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What is the actual release date of Thunderbolt to FireWire adapters in July? I understand they say it's in July but now we are down to the final weeks and still no word on the actual release "day". I just bought a MacBook Pro with Retina display as well as an Apogee Ensemble and when they arrive they'll basically be very pricy paper weights since I can't connect them until I get that adapter.

MacBook Pro with Retina display
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    Then maybe you should of waited to buy them or bought a standard MBP that does have a Firewire port.


    From what I read recently the TB > FW adapter won't be available until September.

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    The tech specs still read July, although it just occurred to me they don't mention a year.

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    I fail to see why I should have waited if it says it will release in July, I simply asked if there was a more definite date in July since I have not seen one yet.

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    You can always return it within two weeks, no questions asked.  That's what I'd do if the TB to FW adapter isn't out by then.  I'm pretty much in the same boat as you.  Salivating to spend my $$ on a new MBR, but don't want to be stuck with an essentially useless piece of eye candy until Sept or ????  By then, there maybe something better out, so I'm waiting to purchase.  But if I'd already bought it, I'd get the RETURN box ready if Apple fails to follow through on the promised July timeframe.  I'm assuming they are having some pretty big problems with it since it wasn't ready at WWDC and is still "vaporware" at this time.

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    Spend $150 bux on a TB to Expresscard dongle, then a further $100 bux on an Expresscard to FW adapter. Wonder if the resultant Frankenstein contraption will be able to boot from a Lion clone.


    But then, I guess people who had money to burn on such an expensive bit of eyecandy probably have some more to splurge on lots and lots of dongles.


    I'll be keeping my seven-month-old Late 2011 MBP with REAL ports and security slots of varying types for now, thank you very much. My 11 FW drives like it very much, too, as does the GBit Ethernet port on my office router. Just finished enjoying the Farscape DVD collection. Only holes still virgin on the thing are the SDXC and the Digital Audio In.

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    Made the mistake of purchasing thinking "July" would mean "mid-July".  Huge recording session this weekend. Couldn't run my Apogee FireWire 16ADX audio converters. Had to pull my old noisy G5 out of attic storage and trouble shoot it to record in Logic 8. Then uploaded into Logic 9 on new MBR. Worked. But a huge hassle that left my cursing Mac all weekend for selling a product that's virtually useless in its current state for most high end audio folk. Word is that the FireWire port in the 999.00 display is full of audio noise. I'm genuinely worried I've bought a product that won't function for what I need it to do most. Here's hoping a 29.00 cable hits the shelves soon. Here in Nashville there are a lot of potentially upset audio people.

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    This is why you should never depend on vaporware.    Buy what exists that works for your function.  There are plenty of used or refurbished MacBook Pros from the first three generations that supported both Firewire 800 and 400.   My Macbook Pro 3,1 does, and supports Lion.    Honestly, if you depend on a technology so thoroughly, you shouldn't always assume that newer is better.

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    Yup....  i'm in the same boat...    I use an Apogee AD-16x in my studio and i'd love to be using my new MBPro Retina but i'm still on my HP DV7 from 09'...     I'm waiting for the Thunderbolt to Firewire Adapter,  OR  the Apogee Thunderbridge..  but then i gotta get the X-Symphony card too,  which i'd really rather not do...    I hope Apple puts out this adapter soon...   

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    I'm with you all the way. I'm guessing the Thunderbridge comes in at a hefty price (similar to the Symphony PCIE cards (800 - 1000 dollars). Here's hoping for a straight-forward solution - i.e. a 29.00 TB-FW cable.

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    WOWZA you think so??   If the thunderbridge is really that expensive,  there's absolutely no way i'm buying it, and i'll just go with the Belken Thunderbolt hub that's coming out in a few months... it has a firewire 800 port...  then i'll just use a firewire 800 to 400 cable..


          SHEESH!   If they're really going to price the Thunderbridge that high i think that's crazy..    In my head i had it priced as much as a X-HD/X-Firewire/X-Symphony card that you'd fit in the back of an AD-16x....  maybe a little more,  but no more than $250...      Time will tell!!

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    I'm with you on that as well. If the 29.00 solution doesn't work, the Belkin option is next in line (financially), depending on the price of the Thunderbridge. I think I'm correct that you'd need to buy the X-Symphony card (about 180 bucks) to plug into the back of the AD16X (in the same slot the X-Firewire card now occupies), PLUS the Thunderbridge (which, I hope, is about what you think it'll cost - say, 250). That'd make it a tough decision. The Belkin hub would give you more options (ethnernet, usb 3.0 hubs for high speed writing/storage, etc.) - but the Thunderbridge MIGHT just kill that tiny bit of latency we've always had to deal with as X-Firewire folk (at higher sample rates) - which would be pretty cool. Hmmmmm.

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    Just talked to the apple support guy. His answer is that just buy thunderbolt to FireWire adapter online.

    Just ********.

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    Is there ANY word on this? Is apple even planning to release this?

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