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  • rcmcfe Level 1 Level 1

    I have a 96% charge and have 8:47 minutes remaining on my batter indicator after the update...So far I'm pleased.


    FWIW, turn off dropbox, google drive, carbonite, found, etc., while on battery power. They are resouce hogs

  • Lonepeak Level 1 Level 1

    For the OP - I installed update 10.8.1 this morning and it did not improve battery life.  Now my rant - I've had this 15" Macbook Pro for 10 days now and the best battery life in that time has been a little over 3 hours.  Far less than the advertising stated.  I got on the phone with support and they decided I received a DOA battery and I was directed to the store for a replacement.  The "genius" there did a test and concluded that my battery is perfect (even though he's changing tomorrow for unknown reasons).  He then began to school me about turning off functions to preserve my battery.  I told him thanks but one of the reasons I bought THIS computer was for the very functions he wanted me to turn off.  If tomorrow does not solve the problem, I will return this $2300 laptop and buy some thing else.

  • calbear88 Level 1 Level 1

    I have a 2012 Macbook Air that came with mountain Lion.  I did not install the firmware update that enables powernap and I am not having any battery issues.  Perhaps this is indded related to the firmware update  Is there anyone who did not install the firmware update having the battery issue?


    tarpus wrote:


    I think the battery problem might have something to do with a recent firmware update that was available to Lion users, and included for ML users.


    For reference, I bought a new Retina Display (my second one).  The newer Retina shipped with Lion, and the battery life seemed normal.  Then, I installed on of the firmware updates, and the battery life has lessened, a bit.  Still, I won't upgrade to ML, because ML is SLOWER, and the animation is super choppy.


    But in so far as isolating the issue, I think it is firmware related.

  • sanctimonious Level 1 Level 1



    We may just have to come to terms with the fact that Apple may have no idea what is causing the issue. Perhaps the coders who did power management for Lion are no longer there and the current ones just have a bunch of code in front of them that they don't know how to handle.


    There will be more and more of us. Both in this thread and in terms of the support calls they receive that their techs will not be able to resolve. Once the "incidents" have reached a certain threshold, they will be forced to act.


    It is, however, sad, as Apple take pride in themselves being above all a Software company.

  • Fiberluver Level 1 Level 1

    Upgraded to 10.8.1 this AM right now I have 96% and 8:05 remaining.


    We'll see how this goes tonight.

  • tomcollingwood Level 1 Level 1

    I purchased a MBPR today.  Upgraded to 10.8.1  My first experience with the battery has been 4 hours.  This included streaming a movie via browser and not much else.  Browsing a couple of pages about battery life.........   Should I be getting a good deal more than this?  I was hoping for at least 5.  How does this compare to those of you who experienced a bad drop?  Thanks.  Can easily take this back within 14 days if Apple is screwing around......

  • jt519 Level 2 Level 2

    Well, my  MacBookPro5,3 updated to 10.8.1, and it obviously doesn't have any firmware update, and it didn't help me any. I watched the battery drop from 30% to 0 in about an hour and a half, with just Safari running, and most of that time with the screen saver running.


    Hopefully 10.8.2 will be out with an actual fix.


    Oh I also did a SMC reset. Didn't make any difference.

  • transcender Level 1 Level 1

    no mention of it in the release notes.  ugh.  updated this afternoon at work, start the clock at 830pm, wish me luck......

  • GregoryRa Level 1 Level 1

    Things appear to be looking up for me after 10.8.1.. Even though a few moments after I took this I lost 40 minutes... (Mid 2012 MBP)
    Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 10.06.52 PM.png

  • Beisarius Level 1 Level 1

    Ok, so there is and will be no fix and here is why below:


    - Remember the $200 million NVIDIA faulty chip fiasco? I only found out when my chip died, Apple never called me to replace in advance my logic board. Or to warn me of a 4 year warranty. NVIDIA paid $ 200 million to cover replacements, and Apple only replaced those units that consumers brought in. No news, no fanfare, no admission, and so on.. I only discovered doing google "Faulty nvidia gpu Apple macbook"


    - It is possible Apple already figured out the problem along time ago. But let us stroll towards some math. From the forum, here, clearly it goes beyond software (ML) No soft denominator. I had perfecy clean installs, no applications, drain batteries with ML. So Dropbox? naah.. Some machines are randomly affected, others are not. So all things being equal, its not the OS, but HARDWARE ie some hardware series fail to operate within specs on those. They may have in common some suppliers..


    -10.8.1 was not meant to fix batteries, maybe it did some reset and temporary gave some the illusion its fixed. Evidence suggests it fixed nothing for most forum members..


    - Umm I had one logicboard fry in its 4th year (NVIDIA)- replaced. And faulty iphone 4s-- all free replaced. So i will ask this forum, what evidence do you have that Apple fixes great problems as opposed to replacing when something is actually brought in to their attention on a case by case basis?


    - Quite likely it was an engineering overlook by Apple. Some components, transistors or capacitors may be within specs yet be unable to operate with ML's imposed voltages. Then batteries die...


    - i believe this started with Lion, when some users reported battery drain problems. On my older systems, I can assure the forum, once I installed Snow Leopard, problems were gone. But no luck for those that bought Lion or ML machines, can't go back.


    - So the math: Apple shipped 4 million macs last quarter- so that comes down to 12 million projection for the FY2012. If we go back to 2010 and 2011 sales and extrapolate for machines that have problems, and say, if we assume 1 in 30 to 1 in 50 machines affected, thats a MINIMUM of 1 000 000 affected macbooks with some oddball design flaw from some x supplier... Course if it 1 in 5, then it is 10 million machines...


    - The cost for a logic board replacement is standard: min $ 1000 MBA/PRO. Includes labor and shipping.


