheet of your case?

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    I have a similar problem on my late 2013 rMBP 13''. Mine is a vertical bar shape darker region on the center to the right.

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    This was my previous post:

    "Hello everyone I wrote here couple of months ago, i have a rMBP 15" with the first LG panel, the screen started with out any ghosting problem for the first 6 months, after, i could see little ghosting, but that was not a problem because it would take 5 to 10 minute on a fixed image to show real ghosting, 6 to the 10th month the ghosting got a bit worst but i could still work normally on my photography, but since i have spend a lot of money on the machine and before I was buying it i had planned to make it my work machine for at least  the next 3 years I needed a way to secure my investment, and considering that if you needed to change the screen after the year warranty that would cost you around (   1000  - $ 1000  -  £ 800  ). Since the problem got worse, and apple only offers 1 year "real" warranty, i decided to purchase the Apple Care Protection Plan, and this purchase i made, secured my machine till September 2015, but mostly i did this because I was worrying that the problem would get worse after the year had past, and it did!. After an entire year the screen now has really bad ghosting, it takes 1 minute on a fixed image or page to get it to ghost, and it takes more then 5 minutes to clear the ghosting away, The LG screen I still have apart of the ghosting problem is the best screen i have seen and worked with, I have worked with my work colleagues rMBP with Samsung displays and its not only my opinion but my colleagues to that the LG screen it comparable to a Ferrari and the Samsung is comparable to a Porsche, going back to the problem, on this Monday ( 4 / November ) i will take my rMBP to Apple Center to get the screen change, they say it will take only 3 days to get it done, and hopefully i could get an other LG screen that truly works for more than a year with out BIG PROBLEMS! but apart of the screen BIG PROBLEM we all have, the machine is really great, hopefully my rMBP will get back soon, i will let you know how things are going, and i recommend all of you to purchase the Apple Care Protection Plan, (Well you need to do it and spend extra money because Apple don't do things right! ) And because you never know when the ghosting of the LG's or the other "Samsung displays problems" with come to you."




    Well everything now has been fixed, in 3 days (that is really fast!) they changed the screen with a Perfect Samsung and the only bad thing was the heavy yellow of the screen, what I mean is that the white is yellow and not white, but I quickly found a way to fix this, colour calibration on the system was the fastest way and easiest, just create a new profile and do the procedure on expert mode, leave everything at it is and just change the white point, for me and my screen was perfect 7200.



    I'm completely satisfied with the Apple support and I would give them a 10/10!!!  

    Good luck everyone.

    Filippo.M   8/11/13   From  Sicily, ITALY

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    Late 2013 13" rMBP

    2.4 Ghz i5/8GB/256GB


    Manufacturer: 00000610

    Model: 0000A020


    My retina Display gets yellow on the right upper corner. Now I get a new but want to know if my new one is Samsung or LG.

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    Hi everyone. I bought a 15.4" Haswell Retina MBP the day they were released after the Keynote. My first one when it arrived had a yellow tint in the bottom 40% of the display and it was very very noticable in normal usage. So I called Apple and they did a replacement, but the replacement has the same problem! bottom 40% is yellow while the top 60% is perfect.


    I tried calibrating it but it just doesn't work, I can either make the yellow go white and the rest goes blue or the top is white and the bottom is yellow.


    I called Apple and they are doing another replacement and have assured me someone will make sure the new display is perfect before I get it but I have my doubts..


    Are there actually good uniform screens out there or is it just some people are accepting yellow screens and not caring enough to get what is right?



  • SaintBol Level 1 (5 points)

    Just returned (for an exchange) my just received MBPR Haswell 15" (LG panel, very slight ghosting, but most importantly, the alu case was dented).


    The replacement is far better: Samsung Panel LSN154YL01-A01, no ghosting at all. White is far from being really uniform, though, but it's ok. I'm keeping it (the third one).

  • k3n1ch1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the info.


    2.6 GHz 15" A022 here. Looks good, so far.

  • M5RahuL Level 1 (5 points)

    That's messed up! I would email Apple's executive relations team and have'em look in to the issue. A dented USB port has nothing to do with the display, and neither do scratches on the panel. 


    I'm quite confident Apple will come thru for you. Just write a detailed and professional email describing each incident with the reseller and names/dates [ if you have'em ].


    Expect to hear from a Senior advisor in about 24-48 hrs [ usually via phone so include your contact number! ]


    The Senior advsiors at the executive team have...let's say.. amazing over-ride powers at their discretion


    Hang in there... it'll work out in your favor. Just don't lose your cool and be polite!


    - Rahul