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    Thank You !! That worked ! 

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    Go to and go to sign in. There will be two sections. On the left will be a create apple ID button. Click on that and you will be sent to a sign up screen, and you won't have to type in your credit card info. This is where I signed up.

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    SIMPLE ANWSER just type in your adress and leave that blank it worked for me and i can download apps for free.

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    This is going to help heaps!!!!

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    Well, try not making you apple ID on itunes, instead try to make on! Thats how i first did it, and you don't have to give any credit card infromation, or a seriel number. Or you can also try making your apple ID on the app store for your computer, this way you should be able to make an apple ID without putting in a seriel number, or a crdit card number!

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    can u create one in the web without itunes..??

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    The answer to your question is that "YOU CAN NOT CREATE A NEW APPLE ID WITHOUT ENTERING THE CREDIT CARD" which is suck and pathetic.


    The worst scenario is that once you enter the system , it stays there permanently as you can ask apple to remove from the system. This is very unfair and dangerous. I just spoke to apple customer services, explaining to him that I wanted to change my address without the need for entering my credit card number. It only allows me to change the billing address but not payment address or home address without entering the credit card number. So I decided not to update my home address just billing address.


    I remembered 2 years ago that I complained the customer service how to remove my credit card number and they told me how to do it but now that is history.


    So I was fortunate that my current apple ID does not the credit card information.


    I spoke to the annoying apple customer service who did not answer my questions directly by saying "No you can't do it" instead asking whole bunch stupids such as "how did you edit the address etc etc"?


    I told this bone head apple customer service that I will not trust any company not even my company to enter the credit card number from the system no matter how secure they are. Look at Sony , a year ago, someone broke into their systems with passwords and credit card number shown in the systems.


    Be careful.


    I do not know how it works, I suggested that you consider buying a prepaid credit card and put just $20 one time off only and then do not put any money any more for ever.  U can use that prepaid credit card for buying anything but then do not top up the money to the card. You then use this card to register your apple id.


    I wonder how smart apple detects this card, if you accidentally buy the item using the prepaid credit card that does not have any money. If they detected then card that was no money, then you are safe using the card without accidentally buying the item.


    I never buy the application from apple online so I have nothing to worry. Besides they do not have any credit card information. Imagine, you die and your credit card number was still in the system and people stole my apple id and use it . That is totally  unsafe.

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    I believe it is only in the USA.


    It used to work in Australia but now the terms and condition change. That is suck!

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    In the UK, I tried to create an account without a credit card on iTunes using a computer and there is no option to do that without a credit card.


    However, I did have success using the apple guide on using an iPhone that had just been wiped of all data and reset. I created the account on the iPhone and there was an option for None in the credit card list.


    That guide says that you can do the same on iTunes, but the option "none" was not available in the list of payment options.

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    I had this problem there was no "none" option, on the payments page, but it says you can use a itunes voucher in the end I bought a £15.00 itunes voucher and inputted the code and it let me complete my account set up and start to download apps and music.  When I then went back into my account details (after completeing the set up) the "none" option had appeared, thats something apple needs to look at, why isnt the "none" option available from the start?


    My friend then informed me that they took their ipod4 (which she got from HMV music store) to the apple shop and they set hers up free of charge and she didn't have to buy a voucher or input her bank details.  Should have tried this option first!


    The online help is not very helpful!  Tried phoning first they said I had to email the support centre, after a couple of emails back and forth 2 days later they hadn't helped so i bought the voucher.  What happened to good old fashioned conversations where things get sorted quickly.

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    Same problem for me..

    can anyone here please kindly help me to create a canada account pls, I just need that account for download a free game name " dragon Slayers" . Thanks you so much...

    My email is, password QWE!@#123 .
    Please use that email to create an account so that others also share it for free apps.


    Really thanks for help.

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    i already made my new account for my apple id but its wriiten credit card...n i just wan to activte n in my maila its activate but in my iphone its written you itunes doest require apple id

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    Go to that site, it'll show you how to make a Apple ID without a credit card. But you can only get free apps! It really works I just did it a few minutes ago!

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