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  • Sulaiman.K Level 1 (10 points)

    muuzmuuz wrote:


    Updated with the 10.8.2 supplemental patch, no change in battery life. Still just 3-4 hours of usage on Mountain Lion when I had 6-7 on Lion real time. The battery reading is now starting from around 4:30 - 5:00 compared to 8:30-9:00 on Lion. And I even waited for the 10.8.2 for upgrading because of the battery problems Mountain Lion is causing. Wish I had never considered it at all :/

    Even me it's the same In Lion i get 7 hours of real time use and in Mountain Lion i get 4-5 hours real time use so disappointed with this! If Steve was alive he wouldn't like this, he would fix the issue much quicker and he doesn't like to make his customers disappointed. But things has gotten changed when he departed from this planet .


    Hopefully lets see how it goes on Mountain Lion 10.8.3 - If nothing changed we'll put a shout to Media (At least this has already been published to media but we'll put again so it would be shame on Apple )

  • richsadams Level 1 (80 points)

    Sorry to hear that some folks are still having issues and understand the frustration. 


    If all of the suggestions on this thread have been tried and your MacBook still isn't meeting the battery specs, the last step is to perform a clean installation of 10.8.2.  Not an upgrade, not a combo update, but a completely fresh installation.  That also means setting everything up again including re-downloading apps and manually importing other files rather than using a Time Machine or Migration Assistant restore.  After a clean install, reset the SMC.


    Doing that was the only thing that brought the battery life back to the advertised specs on my MacBook Air a couple of weeks ago.


    If you've done that and still have issues I'd continue to pursue and escalate it as necessary with Apple (in or out of warranty).  Otherwise you can wait for an OS and/or SMC update.  You can file a bug report in the meantime if you haven't already.


    BTW, Apple is fully aware of the issue (many of us here were contacted by them directly).


    Hope that helps!

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    I have to concur with richsadams re: the completely clean install, with no time machine restore.


    To be clear, I'm not saying it will work for everyone, but it did for me, and it was the final suggestion that the Apple engineering team had for the AppleCare senior advisor who had been working with me for weeks.


    It it is a pain, and it was a frustrating waste of time, but at least now my machine works well.  Also gave me the opportunity to clear out some seemingly unremovable junk from Motorola, etc., that had accumulated in the 6 months I had the machine.




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    Bear in mind that if you do a clean install from an external installation disk such as a USB thumb drive, erasing the Macintosh HD as you go, you will end up with no recovery partition and no recovery HD. This is not so much of an issue for those with recent machines which support internet recovery, but is a consideration for earlier machines which don't.

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    Couple of pages back I wrote how I got my old i7 mid-10 to work properly after 10.8.2/smc reset. Week ago I bought a new rMBP (10.8.2) and battery life wasn't so good. I got only 4-5 hours. So I did smc reset also to rMBP and now I get 7-8+ hours with wi-fi on/light surfing. So definitely OS also needs that smc reset if there is battery problems. Sadly even that haven't help all users. 

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    Well, my mid-2009 MBP with ML lasts maybe 4 hours on battery. Still drains while asleep, maybe 10% overnight. I've seen it drain while awake 20% in 20 minutes, and that's just with Safari running. No "excessive Mountain Lion" processes running. I've done numerous SMC resets and PRAM resets, and I also did a clean re-install of ML, reinstalling everything from scratch. Didn't help much.


    Someone said "why don't you check at an Apple store, I bet their systems will show no battery drain". Well, I had a chance to do just that this evening. At an Apple Store, I checked a rMBP on display, and coincidently it's power plug was out. I checked, and the only application running was Safari. The power was at 85%. According to the iPad specs sitting next to it, it should get upwards of 7 hours of Wifi web surfing. What was the time remaining, at 85%? 5 hours? 6 hours? Nope. 3:45. And I stayed there for a while to make sure it didn't creep back up.


    I checked another rMBP, this time I pulled the power. With nothing but Safari running, one the time remaining came up, this 7 hours machine was saying about 5 hours until empty.


    Sorry, I still think ML has power issues. Sure my older machine isn't up to the 7 hours spec, but I should get more than 3 - 4 hours of use on a charge.. and I know I did before ML. And if I left it for two days asleep, it surely didn't drain half or more of the battery. Asleep. Doing nothing. No "high power Mountain Lion" stuff running.

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    Jt519, I really gave up to correct the battery drain problem. Not a word from Apple. Reallly upset! How do you sure is your machine went on to sleep? I don't think it goes to sleep every time you close the lid or put it sleep using a menu. It fully stays awake!!!! You can still hear the harddrive still running. My machine is early 2011 MBP 13". i get around 5 hr for a charge compared to Lion about 8-9 hrs. I think it must be a software problem. Apple's engineer trying to develop a program which is conflict to each other. Maybe they're trying to keep ahead the comming the competitions.

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    Next update might be Windows 8!!!

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    Lol But it won't happen in Windows 8 as there is lot of brands that can use Windows 8 including Dell, IBM Asus etc so this won't happen in Windows 8, For OS X Mountain Lion it's only Apple so it will happen .


