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Have the situation, accidently pressed Wipe button on icloud, the phone was abroad in the other country and icloud could not track it (showed me offline). The message "wipe out is pending..." has appered in the place where my phone is listed. I have deleted iphone from my devices, and icloud shows "No Devices". Question is - while wipe command was pending, did I cancel that command by removing my phone from the list?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    You can't cancel a remote wipe command.

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    But if phone was offline while pending the wipe out and I have deleted (like pressing 'x' near device) phone from my devices in the corner via icloud -  did I cancel this request or when I will turn phone on it will still wipes out?

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    No, you removed the device (temporarily perhaps) from the 'Find my phone' feature.


    If the phone connects to a network again, it will be wiped.

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    Well, actually when I removed my phone from My devices by presing 'x' while it was offline - it worked. Action has been canceled and my phone did not wipe out - it did not do anything.

    So the solution is this - if your phone is offline (e.g. Airplane mode) or just turned off and you accidently pressed wipe via icloud, then by pressing 'x' in the icloud My Devices list - it stops wipe action.

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    Well I guess I'm going to find out if this works......


    Yesterday, I put my iPad on top of my truck and drove off.... thinking it was lost, for good, I did a "wipe" , using the Find my iPad app thingy.....   The iPad was off, and in both a hard case and a soft case when it fell off my truck.... well.... today I get a phone call from a guy who found the iPad on the road, and will be returning it to me, tonght when he gets off work....

    so.... I deleted the device, using the tip given above.... and now I have no devices listed in the My Devices list....


    Think it will work ??

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    How did he find out that this was your ipad? Maybe he turned it on or smth? My suggestion would be, if ipad was off all the time, I'd recommend take off sim card and not turning on wifi - connect it to itunes via usb to make backup copy, then you can insert sim card..Thats what I would do.

    When i turned back on phone - it was working normaly without any loss or smth.

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    The Sim card has no effect on "find my phone".

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    But if 3G is turned on with internet connection..? I would take it off..

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    good to see that there are still honest people out there.....


    He found me because there was some paperwork in the zippered pocket on the soft iPad case..... He found a memo, that had a co-workers phone number on it.... he called that number and said he had found an iPad on the road.... and saw my name on the memo.....  my co-worker contacted me, and provided the honest guys' phone number.....   I called him, ... he lives in my neighborhood, and will be dropping by on his way home. 

    and.... I will be giving him an un-asked-for reward.

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    what I'm planning to do, when I get my hands on the iPad, is.... turn off my wireless router (WiFi).... turn on the iPad, and see what I got..... then I will sync w/ my desktop.... and then turn on the wireless stuff in the home....


    I'm guessing that since I do have a somewhat recent "back-up" on my desktop computer, that I should be in pretty good shape....   I am curious about the photos' that I have stored on the iPad... if they will still be there.... 


    I'm only "some-what" computer oriented..... so, we'll see....


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    Please, keep update here after all. You so lucky that somebody called you. I live in Lithuania and if here smthg similar happened - wondering if anybody would call.. Thumbs up for that guy! Please, leave a comment after you get it!

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    Got the iPad back.... the guy would not take a reward.....


    I deleted the device, like the tip given above, .... and I performed a backup to my desktop computer.  I turned off my home WiFi router, then turned on the iPad. In the iPad I turned off "Location Services" and "Find my iPad"..... then turned on the WiFi router.  The iPad connected, and did NOT do a wipe of anything......  I then did a backup to icloud. 


    When I use the Find my iPhone app on the iPad, it works.  When I use my desktop to try to Find my iPad (iPhone) it does NOT work.... and I still have no Devices listed.  I changed my password to icloud on both the desktop and iPad.... and that did not help. 


    So... my only issue now, is figuring out how to add the iPad back to "My Devices", when connected to icloud, via my desktop. (if I'm say that clearly).....


    it is giving me a headache.... so, I'll look into this tomorrow.....  I'm "good to go", as long as I don't lose my iPad again.  (cause I won't be able to find it, via my desktop..... apparently. )

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    Yuo mentioned you turned off "Location services" and "Find my ipad" in your device, so maybe this is why you dont see your device in icloud on your computer?

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    I turned those two features off (Location Services and Find my iPad), along w/ my WiFi router, just to be careful that the iPad would not connect to the internet, and then wipe the iPad.   I did this because I wanted to back up the iPad (to my desktop) before I allowed it to connect to the internet....


    After the backup.... I turned all that stuff back on.... and the iPad connected to the internet, and the "wipe" did not occur. 


    So....   my iPad is fine, (now) but it is still not listed as a device at the icloud site. (and can't figure out how to re-establish the iPad to icloud . (so that it is listed as a device in "my devices". )


    I'm kinda concerned that if I do figure out how to get the iPad back on the list of "My Devices", the wipe command might still be "out there"..... so I just might "leave well enough... alone"....

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