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    At this point, I think this is priority 200 to them... Imagine, they might be too busy creating new phones, tablets, and navigational apps that don't work as spected...


  • 1belvedere Level 1 (10 points)



    I have similar problems with my Macbook Pro Retina.


    Monitor: ASUS VE276Q

    Connection: Mini DisplayPort --> Displayport (so, just a cable)


    Fonts are blurry, colors are washed out, subpixel rendering clearly not happening correctly.  I saw this thread and tried connecting to one of the monitors here at work using an Apple Mini-DP --> VGA adapter, and it's 1000x better, with font rendering working as it should.  Next step is to do a full reset of the monitor at home and then try using VGA instead of DisplayPort.


    This has been a major PITA because of the eyestrain caused by the blurry text.

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    Yeah, it's a big PITA. There're hundreds of users complaining around. The only solution I found MDP > HDMI > DVI. But the bad thing is that Apple is not responding, at least not here.

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    Hi everyone





    I had the same problem, yesterday I received my new MBA 13 and when I plugged to my new S27B750V I felt very embarrased due to the **** quality although when I plugged my old Hp Laptop with 5 years, the colours, fonts, icons are nice as expected when you are using a good screen via HDMI.



    I have been using Apple products from 7 years ago but it´s a bit frustrating because you know you are paying the double price for the same specifications than the competence is offering, you are paying more money because you expect to receive a high quality product.



    It´s very hard paying 1300 € for a Laptop and when you try to use a simple feature as connecting to an external monitor and It doesn´t work, really really incredible but truth. And for me the most importante problem is that the product was released some months ago and the problem still remains.





    BTW, somebody has a "solution"?





    THANKS TO APPLE  for not  saying that they are working in a solution and explaining what is happening.





    I am thinking to sent back my MBA to Apple for recover my money.










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    I just bought a MBP Retina this week and hooked it up to a 27" Samsung LEd screen with HDMI.

    The performance is terrible, the screen looks to bright, colors are terrible, fonts are pixelated, running 720(not even 1080p) content sometimes even stutters.. This is very dissapointing for a 2900€ laptop..


    I hope some day someone fixes this..

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    This is the 290th reply post and almost 23000 views. This discussion site is managed by Apple. Not even a bug filled? Not even a "we acknowledge this is an issue and are working on it"?


    I've been using MBA->DVI->HDMI and it works ok, but as some else stated, for a double priced PC this really suucks!


    PS: I know how to spell suuuuuucks!!!

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    I filed a bug report a few days ago including super macro close-up photographs of the monitor's display and a full system configuration report.  Many others have filed bug reports, too.  I've found threads describing this very problem dating back to 2009 and 2010.

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    I'd like to chime in with the same issue.  I have an ASUS VE276Q monitor with DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, and DVI connection options.  When I got my new MBP Retina, I connected it to the Thunderbolt port using a Mini Displayport to Displayport cable--certainly the mechanically sleekest connection available.  When connected using DisplayPort, my monitor is detected as a television.  Look under System Information (available under "About This Mac" --> "More Info") and check under Displays/Graphics.  If it says "Television: Yes" your monitor is being incorrectly detected as a TV.  This produces washed-out colors and horrible font rendering.


    For me, using either of the following fixed the issue:


    1. Mini Displayport to VGA adapter

    2. Mini Displayport to DVI adapter


    I had to buy the DVI adapter, but at least it's a digital signal.  It doesn't carry sound, obviously.  Disappointing that a mass market monitor can't be detected correctly on a $2200 computer.

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    I tried MBP->DVI->HDMI and this didn't work at all, because the screen was not detected. Oddly enough, when I use the mini display port to VGA adapter it doesn't detect the screen neither, nor when I use mini display port to DVI adapter directly connected to a DVI port. The strange thing is that both worked before a recent update of mountain lion. So frustrating! The only way I can get the **** thing to detect the screen and work correctly is to use mini display port to HDMi adapter and then HDMI to DVI adapter and then a DVI cable hooked up to the DVI port on the screen. Trouble is, at my home monitor I have no DVI input.


