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How can I create an Apple ID to use on Itunes without a credit card?  I want to get free apps for my ipod touch.

I don't want to go through giving my serial number just to contact Apple support.


I searched Google for an answer, and many people say an Apple ID can't be made without a credit

card but I know that's not true.  Many people already have.  The closest I've come to making an Apple ID

is clicking on a free app in Itunes, and then I start making an Apple ID account, I click "none" for payment,

and I enter address/name, and when I click next is says "Please contact Itunes support to complete

this transaction."


I read the Apple support article "HT2534" and it's not valid based on my experience, because

after I click "none" and fill in name/address, it says to contact "Itunes support" as mentioned above.


I won't tether my credit card information to my serial number and iPod because I want to read pdf

files on my iPod with privacy. 


When I want to buy apps, I already have an iTunes gift card to make payment, but I can't use it

without an Apple ID.




Re:  I own the ipod touch 4g.

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Reply by momowaugh on Feb 17, 2014 6:49 AM Helpful

now when ever i try to log in it asks me to review and it goes to credit card info and tells me that i have to enter it.

Reply by silentd917 on Feb 17, 2014 6:05 PM Helpful

The option none is there, but after you select next, it loops you to the top of the screen and nothing happens. It also says "For assistance, contact iTunes Support" It's very lame!

Reply by palusik on Mar 6, 2014 6:38 AM Helpful

I have account that isn't configured with payment method, now when i need download free app i must review acoount and set payment method, but there is none, only credit card. Can it be done without credit card ?

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  • imwright29 Level 1 Level 1

    I had this problem a few years ago, so I know how to fix it. Instead of making a new apple ID anywhere, you have to try to buy something free. Go to the app store, and try to download a free app. When it asks you for an apple ID, then hit make a new account. You will be able to skip the part with the credit card, and make a new account.

  • Apple8854 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi imwright29,


    Thanks for your answer, but I'm afraid it doesn't work.  I tried everything you mention - free app, download, apple ID, new account - but when i click "none" for payment and fill in name, address and click next, it says I need to contact Itunes support to complete the transaction.  It looks like it worked a few years ago, but not now.


    I'm really frustrated about this and am starting to question if I wasted all my money on the ipod.



  • Apple8854 Level 1 Level 1

    Can someone please help me with this?  Maybe someone from Apple support?


    This has really made me sad, because I can't even do a basic thing like use the Itunes store to get free apps.

    Why did I even buy the ipod touch then? 


    I'm on Itunes USA. 

    I just tried a second time before going to sleep.  I clicked on a free app, clicked "free app", clicked to create an Apple ID, filled in Apple ID, password, name, security questions and answers, and billing name and address.

    I chose "none" for payment, and clicked "create apple ID" and it says


    "Please contact Itunes support to complete this transaction."


    I can't contact Itunes support because I need to give them my serial number, etc., and I won't do that for privacy

    reasons. It's crazy.  I can't contact support without giving my serial number? 

    What am I going to do? 

    I'm really tired of this.

  • Apple8854 Level 1 Level 1


    Update:  My problem is still unsolved.  No one seems to know how to help.


    Everyone refers to the Apple support article "HT2534".  It *does not work*.  I tried two times yesterday, and it says to "contact itunes support" after I filled out my info instead of "We've sent you a confirmation e-mail".


    I have an Apple ID.  But when I try to get a free app it says the Apple ID hasn't been used on Itunes before, and it sends me (forces me) to the credit card registration page.  This really is ridiculous.  Many people in the Apple forums agree.  What about all the people who don't have or use credit cards?


    I found a Youtube video posted last week that shows how to create an Itunes account without a credit card,

    but it's just what is suggested in HT2534.  It's not different.  So, while it may work for some people it doesn't work from my desk.


    This has become very frustrating and made me very sad.  I don't know why I spent all this money on an Ipod if I can't even read pdf files or install free apps. 


    I'll never give my credit card information to the Apple database - and many people feel the same way.

    If I want to buy apps, I'll use Itunes or App store gift cards. 

  • imwright29 Level 1 Level 1

    I think at this point, your best shot is to apple, and explain your problem. I understand that you don’t want to give your personal information out, which is good to be cautious about. If you are concerned, read apple’s privacy policy, and see that they won’t give it out to anyone. It sounds like this problem is something to do with your email. It may have been used for an account already, or it could be a co email for another account. Either way, calling apple will help to find out.

  • Apple8854 Level 1 Level 1

    You're probably on the right track.  I contacted Apple.  I should have a response within 24 hours.


    I'm using a Yahoo email address.  It's a new email, never used. 


    I won't give my credit card information to Apple under any circumstances. 

    Privacy policies are unreliable.  They didn't stop hackers from stealing credit card info from Apple, Sony, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft (Xbox), etc.

  • imwright29 Level 1 Level 1

    Tell me how it goes when they respond.

  • AppleOrange12 Level 1 Level 1

    hi Apple8844


    i have the same problem you have. 



    1.  what you need to do is forget all the appleID you create before that asked you for credit info since you cannot delete them anyway.

    2. create a whole new apple have to go to buy any free app, i buy minesweeper classic since that one is only 0.6Mega so very quick to download

    3.  follow the process and where it asks for you credit you can select NONE, you should be all set.  let me know if you have any questions.  GOOD LUCK....If you have solve the problem a different way, please let me know. thanks

  • wamiqmirza Level 1 Level 1

    Hello... M also having same problem.. I have Apple I-phone 3Gs Phone.. When I want to try download any free app from apple store its asking for Apple Id. And Nw I have apple id bt when i started to download apps its asking for Credit Card and Its serials and expiry much more.. Its Such a frustrating work.
    Feeling tired to do this..
    If anyone here who knows the solution plesae help me.


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  • wamiqmirza Level 1 Level 1

    Hey Dear Apple8854 I have Got The way to make Id without credit card.. Try This
    It works for me.. I created Free Id Just Right Now.. If u have Facing prob then contact me
    I will Help You.. Take Care.. And If You Dont Mind I can Make a Free Id For You..
    Bye. Take Care..


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  • appleuser_123 Level 1 Level 1

    First you should creat apple id on your ipod touch (not on a computer), choose one free app---> install app---> creat new apple id--> write your information---> CREDIT CARDS : none. Thats all! And u can use it

  • anitapastor Level 1 Level 1

    Why is there not a way to edit an EXISTING Apple ID instaed of having to create a NEW account just for a simple feature.

  • wamiqmirza Level 1 Level 1

    appleuser_123 iTS not necessary to create an id On Ipod first... u can simply use itunes to create the new id without creating an id on ipod....

  • appleuser_123 Level 1 Level 1

    On computer itunes demands a credit card. On ipod/iphone/ipad u use app store not itunes store thats why u can create a free account.

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