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  • M5Marco Level 1 (15 points)

    Look this thread has been going on and on and on.... And there is yet to be a real resolution to these issues as far as I know. There is a lot of speculation between consumers (us), but we need Apple to step in and say that the screens had issues, bring your macbooks in and they will replace the screen with a gaurenteed good one. If this doesn't happen the same merry-go-round will continue spinning and no one gets off. It doesn't matter what week or build you have, unless the source of the issues is identified and something in production/factory calibration changed, the same issues will keep rolling off the assembly line and into your hands.


    I have faith in Apple, I do believe they care about their consumers, it's a matter of getting them to acknowledge this on the grand-scale. As a company they have to deal with actual claims vs. those that will try to stick it to them for something that isn't there. Is it's a battle on both sides really. Just imagine what it took for Apple to acknowledge the iPhone 4 antenna issue and for Steve Jobs to have to take the stage to dicuss it. (Not that I would think Tim Cook should take the stage for the screens).


    Also all this talk about the 14 day return period. That's all fine and dandy except for the fact that currently I don't think anything changed in production in order for any exchanges of macbooks to matter. I purchased (not cheap for that matter) Apple Care Protection which covers me for three years. What would stop me for having Apple replace my screen even a year or two down the line? For example, if my screen altogether stops working in the second year, I'm covered and they have to replace it. Hopefully screen issues will be sorted out sooner rather than later.


    All we or anyone else can do at the moment is to keep bumping this thread up the list so that someone at Apple sees it.


    Happy and safe new year everyone.

  • JoshD Level 1 (85 points)

    Well said M5Marco.


    I think the difference between screengate and antennagate was that antennagate had product volume and mainstream consumer interest. It also had press/blog interest...


    On another note: M5Marco and a few people were asking for my color profile again. Appologies for not posting as I've been away for the holidays. But the profile that was done in dispcalGUI by x0054 works even better and is more neutral for greys (whereas mine still had a bit of green tint in light greys). Here's is the link to x0054's profile:



    Happy New Year!


  • M5Marco Level 1 (15 points)

    Welcome back JoshD. You had me thinking you were done with this thread and would never be seen here again.

  • Colonel.Cool Level 1 (0 points)

    So basically your advice is : keep your defective computer and pray for Apple to fix the problem within the 3 years of your Apple Care ? ...

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    I think it's humorous you have faith in apple.  The believe in one thing, profit margins and shareholder interests.  They knew with the iPhone that they could get away with it because most people use cases and it was a cheap and easy fix. 


    Expensive retina displays plus labor for installation, etc is markedly different than a .25 cent piece of plastic.   I also think a lot of it has to do with yield issues and the technology being used is a bit lower end.  When you look at android tablets and compare them to iPad minis with IR you will see that there is less variance in screen quality.  You can also buy different iPads and put them side by side and the color profiles are often way off just between devices. 


    It's going to take a lot more for them do change their stance.  Why do I say this.  Because apple has gone to the extent to create a web page that states the IR is normal and acceptable.   That says they know of it, and that they find the current situation acceptable. 


    So as power users, we should be thorough in our testing at delivery.  I also use my CC warranty in this case as Apple will simply play games depending on who you get.  If I call my CC and tell them what is up, they will just issue my card a credit, acquire my old machine, and I buy a new one.  Much simpler and at $180/ year, my CC fee covers all purchases where as apple care simply extends the time frame you have to argue with Apple.  I just have had poor service from my Genius Bar with missed apptmnts etc. 

  • M5Marco Level 1 (15 points)

    JoshD: Thanks for posting x0054 display profile, it is really strikingly good.


    Colonel.Cool: my advice is to keep having this thread bumped in the hopes that someone at Apple sees it. Unless something changes on the production/assembly side (more specifically, the source of the issue identified and rectified) there is absolutely no reason to believe your 10th and 20th macbook exchange won't have the same issue. The screens aren't built by hand, there is no bad quality batch due to human error. There is a huge factory and assembly line and machines pump the screens out exactly the same way each time. Yes with machine production there are some bad units, but it is a very low percentage of total units. Based on the evidence here, people returning macbooks six times and still the same issue, we are beyond a "bad batch" I would say. Something in the materials used or the very production process needs to change and then good screens will start rolling off the production line.