    Would anyone have any idea how to solve the non detection problem using VGA or DVI adapters?


    Another question, if I can cheat the MBP and get it to work correctly using MDP to HDMI adapter --> HDMI to DVI adapter--> DVI cable, will that work if I add a DVI to HDMI adapter at the end of this string and connect it to my monitor's HDMI input?


    I have a MBP pro 13 inch mid 2012, osx 10.8.2.


    I got feedback from Apple engineers recently - apparently they are aware of the issue and are working on it. How long will it take though?!

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    Guys, i had open one ticket in apple suport had 50 days, after many calls (they dont callback) i get this afirmation from APPLE, i asked to Advance Support Manager THIS WILL BE OFICIAL POSITION OF APPLE ? he said YES.
    Name of this guy is LUCIAN (apple brazil) and you words:


    Lucian: Mr. a apple dont will doing nothing about this, we dont have any thing to do

    Me: We dont will have one update in driver nothing ? Apple will give us one F... and no one solution ?

    Lucian: Mr. we dont will do nothing.

    Me: i need one email with this position

    Lucian: Sorry Sr i dont will give this for you

    Me: In agreement with Brazilian Consumer Law if one consumer request you need give per email, letter and i need my call records too.

    Lucian: Sr. Just if you request per court order.

    Lucian: Sr. i need talk with others consumers

    End call.


    In agreement with brazilian law apple needs fix this in 30 days after request, They dont did nothing, if i request any information about my problem they need send me (eletronic and by normal mail). They dont do nothing.


    This is new apple after SJ gone to next life.



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    Nice! Are you going to do a court order? We support you!

  • Vonhellsing Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes I am already working with three lawyers to ask the public prosecutor to ban apple of sales products with HDMI output in Brazil at solve the problem of poor image quality, if possible still force the company to replace all equipment thats have hdmi per other with 2 display port / thunderbolt output.

    Since according to the apple work perfectly and i listened many times in iplaces, tec support, and in calls with advanced support thats we need use the DisplayPort and not hdmi.

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    Vonhellsing Keep us posted!!!


    Btw, as a side note: THIS IS UNBELIEVEABLE! I bought an Apple 30-pin Digital AV Addapter to use HDMI with my New iPad, and GUESS WHAT!!!! My IT HAS PROBLEMS!!! The TV Screen turns black time to time, I lost signal, it's jumpy, and other weird things!! I was stupid though, I should've read first, there where people complaining.


    This is real! Looks like Apple is losing it without Steve Jobs.

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    Vonhellsing, respect to you!


    Can you share more detailed info in livejournal for example?


    I think this discussion thread has lots of angry and not poor members... i'd be happy to assist your mission financially by transferring some money for lawers.


    Also if there is a place to refer to (for ex blog in livejournal), it could be possible to attract attention of press to this iisue. In Russia for example every news about apple court issues has good rating.

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    I believe the display color profile made the problem. I have MacBook Pro Mid 2012 (Retina 15") and Samsung monitor S23B350 model.


    The MacBook screen color profile used "Color LCD". And the Samsung monitor used S23B350 (automatically selected by the system).


    I used DigitalColor Meter to get the color from the MacBook screen, e.g. #00A6FC (some blue color), I got result as #00ABFB from the Samsung monitor!


    I changed the display profile to "Color LCD" for the Samsung monitor and used DigitalColor Meter again, finally it return the correct color code. But from the human eyes, it still look different!


    So the next thing I need to do is adjust the brightness and contrast (maybe gamma also) on the Samsung monitor to match the output with the macbook screen, using human eyes. It does have slightly different but much closer.


    One more thing about Retina screen. Things (font size, line width, shadow, etc.) might become "fat" or thick on external monitor because the external monitor PPI is lower than Retina (around 100 PPI). Retina screen resolution is 2880px by 1800px with 220 PPI.


    *PPI - Pixels per inches


    Anyway, this is my solution. I wonder why the S23B350 is so much different with Color LCD.

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