    Plus you can also run Windows 8 in Parallels Desktop on Mac.

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    Hi richsadams and others,


    Well I am back to report how I am travelling with my MBA (late 2010 13in) and ML since upgrading 22sep..


    Yesterday I did the SMC 1.7 update and the version identifier in About this Mac - System Report has gone from 1.66f54 to 1.66f60


    I was hesitant to upgrade but figured since I was travelling fairly well and getting 5-6hr battery life I would go ahead...


    Something I am curious about is that prior to the latest SMC/EFI update and under SL 10.6.8 I recall I would often marvel that there was no fan noise - NONE...  I am fairly certain I am not imagining this.. Now I notice that there is small fan noise and according the the free utility SMCFan my fan runs at 2000rpm most of the time...


    I am curious to get comments from richsadams and other doyans here, am I just imagining that SL often ran NO FAN ?? Or maybe I just never noticed??


    At any rate, after resetting the SMC after the update and a full charge, I have been running 15mins on batter from 100% charge and battery life fluctuates from 6:00 to 7:23 estimated battery life left..


    So it all seems good. My impression is that I used to get 5-7hrs under SL and so far using ML 10.8.2 (before SMC update) got 5-6hrs...  However, these are unscientific impressions only and I must say ML's UI feels much snappier and quicker.


    Overall I am enjoying the new OSX and if a small 10-25% reduction of battery life is the tradeoff for a snappier OSX with nice visuals, then so be it... I will now get on with my life   I will only obsesss on the battery life once more and confirm my battery runtime of 5-6hr for a cycle in one last report - then I will leave my obsession behind and let people report to Apple and hope it all works out soon with improvements...


    I must say during all this I would like to share some joy I found and recommend some utilities - the Onyx and Maintenance Apps do a great job of flushing old caches and removing cruft..


    SMCFan is nice in that it can show you temp and fan rpm in your finderbar and works with most mac portables and also is running on my ML 10.8.2.


    EtreCheck is an AWESOME utility for seeing if any old problematic 3rd party extensions of Launch Services might be fouling the works (it enabled me to discover some useless cruft leftovers from SL and remove them)..


    Also users with SSD's in macbooks are well served to read some of the tips here:

    In particular the lifetime of your SSD can be extended with noatime flag tweak..


    So far my Hilltop Kitty seems to be purring along nicely - props to Apple for a good OS.. Hope the minority of people affected by upgrade issues get some fixes soon...





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    So guys.. what to do now? Go to the Apple Store and then? Accepting it? Installing Lion? I do not know that to do right now.  Actually I won't accept it, but I have to... :/

  • Sulaiman.K Level 1 (10 points)

    wullewuu wrote:


    So guys.. what to do now? Go to the Apple Store and then? Accepting it? Installing Lion? I do not know that to do right now.  Actually I won't accept it, but I have to... :/

    There is nothing to do , Going to Apple Store they'll say to do the clean install and do SMC/PRAM resets it won't help to resolve the case at all and only the way to get fixed is Apple should release fixed version of Mountain Lion for the portable computers and it's not the issue with Computer it's something happens to the OS and still not fixed properly.


    We'll have to wait and see what is Apple saying about the Battery Life in Mountain Lion.

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    mhm.. That is not satisfying... I already tried the SMC and what the **** reset and I have 5 hours, but they are not real 5 hours... When the MBP is not used it shows me 6  hours, when I use it like surfing with safari i have 3 hours.. great...

  • Sulaiman.K Level 1 (10 points)

    wullewuu wrote:


    mhm.. That is not satisfying... I already tried the SMC and what the **** reset and I have 5 hours, but they are not real 5 hours... When the MBP is not used it shows me 6  hours, when I use it like surfing with safari i have 3 hours.. great...

    I'm on the same boat as you. When i was surfing web i'm getting only 3-4 hours at the maximum of real-time use but in the battery calculator it shows 7 hours which is not real use.


    This happens to all the MBP users and some has gotten solved by doing resets but i don't know if they're happy with the battery life and they will also get the exactly battery life that we're having now.


    PS: Battery drains also happens on iPhone 5 too i heard in another thread! So Bad

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    wullewuu wrote:


    mhm.. That is not satisfying... I already tried the SMC and what the **** reset and I have 5 hours, but they are not real 5 hours... When the MBP is not used it shows me 6  hours, when I use it like surfing with safari i have 3 hours.. great...


    So based on this and your two other posts, you've reset your SMC and PRAM and tried downgrading to Lion (which if you had read through the thread you would have learned was not going to help) correct?


    So you haven't actually followed all of the advice from other's here (including mine from yesterday) as to what to do to resolve this.


    BTW, it doesn't matter what the first person you talk to at Apple says.  You need to escalated it until it's resolved to your satisfaction.  It sounds like you just gave up.


    So if that's all you're willing to do (which is fine) you can wait to see if an OS or SMC update will fix it.


    Complaining really never fixes anything IMHO.  Those are your choices.