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    Yes Model A014 but manufacturer (Hersteller) is 00000610.

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    A014 designates the maker which as of yet is unknown.


    You will have to wait until someone who is knowledgeable here posts the likely answer.

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    Hello everybody… I have a MBPr 15" mid 2012 refurbished; I had a Samsung screen for 9 months, but a few days ago I started noticing white, dead pixels around the left corner, just over the dock. They were mutiplying quickly, so I had to get an answer soon.


    Since the machine was in warranty, I booked an appointment to the nearer Apple Store, and had the screen replaced. Guess what? I got an LG display. I asked the guy at the bar if he was able to determine which panel was about to be mounted, but obviously he answered that all panels used for Macbooks are equal quality.


    My problem is this one: my mac is refurbished, and in a few months my 1-year limited warranty is going to end; should I get Apple Care protection, since I got one of the infamous LG display? I'm worried that in a few months I will be forced to come back with some screen problems, and the price to get it changed is about $600 in Europe.


    Also: is there a way to get a Samsung display, or it's just luck?


    Thank you.

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    I am not sure how Apple Care would play out in your situation and if it is at all possible to buy one on a refurbished item.


    However, I would buy one and think is wouldn't be a profligate purchase if you plan to keep the laptop for some longer period of time.


    There is one thing: you just had the Samsung replaced and I think there is zero proof that LG is in any way better than the Samsung. In the end of the day: it is just pure luck although according to Apple not matter what the customer thinks everything is within the specs (whatever those specs).


    I think you can buy Apple Care on ebay and it would work out cheaper than in store I reckon.

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    Yes, it is possible to buy Apple Care for refurbished items, and I think I am getting one before the 12 months end.


    For Samsung display: never had any problem, but all of a sudden white pixels popping out… So should I conclude Samsungs are not as good neither?


    Anyone know if new LG display still suffer of image retention?

    Here is what I see in my terminal:


    ioreg -lw0 | grep "EDID" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6

    Color LCD



    Color LCD

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    Make everyone happy here and scroll back some pages. The command line doesn't work on newer models but you can retrieve the model maker number from the System Preferences. You then just need to wait if someone has got a clue and posts what the model number corresponds to.


    Post the 'mmod' entry here.

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    Mojo Low Tech wrote:


    ...Anyone know if new LG display still suffer of image retention?


    Just one data point: while I don't give my rMBP the kind of use I expect everyone else on this record-breaking thread does, and I don't run the brightness way up, I have the SJA2 that came with the early 2013 rMBP and there's been no hint of image retention or color weirdness and/or unevenness. YMMV but I don't think having an LG display is necessarily a guarantee of problems. While this thread has nearly 10,000 posts and over a million views, we don't know how many unique posters there have been, especially compared to the universe of rMBP owners, which  is undoubtedly much larger. Users who don't have or don't notice IR on their rMBP's are probably not going to wade through 620 pages, if they even bother to look at the thread in the first place. And I'm sure more than a few of them have LG displays.

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    For the last time:


    A019 (late 2013, 15") LG display, bought through Apple online store  in Oct/Nov 2013 in the UK


    1. No IR

    2. No yellow tint

    3. Not sure about backlight bleeding though


    My brother:


    A020 (late 2013, 13") LG display, ordered through Apple online store in Oct/Nov 2013 in the UK


    1. No IR

    2. No yellow tint

    3. No backlight bleeding

    4. HOWEVER, frequent (say from time to time) keyboard/trackpad freeze (known problem among 13" owners and Apple cannot fix it; the EFI software update did absolutely nothing).

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    Mojo Low Tech wrote:


    Guess what? I got an LG display.


    Hey Mojo Low Tech, I know you're worried about image retention on your replacement LG display, but how's the colour quality? Is it the same as the display you  replaced that developed white spots (muras)? Or does your LG display have colour tinting or unevenness?

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    Color is definitely more cooler than it was on Samsung, which was more yellowish like.

    I don t have any issue by far, i was just asking for some advices since all I knew is that when I bought my mac (march 2013) there was a lot of talking about this LG screens. My hope is that Apple fixed the problem for the latest LG screens, and as I read here, they did (?)

    Thank you

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    They didn't fix anything. It is still a  gamble.


    What does 'mmod' say? Would be interesting know.

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    Mojo Low Tech wrote:


    My hope is that Apple fixed the problem for the latest LG screens, and as I read here, they did (?)



    I agree with MacOSX10.6: the displays are still vulnerable to image retention.

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    No one knows the actual percentage number of faulty screen models: is it 1%, 10%, 20%, 40%, 50%. What is it?


    I bet Apple doesn't know it either cos not everyone (wittingly or unwittingly ) with a faulty screem returns it to Apple.


    A bit off topic. The internet is full of IR retention stories relating to the iPad mini. My brother's fiancee  bought a new iPad mini two weeks ago  and hasn't seen/experienced anything which would hint at a problem with the screen.

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    late 2013 13". I guess A020 makes me the lucky receipient of an LG screen. I ran an IR test on it and it seems fine. No IR, yellow tiny, background bleed or freezing of keyboard keys.


    DId I get lucky or is IR and the other stuff bound to happen sometime down the 6-12 month mark?

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    I think this is the big unknown whether IR will pop up down the road. There is no guarentee that it will not happen provided it wasn't there in the first place.