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    Use Time Machine.

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    Buddy, why do people have to go thru all of this to get their notes?  It should be more open source.  That is the bottom line!

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    The bottom line is that without backup you will lose data sometime.


    And don't call me buddy!

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    The bottom line is... I'm disabling notifications on this thread because the off-topic is to **** high.

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    Csound, I got back ups all over the place, that still doesn't answer why all of these folks can't access thier notes from their Iphone in a simple fashon.  Don't you think?  Or are you going to get worked up over someone responding to you with a positive term.   Maybe, I should have left out the bottom line, that wasn't really directed to any specific Apple user. 

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    If you took the time to understand what I actually did, you should notice that it wasn't a 'complicated procedure' but actually the setting of ONE checkmark at the right place. For me Notes synced under Snow Leopard just fine WITHOUT this checkmark; in Mountain Lion it didn't. Now it does work again... But it needed access to the server settings.


    I described this step-by-step (maybe for some people in a too complicated way I must admit ;-) to be of some help for users that are also trying to get their IMAP sync working again and might have access to their (own) IMAP server. It's worth a try and it worked for me. If you don't appreciate users trying to help others, try holding back on your own comments if you cannot provide any other help or suggestions. Now you just look ignorant.


    btw: I'm still on 10.8.2

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    As I stated earlier, the problem you are encountering is a bug in Mountain Lion, and has been fixed by Apple in 10.8.3. The correct solution to the problem is to upgrade to 10.8.3. No procedures such as the one you described are necessary, as the original bug has been fixed.


    This is not ignorant, but simply stating the correct fact that the problem has been solved without the need for the procedure you mentioned. As such, your advice does not 'help others', but simply adds more complication by instructing users to do something more complex than upgrading to 10.8.3, which fixes the problem outright.

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    For IMAP Gmail Accounts, Try This:

    Mail=>Preferences=>Accounts=>Mailbox Behaviors=>Notes=>Store Notes in Inbox [  ] (leave unchecked).


    Save the settings, just mouse over and click on another preferences menu item, a drop down will appear, click save.


    To be sure the changes take effect, exit the Apple Mail Program.


    Wait, then relaunch Apple Mail.


    Test a note from your iPiece(s), it should show up on your main rig under Mail=>Reminders=>Notes=>Account=>Note.

    Test a note from your main rig, it should show up on your iPiece(s) under Notes=>Accounts=>Note.


    I'm using a variety of soft and hard versioned products. So if you are lucky enough to keep up with all of apples product changes this should work for you also.


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    As a side note: We want to keep the notes synchronized between rigs and devices - we do not want to keep them on the server. Keeping notes on the server does cause a sync conflict ( either no sync, or delayed sync) between rigs and decives. The Sync Conflict Theory exists as if it did not then the aforementioned solution would not exist.

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    Thank you very much! I have the same setup, and your fix with the IMAP "Login" option worked!

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    Okay, think we have a winner here. been frustrated about this all week and figured out a solution. upgraded to mountain lion and signed up for icloud, but wasn't syncing my old notes....only the new ones. tried many of the things in this strand but no dice.


    found a fix...went to notes on my iphone (where i usually use notes) and at the bottom of one of my notes that wasn't syncing, hit "copy". then hit the "+" for a new notes, then pasted.  hit "done", and then it immediately appeared on my icloud imac thingy.  did that for all of my notes...10 or so.  good to go.


    may the iforce be with you.

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    Re: Notes wont sync between Iphone and Mac on Mountain Lion

    Jun 24, 2013 8:12 PM (in response to adamortiz) [REVISED]


    @adamortiz: I like your style, but the iForce may not be with you - however there is hope. Yes?


    All iDevices that have been used or are in use prior to enabling iCloud on any iOS Device will place all pre existing notes into a bucketed list called "On My iDevice" - You have provided the manual solution to porting the notes from the device to the cloud.


    Next up ->

    I do believe "iCloud" has been in use pre OSX ML. It may not have been called iCloud, which is much better than the first attempt with personal grid/network-computing - I forget what they called it. As I also previously mentioned -> the iDevices will work with iCloud independently from the main rig.


    Hint: although iOS is OSX, all that is required is one iDevice with the ability to use iCloud enabled. You can then visit your iCloud account with any desktop, any browser and view your iDevice stuff in the cloud. As you keep adding more iDevices to your iCloud account, the "data core" should synchronize between all devices via iCloud - independent of any desktop or laptop(.)


    But I do like your style, the force may eventually be with you - practice, practice, practice.

