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  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,992 points)

    David Krug wrote:


    Sorting by the CPU column, there's a process called "Safari Web Content" that jumps between 1 and 8%.

    That's not so much, sorry.

  • rwodaski Level 1 (0 points)

    It does not have to be power-hungry. The process that was heating up so bad for me was only using 12% CPU. But it was using that 12% _all the time_.

  • V1GG3R Level 1 (0 points)

    Retina MBP 256 gb SSD, sam problem, about 3 hours of battery life. It´s half of what Apple promised. Looking for a fix ASAP!

  • Swittevrouw Level 1 (0 points)

    V1gg3r did you try my solution ? (page 42)

  • Chris-UK Level 1 (0 points)

    Done SMC reset, turned off everything incl all options around notifications. Mail and Safari running. Still draining away.

    Some ask "how do you know SMC reset has worked" - well when it has and you start up you will find your clock is back in 2008 and needs changing :O)

    APPLE - sort this stupid problem out - this is Mac Madness

  • G. Rothwell Level 1 (0 points)

    EVERYONE!!! I have a fix. At least it worked for me! Open up Terminal and paste this in:


    rm ~/Library/Preferences/

    killall Dock


    It will reset your wallpaper, but I've now gone from under 2 hours of battery life on my MBP Retina to over 5.


    Hope it works for you too!!

  • G. Rothwell Level 1 (0 points)

    @Swittevrouw - just saw you had a similar fix to mine, although slightly different. Glad to see it's working!

  • Chris-UK Level 1 (0 points)

    I thought you had nailed it then. Did what you said and it DID go back up. Then suddenly it went off re calculating (with same workload of Mail and Chrome and no heavy activity) and dropped back to half again. Be intereting to see if yours stays working or does what mine just did. You got me excited then :O)

  • Swittevrouw Level 1 (0 points)

    Indeed but still testing here! But currently it's doing everything fine ..

  • Mar.Onscrit Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi All,

    also wanted to add my name to the huge list of users having battery drain issues. My MBP mid2011 does have the same problem after upgrading from 10.6.8 to 10.8. The battery life is less than half I had running the older OS.

    Let's hope for a fast solution...

    cu, M.

  • debugy2k Level 1 (0 points)

    OMG...I hate this new Mountain Lion update!!!  I originally had like 6 hours 45 minutes of battery life under Lion.  After the update, it only shows as 2 hours and 30 minutes!!  *** happen?!?!?!?!?!

  • bldfire Level 1 (0 points)

    Same issue with me. Macbook Pro 15 inch Late 2011. I upgraded to ML from Lion and am seeing a drop of battery life from 7:30 to 3:58. PLEASE FIX THIS WITH AN UPDATE IMMEDIATELY!

  • blefuscu93 Level 1 (0 points)

    ... and no SMC / PRAM reset?

    Anyway, I've tried your solution and the battery meter is rushing up faster than before. But anyway, what's the logic behind deleting the desktop settings?! - I couldn't see any strange processor / memory load by dock-related processes...

  • G. Rothwell Level 1 (0 points)

    Chris-UK, mine still works fine and I've been using it for several more hours. Still up over 6 hours of battery life. I've been running Mail, Chrome, Word, and Pandora. I'll try some heavy duty CAD programs and stuff later.

  • Adrienne1984 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello All,


    I am not new to mac, but still not a tech person so please forgive me if this post is not very clear.  I was having two problems when I upgraded to ML.  First, my fan ran constantly and loudly and second, the battery problem everyone else was experiencing.


    My first steps were to follow the steps laid out in an earlier e-mail (if I could copy and paste what the earlier user posted)


    At last found a solution for the battery life issue. Please read the complete reply for detailed explanation.


    I have a Mac Book Pro 15 Early 2011 (2.2 GHz Intel Core I7, 4 GB DDR3 RAM), I had upgraded from Lion -> Mountain Lion a couple of days back. I was very disappointed when i saw that the battery life dropped dramatically from 6+ hrs on a full charge to around 2 hrs on full charge.


    The activity monitor showed no deviation from the normal. I was very disappointed and was planning to downgrade but then out of curiosity I thought lets go ahead and see what the issue can be. I tried the following,

         - Reset PRAM

         - Reset SMC


    After doing the same, I didnt find much difference may be a few minutes added. But going on further, I realized that people who have done a complete install, I mean a clean slate install are not facing this issue. This triggered a doubt that may be there is something to do with the disk as when left alone suddenly the fan speed used to go up and even we could feel something to the disk. Realizing the same, I did the following verification on the disk using the Disk Utility (Applications->Utilities->Disk Utilities)

         -Verify Disk

         -Verify Disk Permissions


    I found out that there were a lot of warnings that i found in them. The first one gave hard file pointer issue and the second one listed out many library files where the permissions were messed up.


    To Repair the same I followed the following steps,


    1. Unselect all the types of files in Spotlight (System Preferences -> Spotlight)

    2. Run Disk Utility

    3. Verify Disk Permissions

    4. Repair Disk Permissions

    5. Verify Disk

    6. Repair Disk Permissions


    On the 6th step i got a notification to proceed with disk repair during startup. I hence followed the instructions,


    1. Reboot system

    2. Press Command + R during boot

    3. Select Disk Utility from the option in the menu

    4. Verify Disk

    5. Repair Disk

    6. Verify Disk Permissions (Just to be sure)

    If any disk permission erros are found then,

    7. Repair Disk Permissions


    Reboot the system.


    In Spotlight select only the required types of files and then keep the system idle for a while so that the indexes are made by spotlight.


    This has really helped with the battery life on my system. As i am typing my Battery is at 92% and shows 8:25 remaining.


    I have even realized running safari is using less battery power as compared to Chrome. I would leave it on the users to choose the best. I just wanted to point out that there is affect of the battery life while running Chrome (dont know why).


    Last resort for people whos battery problems are not solved by this is to do a complete clean system reinstall of Mountain Lion.



    Adhip Gupta


    When I followed these steps, my hard drive was too corrupted and needed to be reformatted.  I reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled ML.  I got no fan issues or battery issues.  Then I uploaded all of my stuff from the Time Capsule (since I had erased my hard drive).  Immediately battery and fan problems came back.


    Here's what I did next:


    1. Deleted SMC fan control (like actually deleted it from applications, finder, etc)


    This resolved the fan issue, but not the battery issue.


    2. I had been checking activity monitor periodically to see if any abnormal CPU usage was coming up.  All day, nothing went above 10%.  Then randomly, I caught an application running 100.2% CPU called "USB Print and Storage."  I have absolutely no idea what this application is since all my printing is done wirelessly, but I force quit this application and immediately my battery jumped up to 6 hours at 81%.  Again, this is a tricky application.  It isn't always on the activity monitor but clearly its contributing to the battery problem.  If you happen to catch it like I did and force quit the application, maybe you too can have some success. 


    I hope this helps at least one other person and a SPECIAL THANKS to Mr. Gupta for that amazing post!! I truly had no idea my hard drive had that many problems!!

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