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    Question: I dropped and cracked my screen. I took my 4 to Best Buy where I had my insurance through. (HUGE MISTAKE)  they kept it for a week until the replacement came in. (refurbished) Originally, it appeared everything had backed up, then pictures started to go from single to triple to cyberspace..... Gone! I contacted Apple (the guy I spoke to was suppose to call me back in two hours... I think he went into hiding!) never heard from again. ICloud says it has back up from my old phone, current phone and iPad but how can I access what is on each of these devices? What exactly is iCloud storing? Can I go into the account and delete what I don't need saved? I lost close to 1700 pictures. February 1st to September 4th.  Did I back it up to my lap top? I thought I did.. once a month, updates,music etc.... But according to Best Buy and the Geek squad my pictures didn't back up. How is this possible?  Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

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    Glad it helped. When I am in the Apple store listening to genuines telling people who are having their iPhone swapped out that everything will just backup from iCloud it takes everything not to jump in and warn them. Glad this worked out for you. Everything else is pretty much throwaway on an iPhone except photos/memories.

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    2x things to get from any of these discussions:


    1. Always back up to your PC/Mac and confirm this is completed successfully when ever you've made big changes.

    1a. Always backup to ICloud when charging (turn on wifi).


    2. When faced with a replaced device or upgrade at the start of the restore process it's VERY important to enter in all your account details and don't skip, This will directly affect your restore and data availability.


    my 2 cents

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    Photos should be regularly synced to a computer (like you store photos from a digital camera) using either USB via iTunes (on a mac use iPhoto or Aperture to move them to an album) or using photo stream.


    If you haven't been saving photos except relying on iCloud to store them in a backup, then that is risky, as many users have discovered.  And photos do not get backed up to an itunes backup.

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    Hello, this is my first time in the discussions page so I hope you can help me. I had an iPod 4g but I lost it. I wnat to know if there's something I can do to recover the photos I have in iCloud and download the to my computer. How can I do this? Thanks a lot

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    Thank you so much for your post... You have helped me to restore all my photos

    I had a similar problem firstly before reading this post, I restored my new phone from a previous back up however my new iPhone had not already upgraded to ios6. So on first restore I was not given the option to restore from most recent back up. So I called apple who could not help me. They had no answer other than all my photos are lost.

    So being determined I decided to plug into iTunes nothing to sync other than download ios6. Then I clicked!!!

    Erase my iPhone and settings. So I did after upgrading to ios6 there was all my stuff!!!

    However I then had the Sam problem as you with the photos. Finally read your post reset everything again and left plugged in to wall charger open on photos for a few hours!!

    Amazing thank u

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    i managed to get all my photos back too. because my phone (which i previously restored) my partners phone and photo stream all had the photos missing i thought iCloud ha lost them all. i thought id give it a shot and recover 3 weeks back to a older backup and bingo! all the photos were there!! i then wasted no time and coppied all the photos onto my desktop just incase icloud deleted them all (like they did on photo stream).


    thanks Apple


    Would be good if every time you did a backup you would save the photos along with every thing else, its not the first time you've just "forgotten"

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    Where do you go to restore iCloud? I'm confused.

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    What no-one has actually said here is how do you access the photos that have been backed up to the cloud without having to go through a restore.


    I should have over a year of photos on iCloud, yet on buying a new mac and setting it up, there is only 102 photos which is less than 2 months of photo taking on iPhoto after 2 days of syncing.


    All i wish to do is download all of the photos and burn them to a DVD.


    Can anyone shed some light on this?

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    DeanPointon:  There is no way of doing that.


    ezyjules:  THANK YOU!  My iPhone was stolen and all my pictures were not restored from the backup.  I take tons of pictures all the time and move them over to my computer weekly, but even doing that in a week I take hundreds of pictures and movies, several Gigs!  But even with moving them off my iPhone onto my computer my phone was stolen before I could back it up and when I received my replacement the pics were never restored.

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    Thank you so much for sharing, what a life save you are

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    i tried this, and it didnt work. any other ideas?? so i had an iphone 4 and then i switched to the 5. when i signed into icloud all my pictures from the 4 were transered no problem. but i cracked the screen to my 5 and i got a loaner 4 in the mean time. i signed into my icloud but only 332 pictures out of about 1500 were uploaded. i am legitmately freaking out

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    I recently switched from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5. I had everything from my 4 synced to my laptop but also have everything in my cloud. I've been successful in getting my music and apps back from the cloud to load onto my new iPhone 5. I can't figure out how to do the same with all of my pictures that I'd saved to the cloud from my iPhone 4. Can anyone help me with this? I really need the pictures ASAP for work. Please?!? With a cherry on top?!?

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    Your method worked perfectly. THANK YOU!

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    I'm having an issue kinda similar to some that have been posted on here, My sleep/wake button got stuck on off and would not do anything. My phone was replaced at the apple store and they told me that my pictures and videos that were backed up on icloud should be restore to my new phone but only about 100 of the 600 photos showed up and none of my videos came through. Can anyone tell me how I can get the photos/videos back? Any help would be appreciated. I have an iPhone 4