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    reengineer wrote:



    Hint: although iOS is OSX,

    What does that mean?

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    Re: Notes wont sync between Iphone and Mac on Mountain Lion

    Jun 25, 2013 6:59 AM (in response to Csound1)


    It means a lot:


    They use a *nix distribution for the core of the OS's.

    They take advantage of the same framework for native (i)OS(X) Apps (e.g. Mail, Notes, Contacts, Safari, etc... ), iDevice Apps, and Mac Apps.


    Ideally, the best synchronization model is the one that keeps everything synchronized: When the Hardware, System, and Frameworks are seamless across the board, it will make for a better experience with developing, shipping, sustaining, and using "Software Systems( User Interface, Business Logic & Rules, and Data )" products and services.


    In reality, virtually all users will have a different experience. As I mentioned previously in this thread, a user may have a confusing mixture of product generations for one or multiple brands - this is an "augmentation" and "mutation" of the "ideal synchronization model". This happens when each generation reaches a their final/ending-evolution-level, however a user will still be able to use these products and services while only acquiring one new product at a time. This is true as iCloud is providing a for a strong backbone by keeping certain user data available and readily accessible and usable across related and/or unrelated devices ( e.g. Mail, Notes, Contacts, Safari, etc... )


    HOWEVER: Mail is mail. iCloud or not. OSX ML or not.

    Mail is an app built around the interface, business logic, rules and data of standard POP and IMAP email requirement specifications - which do not change as much or at all. If you have the "ideal synchronization model", then your ease-of-use should be simple, seamless, and easy for that particular brand(brand is the keyword). If you don't, then your ease-of-use will vary to some degree - this variance provides for a good learning environment to acquire new user-skills by tinkering with the general Mail App settings for POP or IMAP email accounts. Your email is also independent of proprietary products and services. IMAP is an email specification that allows for "realtime syncing"(e.g. a user can read, write, send, save drafts, notes, and emails through any device, through any email application, at anytime, at any location and the user data will be here, there, any and everywhere just as it was over-there. ;-) ) What you can do with an IMAP is further augmented and mutated by the ESP(email service provider).


    There is a lot more, but I hope this sheds just a bit more light. ;-)

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    Re: Notes wont sync between Iphone and Mac on Mountain Lion

    Jun 25, 2013 6:56 AM (in response to adamortiz)

    Re: Notes wont sync between Iphone and Mac on Mountain Lion

    Jun 25, 2013 6:59 AM (in response to Csound1)


    Here is a simple Test for Notes syncing: (this is how I discovered notes syncing without using iCloud.)



    - 2 or more email accounts setup on a desktop and handheld device(s) - more toys, more fun.

    - Be sure that the desktop mail client setting for storing notes in the inbox is unchecked.



    - iOS settings. Turn off all iCloud settings. Then sign out of iCloud.

    - Mail settings under the iOS setting menu, and select an account other than the iCloud account. The next window will show a small handful of options, one of those is turning On/Off stuff like Notes, Calendars, etc... If the notes switch is off, then slide it on. Click done.


    Repeat GOTO as needed.



    Now open the notes app on one device: you should see a "Notebook" for each email account you turned notes on for. You may or may not see the device "notebook". If you don't and want one, then create a note outside of all accounts. It should default to the device "notebook" - be sure to check the Notes settings for the default account.


    Create a note with one of the email account "notebooks" and "save it" on your iDevice.


    Then GOTO another device and open notes, and navigate to the note you just created.


    Now modify that note.


    Next GOTO another iDevice or the desktop Mail Client. If you GOTO the Mail Client, open and navigate to the "Reminders" twisty-list.


    Click the twisty to open, if not already open.


    Then click open the Notes Twisty, if not already open.


    Next click on the notebook where the note was created and modified on the iDevices, and modify this note. - be sure to "save your work".


    Finally GOTO your iDevices and view the same note.



    All of the results we just observed proves that there is some stuff that will synchronize independent from using an iCloud account and in real-time.



    Now here is a kicker: See if you can sync notes between an iDevice and a desktop mail client other than Apple Mail. (E.g. Thunderbird, etc...) - be sure that the email account is isolated from the desktop Apple Mail Client


    Now here is another kicker: Remove using a desktop mail client like apple mail entirely from the equation. ( e.g. Add an email account to an iDevice that isn't setup in any desktop mail client. )


    In theory notes syncing without iCloud under the suggested kickers, should work as designed - given the email account supports and uses the IMAP settings.