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My brother-in-law is a quadriplegic.  We need an advanced voice controlled remote control for the television.  Anyone have suggestions?

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    Siri sends text msgs. which are forwarded to a computer which reacts with scripts to a controller....google should find it for you.

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    I have done research and even bought an envoca brand voice remote.  It is off market because it didn't work.  Was hoping Apple, with Siri technology, would have a way to communicate to a remote via voice that would control the "smart" tv.

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    We can't discuss future products but ....


    I can see the day when we can control our TV with only our voice.



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    Ah....you mean the Apple television


    I don't see that happening, but I do imagine the Apple TV device will be Siri enabled within time...

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    i am a quadriplegic too.  hey apple guy if you are capable, how can you tell her to have patiance?  arent you obligated under the ada act to put those things through?


    anyway, i have the same sort of issues op.  through personal searching i suggest:


    'voice me voice activated remote control'

    google it.  it sorta looks like a space ship.


    you might find much more additional use fr it.


    im buying it just to trrigger a remote control to activate siri because apple has no external way.  the voice me is cappable of supporting many other device remotes simultaneously tho, so im excited to see just what it can do.

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    I am also quadriplegic and I am looking for a good voice activated remote control.  Have you sourced one that you would recommend?  Did you try the Hotec Voice Me remote?  The demo on youtube looked quite good,but the UK supplier doesn't seem to be operational.  There are a couple of comments from one very unhappy customer who ordered a voice remote and the money was taken out of his account, but he doesn't ever seem to have received the unit.


    I would appreciate any advice based on your experience.