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    I think I've figured out what is causing the graphical glitches on my end. I've gone the entire week *without* issue and my application usage consisted of primarily Apple branded apps: Xcode, Mail, Calendar  --no issues at all.


    Then today, I was using TEXT Wrangler to edit a script and when I woke the mac from sleep, BAM! the corrupted screen refresh showed itself. I'm almost sure that these non-retina optimized apps are causing the issue.


    This all makes me think there is a bug in the way OS X scales non-retina apps. Perhaps when that piece of code in OS X is executed, it corrupts something in the graphics buffer or something... One thing I have noticed, is the apps that have been having issue are ones that OS X has to scale everything, even the window title... I have no idea what the technical difference is, but I notice that some apps use retina-friendly cocoa controls and only some things are scaled, and others seem to have everything scaled (ie: Microsoft Word)... It's the latter type that seem to be causing all of my issues.


    Can anyone shed any light?

  • jp harber Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have noticed the same trend.  I think you are on to something.

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    If I use SwitchResX to put the display into completely native 1:1 pixel mode (which presumably turns off scaling entirely), the problem seems to go away.

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    I stand corrected it does not go away at native resolution. I've also noticed that many apps seem to crash when the machine goes to sleep. I often have a number (not the same ones) of crash notifications when I bring the machine back.

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    I definately think it's something like this and not the GPU switching at the source.  I haven't done any extensive testing, but it seems as though the issue crops up when I have some off the wall app running, regardless of the GPU being used, and put my Macbook to sleep.


    I'd really like to hear from Apple about this as I bought my at an Apple store while I was away from home and will have no Apple store nearby when I return.

  • g3n1u$? Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Feel daft saying "me too", but exactly the same.  I run highest resolution (more screen space option) which is simulating 1920 x 1080.  Waking from sleep has crazy blocking.  Use gfxCardStatus to switch to Integrated always clears up the issue for me.  I then switch back to dynamic or discrete depending on what I'm doing.  It is always on Dedicated when the error happens.


    I'm hoping its driver related and will get fixed, at least in Mountain Lion at the very least.  Surprised there isn't more news about this.

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    I am running the ML GM and have not had this happen since the switch. Hopefully getting ML fixes this issue for everyone.

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    I hope that is the case!  I am having the same issue:

    and I'm on the 3rd one and I select the "more space" option too.


    I really hope ML fixes it all and I can move on from the crap experience I've had dealing with this issue thus far.  --g

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    I'm happy to say that with my current settings, the only app I have a problem with is VmWare Fusion and I'm able to correct it by simply minimizing it.


    I'm using SetResX with a res of 2048 x 1280. I'm using GfxCardStatus to run discrete only. And I have Fusion set to open in low-res.


    For me, that's good enough until the software glitches are taken care of. YMMV.

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    It seems that the new Macbook pro with retina display has already a lot of problems.

    My 17" Intel Core 2 Duo will be the last Apple brand computer I will ever own. A product that once was durable now it is going to become disposable. I was looking at the retina Macbook Pro and doesn't offer any possibility to upgrade, which is a bummer plus all of the troubles I had with Lion/Vista.

    Let's talk about the new Macbook Pro with Retina. So if the ram, hardrive, or screen go bad then I will need to buy a new whole laptop. This is kind of weird for a $2500 laptop with 15" screen max and with all those glitches.

    I think I would rather spend $500 for a 17" based Windows laptop.

  • Joshua Coventry Level 2 Level 2 (190 points)

    @food2prep - a $500 17" Windows laptop will have a cheap plastic case, no Retina display, a smaller resolution than a 15" MBP w/Retina and you won't get Mac OS X. There's clear differences and benefits to spending the extra on the Retina, despite its cunning engineering and design that ensures repairs are both difficult and expensive. If you want a $500 Windows laptop, then go for it - nobody is stopping you. But it should be noted, all of Apple's first gen products have problems. You're much better off waiting for the second gen, the next MBP with Retina Display will be even better than the current one.

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    I have the same issue, it happens mostly when the screen has gone to sleep.


    You can see a video of the issue at

  • BillHahn Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    SOLUTION WORKAROUND that worked for me > Set Energy Saver > 'Display Sleep' to "NEVER"


    I used the following WORKAROUND to solve this screen-flicker/frozen/window-repainting problem on my Retina MBP:


    Workaround Highlight:

    Essentially, I configured "Energy Saver" settings so that the display can NEVER go to sleep.  Yes this sounds drastic, but it is a workaround that works for me and really is EASY to use.


    Specifically, I set the following:

    1) Goto System Preferences > Energy Saver

    2) Set "Display Sleep" to "Never" for BOTH "Battery" and "Power Adapter"


    Since doing this, I have not had ANY problems with flickering or windows not re-painting etc.  This has been over a week now of screen/display problem-free computing on my Retina MBP.


    Problem Symptoms Highlight: The problem seems to happen when the Display comes OUT of sleep mode.  The display seems kind of frozen and when I drag windows around the fragments of the screen flickers.  I'm talking about the SYSTEM being ON the whole time and just the display going into and then out of sleep mode. (e.g. Time passes, screen goes blank, then when I do something like click the trackpad to 'wake up' the screen, the display problems occur with flickering, frozen fragments of screen and window-repainting problems/flickering when I drag windows around.)


    THUNDERBOLT specific Issues: Also, using a THUNDERBOLT Port for an external display OR Ethernet cable adapter OR external hard drive seems to exacerbate the problem and the display problems then happen MORE frequently for in EVERY time I come out of display sleep.  So, now I just NEVER go into Display Sleep and that has fixed the problem for me in a 'workaround' fashion.


    To be clear, since I started using the Display-Never-Sleeps workaround:

    o I have NOT seen these screen frozen/flickering and window dragging/repainting issues at all

    o I have never seen these issues/problems when coming out of SYSTEM Sleep, before or after using the workaround.  These problems have only happened to me when coming out of display sleep.


    When I need to leave my laptop ON and walk away, and therefore I want the screen to be blank/black to save power and/or avoid burn-in while I'm away, I simply manually decrease the display brightness to a black screen.


    I know that this sounds terribly un-sophisticated....but then I did say it is a "Workaround".  Once I got used to doing this (manually decreasing/increasing the display brightness because the display is configured to NEVER go to sleep) for a day or so, it became kinda second nature for me, not a big deal, and I have been able to use this 'workaround' to avoid the display problems described in this forum.


    I hope this helps.

  • matthew.oriordan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the workaround, this sounds like a sensible step.


    My work around to date has been to change the retina settings under System Prefs > Displays > Resolution: Set to Scaled and choose a setting, then revert back to your original settings.


    I also have the issue occur more often when I have my external display connected using the Thunderbolt port.


    I must admit, I don't like the idea of my screen burning out though because it never turns off

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    I'm having the exact same issue... i'll try re-installing OSX (read it works with this issue)

    Also tried to disable automatic graphics switching on energy saver... has worked so far.

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