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incacom Level 1 Level 1

After the Update to OS X Mountain Lion 10.8, SKYPE doesn´t work. On Skype Start-Up, it crashes

after some seconds! Before never hapend. Some idea?

Mac mini (Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)
  • Tuttle Level 7 Level 7

    No issues here with Skype

  • incacom Level 1 Level 1

    ok, will test back soon..

  • incacom Level 1 Level 1

    Tuttle, first TY for your help. NO chance crashing total!

    Today, in the morning, i wrote to SKYPE, and they responded by e-mail.

    I did exactly what they wrote, but NO chance too!!


    Do you like to see the crash report? Or the nail from Skype?

  • Tuttle Level 7 Level 7

    Sure, post the email.

  • incacom Level 1 Level 1

    Here it is..





    Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Service.


    We understand your concerns regarding your issues with downloading Skype. Let us clarify.

    There are several reasons why Skype might crash or fail to start up. Follow the steps below to try and solve the problem.

    To complete a clean installation of Skype:


    1. Quit Skype.
    2. Open your Applications folder and drag Skype to the trash. To do so, open Finder, select Go > Go to Folder., then type ~/Library and click Go in the dialog box.
    3. Open Finder. Navigate to Home > Library > Preferences and drag to the trash. Important: If you need to keep your chat and call history, skip this step.
    4. Open Finder and search for Skype. Move all results to the trash.
    5. Right-click the trash icon and select Empty Trash.
    6. Restart your computer.

    If you are still having problems try to change the default text-to-speech voice on your Mac:

    1. Go to System Preferences and open the Speech pane.
    2. Select Text to Speech and change the System Voice to anything else besides the selection you currently have.

    You can also try to disable VoiceOver assistance.


    To disable VoiceOver:

    1. Go to System Preferences > Universal Access.
    2. Turn VoiceOver off.

    Also check that your Mac meets the minimum system requirements for Skype for Mac OS X:

    • 1GHz Intel processor
    • Mac OS X v10.5.8 (Leopard) or newer
    • 512 MB RAM
    • 40MB Free disk space

    We are also aware of a problem with a sound enhancement software called Hear, which is developed by a third party company. You can uninstall Hear from your system, if you have it installed, as this may help: Finally, Mac comes with many pre-installed fonts, some of which may become corrupt causing Skype to crash:



    To check a font for possible corruption:

    1. Go to Finder > Go > Applications > Font Book.
    2. Select the font you suspect is corrupt from the Font column in the Font Book application and choose Validate Font from the Action menu.
    3. The Font Validation window will open, showing if the font passed or shows problems.


    If there is a corrupted font, use a utility like Font Finagler to delete the font cache:


    Important: We are not responsible for external websites or any changes to their content.


    Best regards,


    Maged M.
    Skype Customer Service

  • incacom Level 1 Level 1

    For me this is bla bla...

  • Tuttle Level 7 Level 7

    Seems like a pretty thorough set of instructions and suggestions. Don't know what I can add. Did you send them the crash report?

  • incacom Level 1 Level 1

    No, but tomorrow I´ll do that!

    So let us wait untill (if) they respond!


    ty so far

  • dhf0820 Level 1 Level 1

    My Skype just crashed after being up about an hour. Was not using it. I saw it disappear and got the crash message.

  • incacom Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Tuttle!


    Problem found!!  SKYPE, the newest or older version, it doesn't matter, crashes if my Mac mini is connected to a HDMI TV Screen.

    Resolution changes in the Monitor setup doesn't matter!!!


    Connecting the Mac mini to a normal Sonny 18" computer screen, SKYPE works PERFECT!


    Anyway, from my side is to say, that the ML brings a lots of errors!


    Was working on these problems since installing the new OS.


    It need a lot of patience?



  • sonium Level 1 Level 1

    For my part skype keeps crashing randomly, then restart fails. Eventually, like on the next day it will work again but starts crashing again at one point. I tried all the skype suggestions (deleting all files distributed over the library folder).


    Process:         Skype [88656]

    Path:            /Applications/


    Version: (

    Code Type:       X86 (Native)

    Parent Process:  launchd [214]

    User ID:         501



    Date/Time:       2012-08-04 11:38:32.574 +0200

    OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.8 (12A269)

    Report Version:  10



    Interval Since Last Report:          48720 sec

    Crashes Since Last Report:           17

    Per-App Interval Since Last Report:  27152 sec

    Per-App Crashes Since Last Report:   17

    Anonymous UUID:                      05DD80DF-AFB2-44AB-AED0-4A50165AB390



    Crashed Thread:  1  Dispatch queue:



    Exception Type:  EXC_CRASH (SIGBUS)

    Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000

  • nounousomes Level 1 Level 1

    Exactly the same problem here,


    MacMini Mid 2011


    SKYPE, the newest or older version (2.8, which is the most stable one), it doesn't matter, crashes if my Mac mini is connected to a HDMI TV Screen.

    Resolution changes in the Monitor setup doesn't matter!!!


    Connecting the Mac mini to a normal Sonny 18" computer screen, SKYPE works PERFECT!

  • nounousomes Level 1 Level 1

    I am wondering if it is something related to HDMI sound input or output? I retuned back to Lion for the Skype problem,


    Would you try to change or disable the HDMI sound output?


    May be it works?


    Could it be related to the fonts in ML?


    And what is Dispatch queue: related?

  • incacom Level 1 Level 1

    New tests done!


    The "crashing" Tv a Philips TV/PC Monitor with standard resolutions and 720p up to 1080i, is this one: ES

  a12_view_partial.html&session=20120804202146_176.83.106.161&list=aa12_list_parti al.html&slg=ESP&ctn=42PF5421/10&dct=FAQ&refnr=0004071&faqview=1


    Yesterday I tested with a Philips TV, from the same year (2006), but the best Model in that year.

    It work also with al standart resolutions and with up to 1080i!  This one: =ES


    AND HOW WONDER!!!! Plug and Play, ;) , SKYPE working perfect!!

    ALSO I NOTICED, that  - iMessage - starts without crashing and work perfekt!


    iMesage did the same problems.


    I restarted the mac mini several times, did a lot of test-changes in the Monitor setup, changed varios types of resolutiom, restarted the system and it was (is) working PERFECT!


    Also in the sound setup I did several changes and tests, also no problem!!


    The SOUND was working in the other TV too, without problem! Output line or HDMI is irrelevant.


    I think, testing the ML, since 25 of july, doing a clean install after this crash problems on 28, restoring my files from the TimeMachine, and testing, and testing, That several things are not estable like befor in the 10.7.4.



    There is something going wrong!


    So far, maybe it helps a little........

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