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    Maziyar wrote:


    I don't see any battery life improvemnt on 10.8.2. It's still 5 to 5:30 with Wi-Fi usage. (MBPR 2.3/16/256)


    It's been two months since I got this machine and now it's 12 cycles. (It's always plugged)


    Do I have to SMC reset now to see the change or the time is near to be OK in this situation?






    My advice would be to go ahead and try the SMC reset, it can't hurt.  If after that you're still not seeing the advertised usage I'd take it back to the Apple store or contact them directly.  (According to the specs you should be getting somewhere around 7 hours of use on battery power.)


    Also, MacBooks are not meant to be left plugged in all of the time.  Here are their recommendations for extending battery life, etc.


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    What kind of reset did you perform and do you have a firmware password set or do you use a boot manager like reflt? I had to remove my firmware password and reflt to preform a PRAM resest but for a SMC reset follow its instructions carefully, you'll see the charger light change momentairly to green when its charging, you won't see any change if its charged.

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    This is being reported on other threads and I myself have made a bug report as should you. I've seen a significant drop in battery life and health. I now run with 90% health, a drop of 8% with 470mAh lost, at around 2-3hrs on a full charge. Though as through today as was the same yesterday my time till depletion changes, sometimes I have 2hrs, sometimes I have 5hrs though most of the time I will end up with around 2hrs charge. I've used Coconut Battery to test alongside the battery info in iStato pro which tends to have the same read outs which has't improved after performing a SMC and PRAM reset.


    Firstly this is the same problem relating to the original problems seen with the MLion release and it's first update on some machines. In the 10.8.2 update a firmware update has been released to fix this problem which now seems to have effected new machines that weren't effected by the original problem, this is what I'm experencing, thanks Apple. Upon updating to 10.8.2 my battery was being recognised as a service battery with its health dropping from 98% to 16%, so after following some posts I drained the battery and performed a SMC reset and at first this appeared to do the job. My battery health improved to 90% and I had ppeared to have a normal battery performance though I let my system settle for 10mins just to see what read outs iStat Pro and Coconut Battery would produce and I wasn't disappointed, battery health remained at 90% according to coconut and the system profile info regarding battery capacity which remains some 470mAh below normal. I've let my battery drain a second time and again performed a SMC reset and also a PRAM reset though I have seen no improvement at all, the battery continues to give false read outs of charge remaining and health remains at 90%, sometimes its reads out normally and then again sometimes I have more or less charge than I should have.


    Firmware fix need immediately from Apple.

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    salty777 wrote:


    I followed the instructions but have no idea if it reset or not..... it seems a bit weird to press all the keys when the machine is off, then let go, then press power. It just looked like a normal start up to me.... have I done something wrong???


    I think you have a MacBook Air?  If so, did you press the left-hand Shift-Control-Option keys AND the power button and then release all four at the same time?  (With the A/C power connected)  That should do it.


    To confirm that it worked, watch the LED light on the MagSafe power adapter when you release the keys and power button.  If it's amber (charging) it should change to green for a second and then back to amber.


    Press the power button to boot it back up and that's it.


    EDIT: Ahhh, Brian beat me to that last part! 


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    Beisarius wrote:




    For yourself and other people that either read these posts and did not listened, or whom are too mad to think straight. I REINSTALLED, clean, a LION version on a 3.1 MBP, Santa Rosa. The effects were immediate, a -2000 mAh operating range.


    Gone back to Lion, -1300 to -1500. Or up to 3 hrs as it should.


    So add ML to this and you will burn even faster. The architecture and software is designed and optimized for modern CPU/GPU. Like with an Iphone, so on. Simultaneous processes, faster RAM cycles...


    Throw ML on an older machine and to do the same calculations as on a 2011/2012 macbook it will have to boost processing power in yours. And the way that is achieved... is voltage increase and wattage consumption. CPU has to burn faster as it cannot hyperthread processes. Its basic electronics. It's like an older car with 4 speeds vs one cruising on the HWY in a 6th gear. Guess which one is more efficient..


    A 2009 /early 2010 machine and power drain, I will defer to Apple's ads and ask you, where have you read anything about ML expecting to perform on those anywhere closer to the original system you got on it? Nowhere. ML will work but demand more on the older architecture.


    In the piloting world they used to say "Always trust the instrument." The human is 99% of times in error. So in this case, always trust your wattage drain reports, they are accurately telling you that you burn a lot more. Perceptions that Apple mislead customers are unfounded, in my opinion.


    Just look at iOS 6 and maps.. Apple admitted right away the issue and is fixing it.  So Apple has no qualms admitting something.