  • M5Marco Level 1 (15 points)

    BarrettF77: My having faith in Apple is as much an assumption on my part as your statements are. You are correct that Apple (like any profit company) cares about profit margins. But I think you are not taking into consideration the value companies/brands place on public perception and reputation. Apple cannot afford bad press without swift action on its part (it would be bad business). If this screen discussion blows up and it's in the mouth of the public, Apple would respond I would think.


    Give my regards to Cloud and Sephiroth.

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    They already are aware of this thread and issue. I wrote to Tim Cook and the Apple executives then gave me a call. All they said was if they really were a problem they would have way more returns and that I just had bad luck ... They urged me to get a refund and buy a PC if I was not happy with their products so ... No I don't think they plan to fix the issue anytime soon.

  • BarrettF77 Level 1 (45 points)

    Exactly.  It's an executive waste of time to write Cook.  I've found those individuals in that department to be overly arrogant and on a power trip.  Since they are at the top of the customer facing food chain, there almost seems a perverse sense of pleasure from them in how they interact. 


    And when they say to go a PC, that's more difficult when you consider their walled garden approach.  It's not just as easy as buying a different operating system and there is all your software.  When customers make a switch to Apple, they are investing in an ecosystem.  It's easier to just keep switching out devices and ride that good one till it is time for the next. 


    However unfortunate, this has increasingly so become the norm for apple over the last few years.  If you can, just source the MPBr from a different reseller if you just have bad luck.  I don't think it's luck though.  I think most consumers today are content to accept whatever they are told as fact. 


    It's the power users who know or notice these differences and that group, who they ironically used to cater big time to before iOS became the bread and butter for Apple, has gotten shafted.  If apple offered tiered grades of LCD panels in their machines, I'd totally pony up for it.  But that also means acknowledging their other panels are subpar in a way.  So the display lottery is!

  • Richard Spangler Level 1 (5 points)

    I have a late 2013 13".  When I do the retention test it is extremly faint and I do not see it causing any real world issues what so ever.  Do we know for sure that it will get worse over time?


    I figure I will run the test every couple of months and if it appears to get worse I can take it to the apple store.  It is no where near as bad as the retention on the retina ipad mini.

  • Merch Visoiu Level 1 (0 points)

    Richard Spangler wrote:


    I have a late 2013 13".  When I do the retention test it is extremly faint and I do not see it causing any real world issues what so ever.  Do we know for sure that it will get worse over time?




    There have been numerous reports of initial mild image retention getting severe about 10–16 months later.

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    If the problem is here IT WILL get worse and as I said, every 13" screen so far are defective so even if Apple agrees to replace it (for them it is normal or "under spec" as they say) the new screen will do exactly the same. You should get a refund and buy a 15" or another machine (a MBA maybe ?)

  • jedlh Level 1 (0 points)

    What hw/sw display calibrators do folks here recommend? I've been meaning to play with such gear for yonks.


    I have a 15" mid-2012 rMBP, I can't recall what wk, I ordered it 16/12/12 & received it just before new yr or shortly after IIRC.

    It's a LG panel & it does display the IR issue, although I'm starting to realise it's not really noticeable unless I look hard for it.*

    And even when I look hard for it, it's not always there unless the right conditions are met...




    *& it certanly doesn't seem to have gotten worse (as others here claim) over those 12mth

  • Vinencre Level 1 (0 points)



    I read a lot if this thread, but I can't remember where I read the things I need to check to see if I am concerned by this problem.


    Do you know where I can read what to check, or can you write it again ?


    Thank you and happy new year !

  • x0054 Level 1 (0 points)

    Here is another profile I did with Argyll and Spyder4Express. This one is on the cool side, 6800K, but I find it to be the most pleasing to my eye. Give it a try. I can’t promise it’s going to look great, as every screen is unique. This one has been calibrated for a mid 2012 15 inch rMBP.



    In general, I find Spyder4Express to be pretty good when paired with Argyll software with dispcalGUI. Spyder4Pro has the added benefit of having an ambient light sensor, but for laptops that feature is a bit moot.