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Hi. Need a little help. When I highlight some clips in my timelin, the options for Stabilization and Rolling Shutter  simply do not appear in the video Inspector -- but those options are there when I highlight other clips.


Could you help me get the Stabilization option back for these clips?


In more detail, what happens is this:

  • In my timeline, I highlight one clip and all the standard video options appear in the Inspector: Color, Transform, Crop, Distort, Stabilization, Rolling Shutter, Spacial Conform, Compositing
  • I highlight another clip, and Stabilization and Rolling Shutter are the only options missing entirely in the Inspector
  • I've tried clicking on the down arow in the top left corner of the affected clips, and selected Analyze and Stabilize, but that does nothing and does not make the Stabilization and Rolling Shutter options appear in the Inspector
  • I've also tried launching a whole new project, dragging some of that footage back into the timeline, and the same thing happens: no Stabilization option in the Inspector


Been editing for months in FCPX and this is the first time this problem has come up. Did I accidentallyy click a button I shouldn't have? Any help to resolve this would be much appreciated.



Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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