    This is simply not true! I've been running Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion on my Macbook Air late 2010 and this is the first time I've had any problems relating to the battery which I discharge as normal, while using an Adata 1TB external drive, iPod connected along with gpu processing for a second display and using other devices. This problem seems to be selective to some machines as I was not one of the original victims of the very same problem that some MBA 2010 users had experienced with Lion and MLion before. This is a new problem for me and may others with the 10.8.2 update.

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    Again, the firmware update before installing 10.8 was probably what caused my the battery problem.

    In my late2010 MBA, I had to do again a firmware update(powernap) after installing 10.8.2

    Still no improvement. Even after a couple of SMC resets nothing happens. As richadams notes check if the LED light changes colors to be sure.


    Beisarius, I obviously appreciate your help and dont take it wrong: Having a battery life in a machine that I use for 9 months going down from 6.30 to 3.30-4 because I updated from 10.6 to 10.8 is not acceptable.

    Come on, the new OS cannot use sooooo much power. And 10.8 runs so smoothly in my MBA.


    Apple is really disappointing me. Do you know how I can contact them by mail


    In my country (greece) they are not willing to deal with the problem. I do not want to change a battery... I want this FIXED. I do not want apple to change a machine saying it has a problem whrn the problem is that they are not able to solve it. I am willing to run any diagnostic tool to help myself and OTHERS.

    How can I contact apple directly ?  Please advice.

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    Continiued success!


    This is a quick follow-up to my earlier post as well as my intital post about a fresh install of Mountain Lion 10.8.2 resolving the severe battery drain on my Late 2010 MacBook Air.


    I ended up fully loading it with all of the previous apps, activated iCloud, Dropbox, mail and so on...just as it was with Lion.


    I can report that to date although the battery life isn't as stellar as it was with the original Lion/SMC installation, it is meeting and slightly beating the advertised 5 hour battery usage.


    Screen Shot 2012-09-22 at 9.39.07 AM.png


    Again, this was with a completely fresh installation.  I had upgraded to 10.8.2 from Lion and although battery life improved, it was still poor and draining very quickly.  After fully wiping the SSD and performing a clean installation, things are still looking good.


    I'll post more info if I see any changes.

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    Thanks to both you and Brian.... yes, I have an Air. I didn't notice the charge light cahnge, probably because it was fully charged when I did it. I did use the keys on the left hand side. No bangs, no whistles, no indication at all that anything was reset.... just a start-up. I'll try it again when the machine is discharged a bit, and see if I notice a flash!

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    I agree  with you Chris, this is shambolic, very disappointing for apple to release an update that is supposed to fix  a problem that some macbook users are experiencing and for it  go and infect users machines that weren't originally effected by the problem. This issue better be resolved soon, I've made my bug report and can now only hope this is fixed before the third update!

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    Can anyone tell me how or where to delete posts so I don't keep duplicating them while trying to add quotes?

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    Read about your issue with 10.8.2 and your battery. Since yesterday, I experience the same on an early 2011 MBP.


    Odd thing is, I am in the developer program for OSX and one of the beta's for 10.8.2 did give me 7 hours of battery power on this same machine.

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    salty777 wrote:


    Thanks to both you and Brian.... yes, I have an Air. I didn't notice the charge light cahnge, probably because it was fully charged when I did it. I did use the keys on the left hand side. No bangs, no whistles, no indication at all that anything was reset.... just a start-up. I'll try it again when the machine is discharged a bit, and see if I notice a flash!

    If the mag charger changes to green for a few seconds the SMC has been reset there's no other indicators just the mag light tr-urning green but yes you need to discharge your mac a little. A PRAM reset would involve the startup tone followed by an instant reboot with screen going black and restarting again, should you continue to hold the keys down you be in a reboot loop until you release the keys.

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    If Apple knew what they were doing they should have posted an OBVIOUS warning to users of 2009 and older devices trying to upgrade to ML saying something like  "Owners of older devices will experience battery life degradation when upgrading to ML due to (insert technical gibberish here)".


    but did they?  no they did not. 


    What this issue says to me is that people who dont upgrade every other year (or less) are not what Apple wants as customers. 


    I think this is the downside of buying hardware that has software manufactured by the same company - they clearly have every motive to make their software drop support for devices that they deem old so their mindless flock will keep buying the latest ones. Oh well whats new.

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    The insanity continues. I performed a clean install yesterday which resulted in freeing up a little disk space, battery health went from 78% to 81% and I was mildly optimistic. This morning I turn the Late 2008 MBP on and the health dropped to 61% and it has a "Service Battery" warning. Thank you Apple, I'm tired of being your Beta Tester. Perhaps you can actually test your own products before offering them for sale. Otherwise, just give it away until it actually works.