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  • SV75 Level 1 (0 points)

    If you just got your apple device in 2012, then the problem is that apple no longer accept the "none" option.

    So mainly, you cannot create an account with your device.


    Borrow an apple device bought before 2012 from a friend or somebody and sign out from their own apple id.

    Then, you create a new apple id account from that device. The "none" option WILL appear (because it's the later version) and you fill out your details from there.

    So then you have your own account, and without filling out your credit card details.

    I had the same problem and figured this out a moment ago..

    Hope this helps

  • Qkhan25 Level 1 (0 points)

    thank you AppleOrange12 for the solution to Apple8844's problem that enabled me to creat an apple id without credit card i've been trying this for so long...thanks

  • Cheyenp Level 1 (0 points)

    The best way I can tell you to establish your ID with out any card info is to go to a site like, 

    From their music room they offer a free song each month use the code offered and redeem the free song when setting up your ID from any iTunes ready pc.

  • shanefromtx Level 1 (0 points)

    (Just stopping by to *****) So, can you iDiots over there running iTunes not see that this is a problem? How hard is it to make sure there's always a "None" option for those of us that don't have, or choose not to use a credit card, and would rather use an iTunes card to purchase things?


    Apple makes these amazing devices, and then support it with an iTunes Store that seems like its run by their worse employees -people not talented enough to work in developing actual hardware, but they're just good enough to keep around to mop the floors and occasionally tinker with iTunes. I really don't understand how Apple -a company that prides itself on seamless, commonsense technology- can allow iTunes to be so bad.


    I'm personally against pirating stuff off the Internet, but its crap like this that makes me reconsider. If you guys can't even make it easy to set up an iTunes account then people will just steal what I want.

  • billrockz Level 1 (0 points)

    i created apple id but

    when i sign in on itune it doesnt work

    it says "this account has not yet been used with itunes please review your account info"?

    wot shud i do plzz help

  • Hinayana Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello I hav just purchased the iPad but I m so much failure because I have created my account bt it's nt going to verify" plz tel me what can b the reason

  • AngelBunnehCake Level 1 (0 points)

    I have to join in to voice my frustration about Apple's insistance about adding a creditcard to your AppleID.


    I've see plenty of people abuse their creditcards and get themselves deep into debt, so would hope that Apple could appreciate the fact that some of us either just don't have, or want a creditcard. I'd really appreciate the option to link to my bank account instead, or, as others have said, pay via gift cards/ iTunes cards. I have a balance of several dollars worth of store credit thanks to a gift card, but when I want to buy something, it won't let me use it? What's up with that?! If I have the money, let me spend it as I like!

    Why are you refusing my money? 


    I also agree that the segrigation by country is silly, and lacks common sense.

    What if I'm interested in foreign music? What if I can't find something in the Canada store that's only offered in the US store? (which often seems to be the case, so frustrating)


    More and more, via the internet age, country borders are disappearing. People have friends all over the globe, broght together by similar interests or family. If a song has a good beat and awesome lyrics, I'm not going to quibble over the fact that it's in another language. I'll just look up the lyrics and sing along anyways!



    If people can't easily get something legally, they're going to resort to piracy. Which is what Apple is trying to help stop, isn't it?


    Please, please, Apple, update your system for the modern age!

  • money-maker Level 1 (0 points)

    yea same hea im getteing very angry because i cnt download game for free

  • xMoe Level 1 (0 points)

    It works 100% I just tested it on my iphone 5 and ipad 4.


    1. Go the app store


    2. Hit cancel when it asks you to sign in (If it doesn't, continue to step 3)


    3. Find a free app and try to download it


    4.  you to sign in option will appear, it will ask you if you want to use existing ID or create a new apple id. SELECT CREATE NEW APPLE ID


    5. Follow the steps and when it gets to the stage it asks you for your card info, Choose 'None'


    6. Full in all you name and address etc... And click next.


    7. Verify your email and Enjoy downloading FREE apps


    8. Say thank you as I do appreciate your love :)

  • Stefania3000z Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been trying to get that but it is now November 2012 and the "None" option isn't there, now what do i do ? I don't want to enter any credit card information or such.

  • Rainbowpear Level 1 (0 points)

    There is no NONE option on my macbook pro screen What should I do??

  • Iamanwar Level 1 (0 points)

    Thnx alotttttttttttttttt dude. you really solve my big problem regarding to apple world. I love you yaar keep posting such nice usefull posts. i love you yaar i'm really really happy now.....

  • Bembeuno01 Level 1 (0 points)

    i am having problem with my apple id since i couldn't use it o download some apps because its askng for the credit card information, but i dont have a credit card, i tried following the steps provided, but there is no "NONE" option in the payment information. im using ipod touch 5th. can somebody help me please. thanks!

  • Stella.Polaris Level 1 (0 points)

    After about an hour of messing around, I succeded setting up a new account without entering credit card information.


    My experience was as follows:


    Accessing over VPN from the Netherlands, the "None" button was never displayed, whether I tried in Itunes, iCloud or Firefox.


    I got the idea to connect via wireless to the router of a UK IP address, of the friend of mine which I am visiting while writing this. I.e. turn off the VPN that I routinely use.  It then worked and the button appeared. Now I did not want my billing address to be the UK, and it was possible to change to the correct country,


    • My conclusion is that either the UK is a favoured country (UK based people can create an account without entering credit card details, whereas Dutch people cannot...).
    • Alternatively Apple recognises major VPN providers and hides the button when a user is accessing via VPN and demand that VPN users must enter a credit card. Strange, since many use VPN for work etc.
    • The fact that I changed the billing country did not seem to make a difference.


    Most international vendors have country based policies and YES there is a certain amount of discrimination and bias towards certain areas. Some countries are very much favoured and others are treated with suspicion or banned. If there is also a check for VPN usage, then this means that people in countries that are given an unfavourable treatment do not have an easy way around it. Sure if you play around with TOR etc, you will eventually succeed, but that is over the head of most regular users.


    Apple is more or less forcing Apple productr users onto its iTunes platform and ought to make it very easy to create accounts without entering credit cards. It ought not discriminate on a country basis or any other basis, such as whether a user chooses to use VPN.


    Google finds tens of thousands of hits on this problem, yet we are seeing no clear response from Apple. Clearly they are not prepared to put the cards on the table and I am not liking that. It is preferred that as many as possible hand over their credit card details to Apple, despite the fact that they never intend to buy anything, just use the free services.

  • CMD0978 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok so as of today this works for me:

    1. Go to website

    2. Mouse over Music Room then click on free song

    3. Copy the code for the free song to your clipboard

    4. Open itunes and go to the store

    5. Scroll right down to the bottom and under Manage click redeem

    6. Enter your existing Apple ID or make a new one

    7. When you get to the credit card step there should now be a None option to click


    Hope this works for you

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