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    apple needs to tell ML users when the fix is coming out - if they don't know - tell us anyway - so ML users with dramas can decide whether to go back to Lion


    ML is a real problem and yes apple should refund (they did me) if you report probs with ML


    my mid 2011 air is now back to Lion, and working great - but there was a problem going from Mountain Lion down to Lion, with the solid state disc. Luckily i was at apple sydney, they replaced the hard disc


    yes apple have been in contact - call from california, an app to send data back so the engineers can fix - but so they should - it's their product thats causing the problems - and apple decided not to warn buyers of ML about the ML problems


    i tried all sorts of fixes and spent hours with apple care going through activity monitor and running scripts in terminal - the answer is going back to Lion, nothing else has worked

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    does everyone who has the battery life issue use imessage?

    because i am sure there is an imessage "listener" to make sure you get your messages insantly

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    Hi Ralph,


    I think it's not only how fast we are running out of battery, it is more related to the health and the capacity the battery can hold. There are lot of people having the "Service Battery" warning even though their batteries are almost brand new.

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    Hi JurePaseKure,


    To be honest that is exactly what I experienced after updating to ML. Not only the battery life went down but I did as well got the Service Battery notice... in Coconut the Max. Capacity has droped by 7-800 mAh.


    I have to admit that after updating to 10.8.1 the charging of the battery lasts longer and battery life has slightly improve. But still 1.5h comparing to 4-5 is nothing...

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    Me's a bit better now...BUT APPLE MUST TO TELL US something....



    I have to admit that after updating to 10.8.1 the charging of the battery lasts longer and battery life has slightly improve. But still 1.5h comparing to 4-5 is nothing...

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    I just installed iStat Pro and found surprisingly that the Exhaust Fan (well it only has one fan) is running at 1996-2006 rpm all the time.


    Is this normal?  The machine is/has been 98-100% idle (in Act Mon and iStat) for the past hour doing nothing.


    Does the fan need to be on all the time.  I can hear nothing unless I actually put my ear on the case and can hear a faint whirring.



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    How did you get a refund? What steps did you take?

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    They told me they cannot make a statement as they don't know yet what the problem is and not everybody is effected.


    The fact is they are reaching out to people effected on this board to do first and second level diagnostics.


    If they call you - run the program's and get the data back to them ASAP


    If I were making a statement as Apple, from what I know, it would be ( these are my words not Apples )


    "We are aware a number of ML users are experiencing reduced battery life and our development and support teams are in the process of collecting data from those effected. There are many factors that can effect battery life and we must perform a thorough investigation to determine if there is a common problem. Be assured we are looking into the issue."

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    Chris-UK - you say Apple are reaching out and still don't know what the problem is.  I cannot believe this.  Well why don't they take the machines back, run diagnostics on them and fix the problems.  It cannot be that difficult.  I am a software engineer (worked on o/s code in my time) and once you have something that doesn't work in front of you, it's reproducable and it is relatively easy to fix.   They can take my MBA 2012 i7 Moutain Lion battery eater and give me a new one that works on Mountain Lion!  (my MBA 2012 i7 is new anyways).


    My suspcion is they know exactly how big a problem this is, what is causing it and managing the PR fallout.  This problem has been in the wild for a month and affecting a lot of users I'm sure.  If they don't then god help Apple.

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    Apple.. if u reading this, then believe me, but this silence is really disheartening. We might be just a drop of your many million ML downloads, but for a perfectionist company like Apple, even this drop should matter. I did not spend my 20$ for this nonsense..

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    I work for a large software company also and TOTALLY agree with you - I am as frustraitrd on this as many - was just sharing the view I have heard from Apple directly. You can see from my previous posts how unhappy I am with the situation - they do need to sort this out pronto but alas I don't think it will be 10.8.2 :0(

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    I'm justing adding my name as another user with battery problems after updating do Os 10.8.

    I have a MacPro 2010 and while I had 5-6 hrs battery life with Lion, now my battery "downgraded" to 2.5 hrs. After installing 10.8.1 it got a bit better (3-3.5 hrs).

    Hope Apple understands that battery life is fundamental when we use a PORTABLE device.


    Wating for a fix... not happy.

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    I'd just like to weight in that after upgrading to 10.8.1 on my new Mid-2012 MBA 13" the battery life still is messy. I am currently charged at 60% with a remaining battery time of 2h40m - That's nowhere near the 8-9 hours I had with Lion when I got my machine.


    I'm considering going back to Lion, but I noticed that my "Recovery HD" was renamed to "Recover 10.8" - How can I go back to Lion then?

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