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  • spotshooter Level 1 (0 points)

    My MBP Retina has never lived up to the advertised 7 hours.  I'm getting 3-4 web browsing.  Diming the display helps a bit. 

  • chrisfromei123 Level 1 (0 points)

    I found that after I reset my pram or nvram, repaired my disk permissions and did a deep discharge my battery on my 4, 2 MacBook Air is back to normal! Still love the OS. I believe it is a good idea to run your battery down to the point where the machine shuts off once every couple of months. I find this keeps the battery properly calibrated.


    I did not do a clean install, I believe the problem to be somewhere in the upgrade process. I currently am browsing the web,have mail open, listening to itunes, and doing Crash plan back ups and have 97% Batt Life with 6:52 minutes remaining. I also have the keyboard light off and the display at 50%. Those are the settings Apple promises a 7 hour battery life. (Read the fine print - They only promise web browsing at 50% dim). As im typing this I'm back up to 7:43 life left, which is the best I've ever seen.


    Obviously this is something that should have been addressed before the OS was released, however I believe some of the responses on here to be a little dramatic. It is impossible to test everything before an OS is released. You need re-world exposure to discover additional problems.  ie Nasa had 2.5 billion riding on an unproven landing method for Curiosity.



    Hope this fixes your machine!

  • J MAZ Level 3 (820 points)

    Just got a call from Apple and gave them some system info. I'm impressed by that kind of attempt to fix this problem.


    As for my battery life it is definitely better after an SMC reset and a PRAM reset. I also reinstalled Dropbox and turned off Find My Mac in iCloud preferences. I don't know what, if any, of those items helped the most but, there you go.


    I have also done many permissions repairs, but had been doing those all along (including right before and right after installing ML)


    Hope this is helpful info to someone.

  • YoungIn Level 1 (0 points)

    I put my computer to sleep last night by closing the lid after carefully clsoing all programs including Google Drive and DropBox etc. It had 57%, 8 hours later woke it, it had 28%.  In 10 minutes of email I went to 12% and then started Activity Monitor.  Mail was using 103% of CPU apparently.  In the few minutes I was checking the symptoms, I dropped to 9% battery, and 10minutes of time.  I closed mail and after 30seconds I still had 9% but 17 minutes of time. 

    Reopened mail and it was using between 5 & 7% of CPU for the same operations as it was requiring 103% for before closing.  Mind you I had to use force close to clsoe it as it would close just using close.


    I am convinced Apple knew there was going to be a bettery issue, why else would they remove the time left feature and only give us the percentage feature.


    Here are my MBPs specs.  It is a late 2011 model with 500GB SSD.


    Model Name:          MacBook Pro

      Model Identifier:          MacBookPro8,1

      Processor Name:          Intel Core i7

      Processor Speed:          2.8 GHz

      Number of Processors:          1

      Total Number of Cores:          2

      L2 Cache (per Core):          256 KB

      L3 Cache:          4 MB

      Memory:          8 GB

      Boot ROM Version:          MBP81.0047.B27

      SMC Version (system):          1.68f98

  • yesval Level 1 (0 points)

    solo para confirmar que sufro el mismo problema con mi MBA 2012; además, el inicio y cierre de sesión es MUY DEMORADO.

    Saludos desde Colombia

  • yesval Level 1 (0 points)

    solo para confirmar que sufro el mismo problema con mi MBA 2012; además, el inicio y cierre de sesión es MUY DEMORADO

  • kiwituatara Level 1 (0 points)

    had a call from larry at apple california, a nice fellow, downloaded some data gathering apps, and sent the data back to apple california -- its good that apple are taking the situation seriously


    -- but -- ML is still drowning my battery -- apple cares advice to leave my Air plugged in to the charger while being used, i get it, but that means my Air is no longer portable, i got the machine because its light and portable


    -- i asked for a refund, on the basis that ML is not of merchantable quality, and is killing my Air -- apple say they will refund the cost of ML.


    --I'm going to reinstall Lion, and bide my time till apple publish a fix or recall ML


    --my Air is a mid 2011 machine, never used drop box, cloud, SMC and PRAM and virus scan multiple times throughought the three ML installations, but battery still kaput with ML

  • MacbookUser111 Level 1 (0 points)

    Something weird I noticied on my Retina MBP with ML battery issues is that during the 5 minutes after starting the computer, without opening any apps besides chrome or safari the amperage (About this Mac -> System Report -> Power) spikes at around 3200 mA. This lasts for about 5 minutes or so. When I open Activity Monitor during this period, the the highest CPU usage is no greater than 5% and usually Activity Monitor itself is utilizing the most CPU. When this happens, I lose battery at about 1% every 2-3 minutes. Later, the amperage reaches a lower more steady state value around 1300 mA with light internet browsing, but battery life still seems to drain at a similar rate.

  • adi190 Level 1 (0 points)

    I downgraded to 10.7. Though the battery life has improved and when full charged, it shows me 7-8 hours of run time, but I am seeing the run time fluctuating a lot. As soon as I would do anything it would reduce considerably and then would increase at times or not. But I dont remember seeing it fluctuate so much ever. It would suddenly go down to 2.5 hrs and then if i wld close the function it increases slowly.


    is apple doing something?

  • jla12087 Level 1 (0 points) -appleseed-users-in-the-next-few-days/


    looks like apple is preparing to seed 10.8.1 to developers in the near future. Hopefully, the fix to this issue will come in this update. Its alarming to see you battery percentage drop every two minutes.

  • bharun Level 1 (0 points)

    Battery life has been awful for me, too. 2.5 hours on a Late 2010 MBP 13" -- and that's just word processor, email and occasional web browsing. The number panicks me. That much battery life makes the laptop pretty much a desktop.

  • Jeanrene Bouvier Level 1 (0 points)

    Does anyone know whether the issue strikes if you install a new MacBook (Air) that came with OSX Mountain Lion and migrate apps and data from your time machine backup (of a previous MBA running Lion) ?

  • reka1212 Level 1 (0 points)

    I get the same symptoms since i upgraded, battery draining super quick on my mid 2011 13" Air

    Never used dropbox or things like that either, this is super annoying as i move a lot and i can't get through a day of work with the computer anymore.... I lose battery at about 1% every 2-3 minutes.. crazy

  • Dominique Agier Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello, same problem here in France.


    I updated my MBP to Mountain Lion one week ago and I have got the following problems:

    – the laptop il very warn, i barely can keep it on my knees when runing a DVD,

    – the fan is always blowing, more often than it used to do,

    – the battery looses power fast, it failed from 5 or 6 hours to 3 hours only.


    As i see that nobody found a solution i hope it's a software disfunction, I hope they will fix it rapidely or I will have to go back to Lion.


    Good luck everyone.

  • MikkelG Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm also experiencing this issue. I have a brand new Macbook Air 2012 which came with ML preinstalled. Hoping for a fix soon.


    I'm wondering if it would be worth returning my current Macbook and hope that the new one I get won't have this same issue.

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