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    After 8 months using my MBA, my battery is a constant 94-95% health after 144 cycles. 10.8.4 may have shortened a tiny bit, but not enought to justify any follow up. Interestingly. Firefox is a big drag; Safari is better and chrome seems the best (but I do not like chrome). The delta is approx haf an hour-1hr lower estimate should I use firefox. Then again, can it be flash or how firefox uses memory?


    Can't wait for mavericks. But as a whole, the battery on my MBA has been a consistent strong performer. The recent request I received (as well as others must have) about joining a petition seems unsubstantiated and not at all justified.



    Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 8.59.32 PM.png


    ML has also been a strong performer on the 2008 MBP I used as secondary benchmark (and given to another family member; 200 cycles now). It has consistently provided 2-2.5 hrs on that unit, and the battery health is a constant 93%. As such, i reafirm my earlier conclusions that anyone experiencing a significant, noticeable battery issue has a lemon hardware or lemon battery.


    For those wondering how I use my laptop, essentially as described at batteryuniversity, or as a phone: I only plug it for rapid charges, and once in a while for a full cycle. I never leave it plugged and rarely work with it plugged, even if watching movies. I avoid dropping below 20%, and, if watching movies, below 40% I plug it while watching (as the battery charge/discharge ratio is well suited for Li-Ion performance. Leave it unplugged and the drain is a tad too fast below 40%). Can other factors be at play? Heat (check Nissan Leaf battery issues in Az) can attack any Li-Ion battery, usage, lemon issues.

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    I know that this thread is a bit old, and I'm not sure if this will help anyone else, but I figured I would pass on what I went through just in case. I've had my 13" Macbook Pro for about 2 and a half years now, and a few days ago, I upgraded from Lion to Mountain Lion via the App Store. I've never had battery issues before, but I immediately noticed a significant drop in my battery's life (it lost 1% every 2 minutes or less.) I scoured through forums and articles trying everything I could think of to fix the issue. I even tried reverting back to Lion (which unfortunately doesn't work.) I spoke to Apple Care, and made an appointment with the Genius Bar, and when they ran diagnostics, they said that my battery was perfectly normal, and suggested a fresh install. So I made sure that I had backed up all of my personal files and third-party apps to an external HD (manually, NOT via Time Machine), and then they completely erased my mac's hard drive and reinstalled Mountain Lion from scratch. As soon as I took it home, I followed their advice and calibrated the battery as well. I don't know whether the issue was a corrupt installation (which seems likely, given that the installation time began to count negative minutes) or whether my mac was trying to run both Lion and Mountain Lion systems at the same time (also likely, given the weird glitches I experienced), and as much of a pain in the *** it was to erase my HD and start over, having to recopy and reorganize all of my files, app icons, and bookmarks, it was kind of worth it in the end, because now everything is working as it should be. As of last night, I am now getting over five hours of battery life (and that was with constant file copying and organizing, running several apps at once, internet browsing, and movie streaming.) So, I hope my situation can help someone else experiencing similar issues. Maybe a fresh installation and a battery calibration is all that's needed in certain cases.

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    Glad it helped.


    The new OS indexes and does a bunch of things, and noticed any new installation burns more power initially.


    The advantage of a clean install is that it can reveal some battery hogs: Microsoft running in the background; firefox, etc. But this forum has had little to no postings recently and I presume most people resolved their battery issues by replacing them with a new Apple battery.

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    Not a lot of activity here lately, which I hope suggests that people aren't having this problem on the latest build of ML.


    I recently suffered a HD failure and decided to replace it with a Samsung 840 EVO SSD.  I can say that my battery life, which was hovering between 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 hours on a full charge now gets about an hour more.  I'm at 93% with an estimated 6:51 remaining on a 2011 MBP.  So, not only is my machine faster (which I would expect on an SSD), but the battery life has improved - which I suspect is related to the low power usage in this specific SSD!


    Looking foward to the Mavericks reports when it gets released and hope that things remain fast and battery life gets even better.

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    yes I have been following this thread since the beginning , was going to post a reply similar to ScratchSF. since the activity has slowed down, is the consensus that the new ML builds are finally OK to install? (yes I'm being lazy, but I did read the first 175 or so pages) thanks all

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    I'm still experiencing crappy battery life.

    This is the second battery


    Approx 154 charges (or so)

    Late 2011 MBP

    Battery was replaced early this year


    During any given day battery will last 3-4 hours

    That is from regular regular usage - no spectacular computing going on here!


    This has been too anoying for words!

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    Me too, very poor battery life still on 11 inch MBA late 2010 running 10.8.4.

    Lucky to get 2 hours with wifi on while browsing witih Safari and using Mail and Word.

    Battery health at 87.9%, 300 cycles.

    I did a clean install, didn't install Flash, which certainly helped, but it's still miles off the original battery performance.

    Looking forward to seeing whether Mavericks makes a positive difference!

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    The battery life never improved for me as I never got anything more than 90 minutes on battery with wifi off so I downgraded over the summer to Snow Leopard and you can really tell the difference. Not only has the battery returned to a normal state but the overall performance between SN and ML is incredible. I'm not going to bother anymore with ML as Mavericks is out in the next several weeks and it's noted that it has been designed specifically with battery consumption in mind, suggesting that Apple are aware of the current issues with battery life under ML and are possibly incapable of doing anything about it. ML was a dissapointment compared to SL and Lion so let's hope Mavericks does us all some justice.

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    CT wrote:


    Runaway applications can shorten battery runtime ... - Support - Apple


    Not sure which 'runaway applications' are causing the battery to perform terribly after a fresh install. Multiple installs of each version of ML, none of which produced a different result than the last.

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    qn fiber, do you run your MBP plugged?

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    after install ML runs indexing and learns usage. Battery is lower initially. However, I never had a fresh install with battery to last less than 6 hrs but it is not 7 either until after it settles in.

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    I think we can all agree to stop wasting our valuable time with ML and wait to see if Mavericks does us any better. I only use ML on my Mini now so this terrible issue doesn't affect me anymore. Beisarius I never got more than 90mins on a late 2010 Air after more than a dozen installs of 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4 and after many restarts, SMC resets and normal and heavy usage nothing improved for me and so I gave up on it, back to Snow Leopard which has been more than happy to accomodate my needs. I'm out of this conversation as I have little to offer for it, I just can't wait to have the new osx on both machines

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    That is the best suggestion. Let us forget the issue at this time.  Many posters have come up with ideas, some have worked for some, but not others. 

    I have tried them all.  Let us hope that Maverick helps.  Not too sure about that. What I cannot understand is with all that has flowed on this forum.  Apple from apart from a few enquiries has never commented on our issue. 

    Did it only effect a very few or what ?

    Some time ago, I had a problem with iTunes and they came back very quickly and sorted out the issue.