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    Colonel.Cool wrote:



    What should I do to format the computer ?

    Should I ask for a replacement ?...

    In the brave new world of SSD's, wiping a drive has become a tricky question. I don't think you can secure-erase an SSD with Disk Utility; I just checked that booting both from the recovery partition and an external USB flash drive and erase is available but secure erase isn't. As to refund or replacement, historically, IR can develop over time so getting a replacement that's OK now doesn't guarantee it won't develop IR later. At the same time, not all do and people without IR aren't here complaining so the sample is biased.

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    Just got rMBP Haswell 13 (8GB/256GB). Display per color sync is:

    Manufacturer: 00000610

    Model: 0000A018


    Definetely does have some IR. Looks like it is slightly stronger on right side of the screen.


    Honestly, If I would be sure, that it won't get worse and won't get bad pixels, I could live with that. But who knows...

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    After replacing twice the yellow screen problem is still there. See the image below, on left - it is the system on their store display and on right - the new one I bought. I am using Apple product for last 7 years. I have another 3 MAC at home. All other has a white dispay and in the latest one has a yellow display. I am no way going to accept this. If Apple can not be consistant on quality, the day is not that far.


    If you are listining Apple, then please remember we pay premimum amount for premimum quality.


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    Received my new very expensive MBP from Shanghai two days ago. Samsung display A022.


    Screen is very yellow, especially (when i compare with my 2009 MBP, it is not a different tint, it is a different color)

    But this has proven to be easily fixable with calibration.


    However the biggest problem is that the yellow/white color is very much uneven. The left side looks really different from the right side. Even after calibration, the left side remains much more yellow than the right side.


    To me, the retina display is awful compared to my 2009 MBP. Cant understand why Apple fans / fan sites can not be objective about that and are still dying of admiration whatever Apple is doing  lol

    The numerous issues with Retina displays are well known but nobody seem to care or criticize when Apple still distribute those products. I paid 3.200 euros for my MBP ...


    This being said, rather efficient customer service. MBP returned and waiting for my second one (hopefully the good one)

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    We now can summarise:


    1. People with a LG should just shut up and learn to live with image retention.


    2. People with a Samsung should stop whining and learn to live with a yellow tint.


    And if this isn't good enough we all should not forget either of the problems is not a flaw it is a feature. You may think the following is a  April fools joke but they within Apple are serious:





    Thank you so much Apple for defining and setting the new standards in engineering.

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    MacOSX10.6 wrote:


    We now can summarise:


    1. People with a LG should just shut up and learn to live with image retention.


    2. People with a Samsung should stop whining and learn to live with a yellow tint.





    This is true. We've heard from many people who demonstrate image retention at the Genius Bar but it's not severe enough for a replacement; and I've personally complained 3 times at the Genius Bar about yellow tint and I've been told 3 times that the yellow tint is normal. By the way you can also have yellow tint on an LG display, like my current one.

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    I have the A022 and it's acceptable, not great. No obvious yellow spots but overall yellow/warm cast. I'm going to run a color balancer on it and see if that can be improved. But what's really bothering me in the fact that the case creaks allt the time for any movement when it's open. I'm under my return (holiday) period and I've been thinking about swapping it out to try to get something creak-free but I'm concerned about playing the screen lottery (or putting it under the genius knife to try and fix the creaks). What are the chances that I'll get a decent display AND no creaking...?

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    I've just done a color calibration using a Spyder4 and it's helped a bit with the yellow cast, although now it looks a slightly pink . FYI, the report from the Spyder4 shows my A022 is about 94% of sRGB gamut and far less than AdobeRGB. So I guess the trade off for retina resolution is color gamut (at least on the Samsung)...

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    someone should start a class action law suit about this.....  this is total bs i paid this much for a effed up ghost screen, and my only option is a yellow screen

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    Here’s a question: do 100% of the LG screens have ghosting?

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    I give up! This thing is going back to the store for the last time tomorrow! I purchased the top of the line 15 inch rMBP about 2 weeks ago. Since then I have exchanged it 4 times, this is my 5th rMBP. Here is my story:


    1) The first one I got had perfect color, no image retention, and no dead pixels. I did a full check on it, and did not see any problems on the first day. After a week I noticed somewhat annoying backlight bleed in the lower left corner. I work a lot in terminal and like the black backgrounds in full screen mode, so it started to annoy me. Since apple had an entire year to fix screen problems, I figured that ****, let me try for a swap, I am sure this is just a fluke. I was wrong! My first screen was an LG.


