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    Try leaving a question here:

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    Mac OS X

    Yep I've got same problem too. Wifi just drops for no apparent reason, but happens more when I've been browsing for a while and then do something else in another application (eg Finder)


    Had a similar problem after upgrading to OSX Lion, but that was only after iMac coming back from sleep and wifi connection lost. Now it happens anytime!


    I tried the same fix I used before (clearing out wifi connection info and re-setting it up) but that only worked for a while.

  • till213 Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue here, MacBook Pro 13", 2010: at times the WiFi connection gets terrible slow: Thunderbird looses connections to mailboxes, Firefox times out... Activity View ("Aktivitätsanzeige") shows that bytes - bytes! - are crawling over the ether! I mean something like 200 Bytes a second or something ridiculous!


    There is no other network activity going on at this time (such as Photo Stream syncing of another device or so), so it can't be my router is overloaded or whatever.


    I never had issues with WiFi under Lion before (not to mention Snow Leopard - which kicked *** so much!)

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    Is your router set to WPA or WPA2? Try switching to one of those. For me this dramatically sped up my messed up Mountain Lion wireless (under 100kb/s back up to my 2mb/s).. although my connection still drops out, but at least it's useable when it's up. Pinging (via terminal command: ping, I think keeps my connection open for longer.

  • till213 Level 1 Level 1

    By the way: WiFi connectivity shows full connectivity - even submitting the previous comment took about 4 seconds!

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    I just restarted my MacBookPro and WiFi connection seems to be back to normal (I was on batteries previously and now plugged in again, in case that matters).


    I just checked on YouTube and watched some random movie, download speed is in expected range. Also opening up other random pages now quickly finds their IP address (so DNS lookup also goes quickly again).


    So in case that was really no dropout of my provider then this is really some "temporary issue" with the WiFi connection on Mountain Lion.


    Again, all settings (router and OS X) are unchanged since the upgrade from Lion to Mountain Lion (I never observed any issues under Lion, by the way). At least I did not do any manual changes to my network settings under OS X 10.8 since upgrading. Oh and yes, WiFi is with WPA2 off course.



    If more people have this issue (I'll closely watch this one and see whether it is somehow reproducible) I'll suggest you report to Apple directly, as I just did:

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    to let you know that Apple called and asked to reinstall via ethernet.  Did so, still early days but passed tests that didn't pass earlier prior to reinstall

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    My issues have gotten better every day since the install.

    I think I only disconnected about 2-3 times today, and sometimes it just that a page wasnt loading so I reset my connection.


    I am planning on doing a full reinstall tonight at home.

    Hoping that resolves it completely.

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    No real help, y'all. I'm just chiming in to report the same issue.


    What's different is that I've had it since upgrading to Lion! My ISP can find nothing. We've tried 3 different brands of routers. Last diagnostic effort had three real geeks here at the same time (not just service guys from trucks).



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    I have the exact same issue, and it's annoying as ****. It happens randomly with random websites.


    For example, I make a web search and Google isn't available. Reload reload reload reload reload reload reload reload reload reload reload reload reload, and nothing... but if I go to another website, it loads perfectly, and after several seconds, I reload the original page and it works again. ***.


    It didn't happened with Lion and it doesn't happen to my gf (she has Lion because Apple won't let her upgrade). *** Apple.

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    My wifi connection was also dropping every few minutes. I could expidate the drops by streaming a couple videos at the same time. Snow Leopards wifi was never perfect for me either (it would drop about once a week) but it was stable. Upgrading to ML made it so much worse.

    I had found a solution that made it completely stable (see below) but still looked for a proper fix:


    Enable WLAN: Yes

    Mode: IEEE 802.11g Only

    Channel: 7

    Transmitting power: 100%

    Enable WMM QoS: No


    Not having EXACTLY this brought the problem back.


    Finally, after already checking if there was a firmware update for my router by going into its configuration and it telling me it was up to date, i wondered if my router was wrong. Sure enough i went to the dlink website (i have a dlink dir-615) i found a new firmware version had been available for the past 2 years.

    After updating the routers firmware my wifi is running so so smooth with whatever settings i choose.

    Hope this helps!

  • Mr harley Level 1 Level 1



    After a couple of hours with Apple,  It looks like it is the WEP versus WPA2,  I changed routers to a WPA2 enabled router and everything is stable now.  just to let you know

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    I have the same router (DIR-615), but having probems finding the latest firmware. Could you please give me the link?


    Thanks so much

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    I have to say that I am impressed with Apple following up with a phone call from their technical support people. I know they are working to get this issue resolved for everybody experiencing it. In my case I have my wifi back to normal and to be honest I have no idea what was the step that took care of the issue. Since the update to ML I had the same problem with my connection being very slow and dropping. Browsing was also interrupted and pages would not load completely in some cases. I ended up restoring Lion from a time machine backup and decided to give ML another try. Before I did that I updated the firmware in my router (a linksys WRT54GL) to the latest v4.30.15). To start the installation this time I downloaded the OS (instead of clicking install from the app store) and lauched the installation from the applications folder. The problem persisted after the new installation, so it was not the firmaware or the installation by itself that was causing the problem. Next I started making changes to the router configuration and started changing the wireless channels. I thought it was performing better leaving it it in channel 6 - 2.437 GHZ. Also went into the network preferences and released and renewed the DHCP lease. At some point in here, my connection became stable again and it has been that way for the last few days. I am so sorry that I have to give you vague details and not a fix but I figure better this than nothing. Perhaps someone can find any usefulness in this post.

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    sure thing



    click on "Support Resources" and choose your revision number

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