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  • Gunnar Rögnvaldsson Level 1 Level 1

    I feel like 1984


    This is a brain-bleeding mistake on behalf of Apple; i.e. removing RSS from Safari on OS X and Safari on iOS and remove the pub_sub_agent on Safari 5x on Lion, so feed do no longer update.


    For me Safari now acts like a bookkeeping application that does little else than react to commands given by third part applications of last resort. Safari is no longer a true Web Browser; it's becoming an cripple.


    I am just on the verge of going back to Snow Leopard; the last good install


    I have already bought three RSS-apps in the so called AppStore, and they are total crap. The App Store is beginning to look like the "Google Gadgets mess"; which was and still is an ocean of useless rubbish. I don't have time for this eternal trial by error and spending.


    I have work to do. Work! And fast!


    Why is this happening? This is a war against sober computing, nothing less



  • ubernaut Level 1 Level 1

    wait sorry are you saying this latest secuirty update killed rss feeds under safari 5x on lion?

  • Gunnar Rögnvaldsson Level 1 Level 1

    I afarid it is so. After the last security update my feeds in Sarafi 5x on Lion went suddenly dead. I am now in the wilderness with my approx. 120 RSS feeds I have to follow on regular basis


    • New Media (global) including several paid subscriptions
    • Statistical Offices (global)
    • Central Banks (global)
    • Banks research divisions (global)
    • Public Institutions (global)
    • Government (global)
    • Research (global)
    • Blogs (blobal)
    • etc.


    I have been using Safari RSS from the beginning, including the brilliant bookmarking and bookmarkbar system as a backbone for my work flow.


    The ruthless manner Apple just kicked the fruit out of Safari without warning was unforgivable. First they blew the sync on .Mac alias - and then all of sudden Safari 6 was pushed out of the dock like an half_browser.


    I am simply furious. My iPad has also become pretty useless after I was so stupid to upgrade it to 6. Like a dead_end evolution for me.


    Why is this happening? Why do we have to follow the Whole World Wide Web through a narrow keyhole? This is a huge blindfolding step back in time



  • ubernaut Level 1 Level 1

    well isn't that a nice little kick in the pants? i've dodged this bullet so many times now i feel like keanu reaves in the matrix. we need to do something about this.

  • ubernaut Level 1 Level 1

    for what it's worth you can still open links in the background from other programs by holding the command key when clicking a link.

  • Glen M Level 2 Level 2

    A civilization which leaves so large a number of its participants unsatisfied and drives them into revolt neither has nor deserves the prospect of a lasting existence.


    Sigmund Freud  (1856 - 1939)

  • ubernaut Level 1 Level 1



    Anthony McAuliffe, December 22, 1944

  • Bluesdealer Level 1 Level 1

    Wow.  It's too bad that Apple has decided annoy its users in this way.  External RSS readers are pointless and redundant.  You're already on the web; why needlessly bring a third party application into your workflow?  This has to be the pits for journalists.


    RSS is the backbone of so much, nowadays, I can't go back to the old way.  Looks like Apple is forcing me and other users back to Firefox.  Too bad.  I was really enjoying Safari, but no RSS is an absolute deal breaker.  Way to turn back the clock a decade, Apple :-(

  • ubernaut Level 1 Level 1

    just looked up that KB article now that they listed what its does and its all quicktime stuff no mention of the pubsub agent that pretty sneaky if true can anyone else confirm this? also has anyone tried netnewswire? it looks pretty decent as an alternative, granted its not nearly as good as being able to use rss in browser.

  • ubernaut Level 1 Level 1

    so i have a potential partial solution here, running Safari 5.19 (which you can obtain from any up-to-date Mac still running Snow Leopard) on lion or mountain lion. i have confirmed that you can run it on lion still working to confirm that it works 100% on systems that already have safari 6 and/or mountain lion and i am also still trying to confirm the report that the Security Update 2013-003 disables the pub sub agent. Credit goes to Sasparilla256 who helped me here:


    If anyone can confirm this solution is working for them with either Safari 6 installed or on ML (or dare i say it? Mavericks) or whether or not the latest security update has disabled their Safari 5 i think many people would be greatful.

  • Gunnar Rögnvaldsson Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you ubernaut for your efforts


    I hereby have downgraded our Mac's back to 10.6.9 Snow Leopard, running Safari 5.1.9 as a Full-Web-Browser, blazingly faster than the Safari 6 Half-Web-Browser on Lion, Mountain Lion and iOS 6


    I am now back on a more useful, more valuable and more human-interactivly-modern Personal Computing Platform than I was, when running Lion and Mt. Lion


    Best regards


    - a professional Mac-only user, since 1993.


    Take that Apple!

  • ubernaut Level 1 Level 1

    BTW for anyone wondering 517/519 do not function on Mountain Lion.

  • Glen M Level 2 Level 2

    Ah, the good ol’ days...


    • Remember when we laughed at PC people avoiding their latest MS Windows upgrades to maintain stability and a usable interface?
    • Remember when “It Just Works” was a reality?
    • Remember when the Genius bar had free bottled cold water and didn’t have a flood of people with problems, each person having to make an appointment in advance, then forced to stand and wait an extra 30 minutes (at least a doctor’s office has chairs)?
    • Remember when the sales staff could get 4 in-store Macs to video conference within 30 seconds, and they actually knew what “journaling” was in a hard drive format?
    • Remember when you didn’t have to pay $99 (and make an appointment a week in advance) just to learn the basics?
    • Remember when Apple had annual, jaw dropping, products that the competition (and the world) could never have imagined?


    RSS was the PBS in an infomercial world; a tiny island of digital sanity in a world of annoying pop-ups and cheap animations. RSS was so Apple-like in its simplicity and user friendliness, almost as if they had invented it.


    The king has died, the magic is gone, and Camelot has become just another crumbling ancient castle, a casualty of the 2010 Billionaire Greed War. With a logo that once brought fear to cheap PC makers, it is now just a ghostly remembrance of how life used to be.

  • ubernaut Level 1 Level 1

    While i cannot argue with most of what you say i do think that referring to rss in the past tense isnt right and doesn't help much. I can tell you i'll continue to use it even if it means not being able to have it the way it should be (inside Safari) or not being able to upgrade. Also i'd say we have along way to go before we are in winblows territory.

  • Level 1 Level 1

    i did not forget this. shame on u apple. worst move i've seen in my 19 years using macs.

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