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    Grundleheimer wrote:


    This Is what comes up when I google the topic. Since the thread is not that old I replied to it (3 months isn't that old). I didn't feel like searching the apple forums for another post, nor did I want to start a new one.


    I think my reason why is indicated fairly clearly in my original reply.


    And my apologies, I should not have used Internet, what I meant was for everything I do I require flash or java. I'm trying to find a compelling reason to use iPad as a business tool and so far haven't found any. It's nothing but a toy.


    You can tell me all day the flash and java are archaic, but when I do my typical internet time wasting on an iPad, I can't do absolutely everything. And this is the reasOn I still dont have an iPad.


    Just saying there are products out there that do support these languages. If I'm spending $700, it better do what I need. I'm not changing for the device just so I can have an iPad like everyone else.

    It is obvious that the iPad will not meet your needs. When you go to purchase another device such as an Android tablet, keep in mind that Java is not supported on those either.

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    I'm not sure you've noticed but Java has become a security nightmare. If I were running a business the first thing I would do is make sure we were running nothing that required client side Java.


    Adobe closed their Mobile Flash division and laid off all the employees.


    If you are going to purchase a tablet that meets your need of having both Java and Flash you need to do so very quickly, the next generation Android tablets will not come with Flash and it is no longer available in the Marketplace, plus their will be no new version for Jelly Bean or any future iterations of Android.


    I don't really know if the Microsoft Surface (which will be released this month) will have Java and Flash or not. But if they do that is another option.


    No manufacturer can possibly make a device that is 100% ideal for all consumers. As Bob said it appears the iPad is not the right tool for your job and it is good that you are doing your research in advance. This is not a failure of Apple or the iPad, it just means it is not the right tool for your needs.

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    I agree, I'm not in any way saying that Java and Flash are ideal, nor would I ever defend them. And unfortunately I have no control over what my vendors use for their utilities which are embedded into pci cards (I'm talking about HP ILO and Dell DRAC for server monitoring).


    Adobe seems to have more issues than just their Flash division, so we'll leave it at that.


    And the MS surface will support, at least for the x86 version since it's full Win 8, both of these. MS will be one of the last to abolish these languages.


    That being said, I'm not sure the surface is 100% either. But you can bet that MS has listened to the gripes of Android and IOS users and are probably going to position themselves somewhere in the middle of that war.


    Only time will tell, I have Win 8 installed on an old x86 tablet right now and should find out if it's any good.


    One thing you guys have helped me realize at least is that the iPad is pretty good at what it does.

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    One of the versions of the Surface is full Windows 8 (the other is RT) but it is not running x86 architecture and since Flash on Windows writes directly to the hardware to overcome their abysmal speed without it then it may not work on the Surface. We'll know later in the month.


    Given your needs I would not think a tablet would be in your best interest. Have you researched a MacBook Air?

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    Need something I can hold in one arm, like a pad. If the screen on the air spun around so when you close it the screen is exposed it could be considered. But at that point I might as well use this old x86 Dell tablet it I have and not spend 1100+ dollars.

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    If it isn't broken why are your trying to fix it?

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    It isn't broken, yet, but with win 7 this tablet is useless. I don want to buy an OS license for win 8 when the possibility to buy one with a tablet is there on the surface. Piracy is not an option at my business.


    Basically I want an iPad for home and was hoping it could fill my business requirement as well. Sadly it cannot so I'm stuck In this loop. It is much easier to justify an expenditure like this if I can use it for more than toying around and internetting.

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    Well, I use mine for a lot of things other than "toying around" and internetting. In fact the only time I use Flash on my computer is when I am "toying around".


    Check out the Surface when it arrives. It may be just the tool that you need.

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    There are ways that you can convert Java code to iPad apps. If you have your own Java based website, this may be the way to go. Of course, you would have to pay to get on the App Store.

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    All of you keep talking around in circles....the new OSX Lion shipped with Java...infact the latest version of Java has issues when accessing sites such as Yahoo online games and folks are rolling back to the previous version of Java


    So Java is still alive and many sites and companies use far as Apple goes...their browser should still support these languages if there are websites and companies who use them.  One poster was talking about security at his company..blah blah blah...we are not at your company...we are talking about us the consumer trying to get to websites and webpages that are using flash and java...2 languages that are not new nor are they obscure.


    Flash - samething, infact i had to recently download and install the latest version of flash for all my client PC's and Macs at my job....and since we are moving from PC to Apple and I say apple because we have both MACS and IPADS being used most of the folks don't use the ipads or complain because they can't view the flash/Java content they are browsing to.


    We are not asking apple to write java or flash....just allow it to intergate with their browser...if its out there on the web and is a mainstream web content language then let us get to it....


    I am not defending Java or Flash....they are out there...let me view the pages if I want tooooooo.

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    JAVA just released version 7 that supports iOS Mountain Lion, doesn't sound like it's going away to me.


    I too, would just like the iPad to accept JAVA.


    Many IP cameras require JAVA to view them.

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    To be clear, I am not even a little confused thank you, Ikrupp.


    I did mistype when I said iOS instead of OS, but that's due to typing this on an iPad and it tends to spell what it wants.


    What I said was that JAVA is alive and kicking and being updated.


    And I still would like the iPad to utilize all the programming languages commonly used.

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    But this is a thread about Java on the iPad which uses iOS, not OS X or Mountain Lion. Java has never been supported on iDevices and Mr. Jobs made it clear at the start that it never would be.


    Given that the recent Java release for ML was to fix yet even more security problems with Java it is not surprising that more versions are being released. It doesn't show it is thriving, it shows it is a security sieve. I turned it off about 50 security holes ago on my Macs while awaiting yet another update and never turned it back on. Hasn't interfered with anything I do.

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    You all are barking up the wrong tree. My first home computer was a IIe. Since then I have avoided Apple products until I got this expensive toy (iPad 3) for Christmas. The main reason is there are so many things Apple products can't do because if they didn't write it or authorize it (collecting royalties/fees), then it won't exist.


    Having been in IT for 30 years, I can't count the number of times a technology was pronounced dead because the vendor can't or won't support it. The fact is, I have already hit a half dozen sites in the last week that use java or flash. I downloaded Photon which solved the flash problem, but one site I subscribe to uses java which makes this a double whammy for loss of value.


    Hundreds of websites provide content with these so called obsolete technologies which means millions have been invested in legacy apps that will not be replaced overnight. You can quote your demigod Jobs all you want but all you do is a disservice to your customers. And telling us how you have no issues when we clearly do just reinforces the long known egocentric culture at Apple.


    I guess I now have a pricey paperweight that can read mail and play Words with Friends.

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