    2) The second one had perfect (**** near) backlight bleed level, but horrible backplate discoloration. As you would swipe from desktop to desktop, you could see shadows on the backplate. The screen was also very dim. This one was a Samsung screen.


    3) The third one was another Samsung with 1/4 of the screen VERY yellow. I wish I took a picture, but you could see the yellow on the boot screen, didn't even have to go through the setup to return that one. I think I could have lived with an even yellow screen, but this was rather pink on the right, and VERY yellow on the bottom left 1/4.


    4) Not sure LG or Samsung, but pick throughout. Like, really, really, really pink. Even if you balance it to 8000k color temp, it would look blue with, you guessed it, lot's of pick. The pick is coming from the lights, BTW, not the actual screen. Because, if you turn the laptop, you will see that the apple logo on the back is also pink. (compare it with regular MBP for reference).


    5) My final one! LG screen, even color temp, pink, but acceptable level of pink which I can balance out for the most part. BUT, the backlight is uneven. The right side is noticeably dimmer on the right when compared to the left. I even took pictures and measured light intensity. Oh, and to boot, lots of beautiful backlight bleed from all over the place...


    So, in the end, this one is joining is brothers in the rMBP scrap pile. I kind of feel sad because I really did love my first one, but that backlight bleed was bugging the **** out of me. For the time being I am sticking with my old 2010 MBP or getting a 2012 rMBP from CL for cheep. I wouldn't feel so picky about a $1,400 used laptop, but I think I have the right to expect something at least 90% close to perfect from a $2,599 brand new laptop.


    For reference, my first rMBP had a case chip, cricking bottom case, and misaligned screen lid. I was fine with all that. I do not expect unreasonable level of perfection, I just want a ******* screen that shows reasonably even and white balanced picture. If any one at apple is reading this, please, take note, because this is how you start losing customers! You just lost one, and judging by the length of this thread, many, many, others.

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    So what do you think x0054? If I have the Samsung A022 (early week build) and the overall display is a bit dim feeling but fairly even looking. But the case creaking (and feeling like that cheap feeling is going to get worse over time) is really annoying. In hindsight, what would you do? Would you roll the dice or keep the Samsung? I'm getting the feeling that there is no good option really.    

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    I recently purchased a late 2013 rMBP and have been using it for a week now. I have a Samsung made screen (from what I read on forum threads, based on the terminal command I have a revision A01 screen).


    I don't have any expert tests to run but using different solid color wallpapers and brightness cranked up to 100% I found the following:


    - No dead pixels (that I can see at least).

    - No image retention.

    - Usual slight brightness near the edge as is normal with edge lit LED panels (even TVs), but screen seems pretty even to my eyes.

    - I seem to have (at least to my eyes) a slight yellowing near and around the lower left corner of the screen.

    - The Apple logo on the case glows with a slight tinge of pink to it (might be my eyes)


    Based on the above, do you guys feel I should play the game of roulette and start getting the screen replaced in hopes of hitting the lottery? Based on the time I've spent reading forums my screen seems to be much better than what others have unfortunately dealt with.


    Is there ANY good retina macbook pro screen out there?


    I'd be lying if I didn't say that this isn't annoying since it's a high-end product and it's Apple. They always push and talk about superior quality.


    I'd really like for Apple to officially and publicly address this issue/topic and get to the bottom of it and offer everyone screen replacements that Apple gaurentees meet quality standards.


    Anyways.... Any advice for me? Also I've never calibrated a screen and don't know how to even attempt it.


    Thanks in advance for any responses.


    Update to post: I'd also like to mention that I haven't checked my rMBP screen against another macbook to see if my Samsung screen is generally more yellow (warm) than nice and crisp white.

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    Keep it.

  • JoshD Level 1 (85 points)

    Hi M5Marco. Seems we are in the same situation. I have the same screen (A01 from terminal, A022 in color profiles).