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  • Marshall Burchard Level 1 Level 1

    Dazzler J wrote:


    My working LG screen details. Do all the LG screens have the same model numbers?








  • Dazzler J Level 1 Level 1

    I guess the model numbers dont mean much then.

  • syrius777 Level 1 Level 1

    I ordered mine on July 24 in switzerland.


    Cant decipher the manufactureing week :

    fourth fifth and sixt cipher is J66


    According to the terminal its an LG.

    I have tested and will keep testing dureing the weeks till next week if i have a image retention.

    But sincerly till now and done also the grid test for 15 minutes with cmd+q to quit on a solid dark grey and i swear, there is no image retention. No yellowish screen, dark is dark, white is white, no pinkish apple logo or whatsoever.


    I am not saying, that there aren't errors with LG, but so do Samsung have errors too.

    While i was hopeing for a samsung screen, but i see no technical reason to bash LG or Apple, if they give you a nice crisb lovely display, which is working perfectly, but will keep you updated guys.

    PS: Mine is a DCN230, non faulty!


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  • DrAndyWright Level 1 Level 1

    Week 30, LG with ir problem after 5 minutes, returned.


    Week 33 on its way will report once I get it.

  • expandin Level 1 Level 1

    Week 32, LG - No IR problems so far. This is my 5th MacBook Pro Retina. All units before had dust, dead pixels and IR issues. Extremely dissappointed by the QA. And honestly Apple, if a customer walks in ready to drop €2000+ on a laptop, you can't sell stuff with dead pixels and quality issues. It's unimaginable at this price point IMHO. Plus some funky statements from Apple specialists I got at the store, like hey if it's just 2-3 pixels dead pixels, that's still Ok. At this price point? Really!? I can't believe it's hard to wipe the screen free of dust. Every single one of them had dust stuck between filter / glass sheets.

  • stecube Level 1 Level 1

    Quick update of faulty or perfect display stats:


    LG week unknown (9x)

    LG week 23 (3x)

    LG week 24 (3x)

    LG week 26 (4x)

    LG week 29 (2x)

    LG week 30 (3x)

    LG week 31 (2x)

    LG week 32 (3x)

    LG week 33 (2x)

    Unknown week 24


    LG week unknown (2x)

    LG week 26 (3x)

    LG week 29

    LG week 32

    LG week 33 (2x)

    Samsung week unknown (2x)

    Samsung week 23

    Samsung week 30 (2x)

    Samsung week 32

    Samsung week 33 (3x)


    Find out your build week: Put the serial in the top left corner bar


    Find out your display manufacturer: Open Terminal, copy & paste:

    ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6

    and then press Enter. If the result starts with LP it's an LG, if it starts with LSN it's a Samsung.

  • superflatsonic Level 1 Level 1

    LG, week 26 build here.  Nasty IR (and two chips in the case, QC not so good) but the backlight and contrast are lovely - it's such a shame.


    Called Apple Care, went into the store...  They totally agreed the issue was present and easy to see / trigger, and put notes on my file.  Of course they claimed to be unaware of the issue.  Was told basically to try Apple Care again, which I'll do tomorrow.


    I was a bit unnerved to see of three display models, one was LG which was by far the better the other two where AOU or whatever it was, they looked noticably darker and less clear.  So now this means the lottery includes a third equally bad option.


    Prayin' for a Samsung advance replacement when I call Apple Care!

  • michaelkim89 Level 1 Level 1

    LG, Week 25. Have had the unit since the end of June, and I think its one of the safe ones.


    Screen is amazing, and as per the previous post, the backlight and contrast are awesome.


    Edit: My mistake... no IR issues in the LG, Week 25 rMBP. I must have confused it with one of my previous macbooks.

  • michaelkim89 Level 1 Level 1

    My first unit was an Lg, Week 23, and that had some horrible IR, with patches that looks randomly dimmer than other parts of the screen (probably due to my having a dark wallpaper)

  • NNEU Level 1 Level 1

    i know this is a little off topic, but has anybody noticed a hot keyboard while playing some fairly basic games ?

    Is that a reason for a repair ?

  • WisdomTooth Level 1 Level 1

    I dont know if i want to check this.. If its a bad screen Ill want to exchange it.. and so far my machine has been good.. Screen looked amazing when I took it out of the box, no ghosting, perfect. Battery has 5:38 mins to go, and it been on for about 3 hours.. dowloaded an entire season of Dave Chappelle, and watched 2 episodes, and surfed the web.


    16GB 2.3 model..


    My screen looks amazing and honestly whatever the brand to me it looks perfect.. Ill check at some stage maybe after breakfast!

  • WisdomTooth Level 1 Level 1

    OK so mine is a Samsung. Its perfect. Week 32. The whole computer has been ok.

  • bjiibj Level 1 Level 1

    ehntoo wrote:


    Never again will I buy a first-gen Apple product.  I went into the local Apple Store, and they said they'd order a display immediately but need to keep my machine for 'testing'.  I'm a Software Developer, I need this thing for work.  Every day.



    I'm a software developer too.  I find the image retention issue very slightly annoying at times but I can't imagine how it could affect a development workflow.  As far as I can tell, the image rention is indiscernable unless you are using a flat shaded background with a certain minimum and maximum brightness.


    While I agree that this defect is unfortunate, and for those users for whom visual fidelity is of supreme importance (i.e. photographers, graphic artists), I can see how this is a fatal flaw.  But for software development, is it really true that the laptop "doesn't work" because of this defect?


    If one of the keys were sticky and, although slightly annoying, didn't actually impact your ability to do software development, would you also say that the laptop "doesn't work" and feel that it must be replaced immediately?


    I will continue to use my rMBP w/IR for a few months until the dust has settled and then look into getting the issue fixed.  But for my purposes, a little image retention is hardly the end of the world, and the laptop is still perfectly usable.

  • vertigro Level 1 Level 1

    you are right, but the issue becomes this: would you want to spend $4k for a 'perfectly usable' computer? If I wanted a perfectly usable computer, I would have purchased an HP or a Dell. I wanted a pro machine that worked like a pro, so I paid pro price. unfortunately, we all got 'perfectly usable' machines for pro price. And therein lies the problem.

  • fluxmc302 Level 1 Level 1

    I am a music producer and also electronic music tech consultant. Though very minimal ir may not effect my day to day workings on the computer, the fact remains I paid a large premium for a premium product. To accept mediocre or dis function in anyway is not ok. If I wanted mid grade quality I would have bought an average high end pc. I paid to have the cream of technologies crop. So while the it on my lg is minor and I am not an graphic artist, I refuse to settle or a less than optimal product.

    Apple wants to charge double what a similar manufacture would. I'm ok with that so long as the product is of that standard. Screen issues on a computer that is sold as its screen being a major selling point is just not acceptable.

    I would hope that no one just settles for a unit with image flaws.

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