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    really appreciate your quick response, i will do it ASAP.

    Now, I need someone whom I can brainstorm with, I think you are the right guy.

    Here is the sequence of events


    1. Spilled wine

    2. Immediately 2-3 keys stopped working

    3. I used the MB for 1 day, next day 1 entire row stopped working

    4. I opened it and saw some dirt, so I used Air duster and cleaned the backside of logicboard very thorougly

    5. I tried to start the Macbook, and it didn't start.

    At this step, did the Air duster caused anything like some part got loose ???

    "My guess is their was no damage to the Logic board with a wine spill."


    6. I still assumed wine spill damage, and took out the logic board, I didn't see any liquid damage, but still I cleaned it. but ofcourse is till doesn't work.



    How shall I debug this, I am thinking of buying a old MBP 2009, swap the logic boards to debug this problem, what do you think ??

  • CoccoBorg Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I think the keyboard actually prevented the wine from reaching the logicboard, but the keyboard itself got damaged and is now shorted. I assume you only tried shorting the pads AFTER removing the thermal paste, if so, this is likely to have affected all the tests you performed since that moment. Try re-applying some thermal paste and put the heatsink back on (there's plenty of videos regarding this topic on youtube). Now, with everything back in place, BUT THE KEYBOARD STILL DISCONNECTED!!!, try shorting the pads, the Mac should now start up. Connect an external usb keyboard and test for other possible problems, if everything works you only need a new topcase :)

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    I applied the ARCTIC MX-2 on CPU and GPU...but same result, doesn't work... one important point though, I am not able to start the Macbook by shorting the pads. It only powers up with the keyboard power button.

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    @CoccoBorg: Any other suggestions now :-)

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    if its water damaged then its most likely blown PPSV3 and PPSV5 if you have green light then the current sense is working so id check those 2 Power Rails also check the backlight circuit good luck download the Schematic and board view it will help also

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