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    Went to Softpedia and used the search google.ext What I got was dashboard search bars instead of a regular search bar.  I'm running an iMac.  What is the name of the extention you use, Zsaxe?  Is it a regular search bar that isn't a dashboard widget?

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    After reading the comments here today, wanted to check out my tumblr page.  I typed in and it took me to a google search page with as one nof the searches.  It didn't take me to  What's up with that?  I thought Safari's omnibar was also an address bar.  If that's so, it should have taken me directly to the tumblr website.  Am I crazy to think that the omnibar is now only a search bar?

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    It is not surprising at all that people are now just talking about their dislike of the omnibar.  When Apple first started talking about it, I thought, "So what.  It'll be easier and less clutter."  Come to find out it's not the search bar/address bar many thought it would be.  Not being able to keep search criteria in a separate search bar makes it so I have to type in search criteria for multi-searches.  I use multiple tabs for searching the same search criteria so I can bring up a site in one tab while searching for another site and bring it up in a 2nd or 3 tab.  I can then compare the sites and see which one is the best for me.  For me, it's quick and efficient.  I do not understand why Apple doesn't allow me to tick a box that puts the address bar and search bar back to the separate bars they were in the past.  That would make everyone happy, wouldnn't it?  I'm guessing Apple is getting away from their "Think Different" motto that got me to switch from Windows in the first place. I also think Apple wanted to regain users that switched to other browsers that had had the omnibar.

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    What is the deal? It was really convenient to have the 2 separate bars. I was able to search and look at a different site at the same time. Now it wants to search Google all the time instead of going to the direct site. Can Apple please make it an option to have search bar/address bar.

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    This is a really good example of form over function.  The "omnibar" doesn't work nearly as well as planned, but hey!  We don't have that *massive* (1.5", if that), *ugly* (a small white box?  Not really.) Google search bar cluttering the pristine landscape.  (/sarcasm)


    Much as the "wonderful" *cough* deletion of "Save As", I have a feeling there's going to have to be some backtracking on this one.  In the immortal words of Wallace of "Wallace and Gromit", "Come on, lads!  Get it together!"

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    This is really annoying because if I click on a search result, the search phrase disappears and is replaced by a URL. If the page isn't what I'm looking for, I no longer have the search phrase to edit.


    Firefox is now my default browser and will remain so until this problem has been fixed.


    I'll contact customer service but I expect that like most customers services, their job is to explain why they are not going to meet their customers' requirements.


    Edited to add: Oh, I forgot I shouldn't expect to receive a reply at all from Apple. Why did I ever buy a computer from a company that isn't advanced enough to provide customer support via email?


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    Yes please! miss that second search bar. Really dislike having to erase the entire address of the page that i'm on! would be helpful to have an option of whether or not we would like the second space bar

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    I will see your dissatisfaction and raise you.


    What I really don't like is when I you try to type some search terms into Google's normal page at, it automatically jumps to the omnibar.


    I don't need a search bar in my browser period, whether it be separate or as an omnibar.  Was there something wrong with just going to Google?


    Aside from this omnibar silliness, I do really miss seeing the address of the current page just because I wanted to search for something else.


    Perhaps the problem is that after programmers give us all the technology we need, they still need food and a paycheck, so we start getting things nobody really wants or asked for.

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    I've been a loyal Apple customer for 10 years & I have to say that this issue is the one that actually caused me to sign up here & post my disapproval. 


    Apple usually gets everything SO right, but this is the most screwed up decision I've ever seen.  My entire browsing/searching experience online has been (up to this point) typing in searches in the Google box & being able to see those search terms & then change/modify them as I'm browsing & searching.


    I've been trying to deal with this new "Omnibar" for the past week or so and I absolutely hate it.  HATE IT.


    Please, if anyone at Apple reads these or checks these boards, PLEASE bring back the Google bar, or at least make it an option.

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    Who thought this was a good idea? Do they ever talk to real-world users anymore? There was no reason, either practical or aesthetic, for this change. It's change for the sake of change, and, to me at least, truly annoying.

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    That is not good! If not user configurable.

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    This omnibar is brutal.  Can I undo the update I just downloaded?

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    Well, Apple, it's probably not the end of the world for you but I'm now using Firefox & refuse to use Safari until/if this problem is fixed.  I'm also not downloading Mountain Lion (for now) for fear of more foolishness like this. 

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    Yup, no way I'm downloading Mountain Lion now. Who knows what else is being "improved"!

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