    - So what are the odds that Apple will admit to a problem affecting hundreds of throusands of units or millions, and whose cost replacement would be AT LEAST one billion USD to Apple's profit margin? Yes they got the money but why give it? 1 000 000 x $ 1000= one billion. If its only batteries, ok that is cheaper, its only $ 200 million to fix it (at a cost of $ 200 per battery). but admitting the problem would also invide a class suit...


    - Math dictates that Apple is following the industry standard (it is not vehicle safety after all) and is doing the cheap but realistic thing: admit nothing from a PR perspective, (a problem with ML affecting a tiny one to five million units...) Offer no recall. Only replace the units of those users that really take the time to prove they have a problem.... Might cost them $ 50 million. It is quite smart business practice. Except for you, those that suffer. Most affected users - say those loving to keep their machines plugged- would not even notice. And they do not read forums. If my aging mother had this issue she would not have noticed or thought it worth complaining as she would not take her machine out that much.


    - Hence my believing there will be no fix. My new BTO MBA seems to work within specs. Still have not drained it a full cycle and in my third evening. I do feel lucky. But those affected, yet built as mine, there is no doubt in my mind that hardware can't hold the charge, and they are affected. And because I had also unplugged some machines at an Apple store, and noticed it in some units that they drain, this convinces me the problem is big enough for Apple to have to do, precisely, nothing... Unless batteries catch fire, there is no need to shoot theeir brand in the foot.


    - What to do: if your battery drains, use it until its health forces a replacement. Then let the second one fail. And then Apple will replace your logicboard- assuming you have warranty.


    - If your unit is brand new and barely scraping 4 hours- take it back. Unless 4 hours is what you wanted...


    Sad but history of litigations, business practices and realism tells me that no fix is coming as the cost to Apple would be too high both in negative PR to the company, to its flag OS and in the financial cost of a recall. Especially if the problem originated in Apple's engineering. NVIDIA or Samsung are big and easy to sue (say if Samsung supplied faulty LCD screens) But this may not be a big brand to blame, especially if the error originated in Cuppertino.


    They may fix it quietly along their supply chain, once again, it will be done in secrecy. And the Apple exec handling this one well likely gets a huge bonus.


    This happens daily in the automobile industry, electronics, and so one, in which a manufacturer becomes aware of a problem years after, but do nothing which is the smart and cheaper thing. It even happens in aviation. Ever watched Mayday?


    Wish I had a better assessment, but I dare anyone prove me of a previous Apple fix of a major item (such as NVIDIA), Lion's battery problem (never adressed for those users) or the current one. My advice: open a case with Apple and use warranty. Or return to Lion and never upgrade even next year.


    Just raw pragmatism. And yes I miss Steve.

  • transcender Level 1 Level 1

    2 hours, already @ 50%.  Ugh.




  • golden_jubilee Level 1 Level 1


    I am so proud to be a customer of this great company. The care about us customers and even call us! What other company would do this? Remember these crappy Microsoft products, I am so glad not using them.


    So back to reality, I totally agree with your post and to be honest as a company I would do exactly the same... but I am the customer. My next computer is probably not from Apple. I am sure that Apple does not give a **** about a single customer like me who buys every 3 years a new machine. The case is closed we won't see a fix and Apple don't care - face it.

  • UXdavemx Level 1 Level 1

    same here.

  • transcender Level 1 Level 1

    Your post is realy circular and confusing, not sure if sarcastic or funny but I simply didnt understand goldenJubilee


    I'm tired of the BS fanboyism.  I am a customer and loyal to whatever does right by me.  MS had some crap. Apples had some well....bad apples.  Give me a break, this blind allegiance to apple astounds me.

    WIn 7 is a winner, I know people like their WinMo phones too.  Xbox Live is a winner. The 360 is winning the long game.  MS's 15 year old ergo keyboard is a winner.  OneNote is a winner.


    I liked my iPhone 3GS, I like(d) my MBA.  I have every right to be dissatsified as a Apple customer.

    I run Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Chrome, VirtualBox and don't hold any outworldly opinion for any of the big companies, I get what I can of out every product. I was satisfied with every overpriced penny for my first MBA (used) and unabashedly ran out to get a newer one after trying the experience out. Ive championed the MBA to all that ask me, and as such I've not hesitated to acknowledge this issue all the same.


    No other product I have ever owned got CRIPPLED by a OEM update , paid or otherwise.

    If i need to buy a new battery, how f'n much will that freaking cost? absurd.


    It Apple is so great they would do more than ignore this. No one's called my azz.  Theres no tool to upload diagnostics or metrics or anything to diagnose issue. I didn't do anything BUT PAY for the update.


    If Apple wants to charge EGREGIOUS margins, they should be held to a HIGHER standard, not get a free pass for ill placed good will.



  • Robert Huebi Level 1 Level 1

    Indicated battery life worse w 10.8.1

    m-2011 i7 256G 11" MBA here, new last Christmas.


    Had two different fully-charged values for same conditions prior to update, 2:31 and 2:10 ( both corresponding to ca. 97% and Service Battery status. )


    After update, 2:03! (I've not bothered with any of that fresh install or SMC reset b.s.; if Apple doesn't tell me, in this situation, to do X or Y, I'm not going to experiment.)


    I was one of the folks who, after complaining in an Apple forum, Apple called-up and loaded diagnostic software on their device, and then called up a 2nd time for more data.


    I sent a note and screen-shots, of the current retrograde situation, to my contactat Apple.


    Let's hope that 10.8.2 will be the charm.


    Btw, power nap failed to download any of these updates, and notification Ctr failed to flag me that they were available, werent these functions supposed to be able to do that?

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