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    This thread is titled "Mouse Cursor Disappears", the bulk of the posts have referred to the mouse cursor. I was posting about the mouse cursor problem.


    My "rant" as you choose to call it was aimed at the need to face reality and accept that after two years at least since the problem first occurred, and the lack of any solution that has had widespread success, and the lack of any recognition, let alone help, from Apple, the time has come to accept that the fault is insoluble in practical terms and therefore it must be regrettably accepted or other solutions need to be chosen. I had a Windows machine at work several years ago and we all at work had to sigh and accept its faults. Complaining interminably has not worked in this present problem. In the case of the mouse, I suggested a solution that solved my problem and perhaps others could try it. Obviously it would not help tablet users. I was not addressing them.


    To be fair to Apple (for a moment), Apple have sold 28 million Mountain Lions up to June 20th (Wikipedia). I don't know how many users of it have a mouse cursor problem, but it is probably a tiny proportion. They will have noted that this thread has had 59,212 viewings and only 329 replies. I have not seen any significant mention of it in the computing press. Perhaps Apple have taken the commercial decision not to spend money on curing such a small (as seen by them) proportionate problem, and one that they might believe as being the fault of third-party suppliers. Their share price is firm over the last 10 years. I for one have stopped yearning for a solution to the mouse problem. I don't know what tablet users can do.

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    Steve, I think that you've been dealing with Troll dribble.  In my view Apple displays a recklessness indifference if not a conscious disregard for this endemic problem.  Someday, I expect regulation of this industry to catch up with that of automobiles, appliances, and other consumer goods if we aren't ruled by corporations.

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    RobertBurnsOB wrote:


    Steve, I think that you've been dealing with Troll dribble.  In my view Apple displays a recklessness indifference if not a conscious disregard for this endemic problem.  Someday, I expect regulation of this industry to catch up with that of automobiles, appliances, and other consumer goods if we aren't ruled by corporations.

    The free market has already spoken. If you are unhappy with Apple's products, there are others to choose from.

    We don't need a bunch of bureaucrats deciding what is acceptable behavior. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Works every time it is tried.

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    I am still having this issue, but for some reason it is not as bad as it was before. I use a mouse and a Wacom Intuos 5. The issue ONLY occurs when using my tablet and ONLY in photoshop. And now when the cursor dissappears  I can move the (invisible) cursor to the bottom of the screen and then when I bring it back up, it reappears. This is in no way a solution for me but it has made my life a lot less frustrating. I am not sure exactly what I have done to make the problem slightly less but all my software (Java, Mountain Lion, Wacom etc) is up to date. And I use PS CS6.

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    I've reported this before.  I am using a using (and have always used) a tethered mouse.  I have also done everything on 11th_door's list except the Wacom part since I don't use Wacom.  I also tried different (tethered) mouses.  Nothing worked.

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    Maybe some kind of third party software conflict.

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    CT, are you an Apple bot?  How many times have you posted exactly those words?!?

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    Same issue. All my hardware is Apple wireless mouse and keyboard - no third party stuff. OS X 10.8.4.

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    Like many here, I HAD the same problem.  After about 3 years of my Mac working like a charm, my pointer disappeared or did crazy jumps on the screen.  Just generally had a mind of its own.  3 nights ago, I completely lost any ability to use the pointer.  I couldn't click on anything.  I was furious.  I shut my Mac down and thought I had the most expensive door stop.  My warranty expired and it was a little over 3 years old (mid-2009 bought in 2010).  I finally called Apple support and she told me to turn it on.  I did.  Signed in and son of a &^%$##, if the pointer didn't work.  No reason at all.  She still set me up for a free diagnostic which she stated that if they could find anything wrong, they would give me the price as to what it would cost to fix.  However, since my pointer was functioning, it would be difficult to diagnose.  So, I didn't make an appt and am waiting for this thing to go crazy again and then I'm shooting off to a Mac store for a free diagnostic.  

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    I'm just reporting somethoing curious and asking if anyone else has tried "recording" a visual of their porblem.


    "generally" the problem has disappeared for me (but see my ealrier posts on the specifics of my problem), but it still surfaces. I have tried  to "capture" the behaviour with Snapz pro on a  recorded movie clip for "all" skeptics - and Apple - to see. But lo and behold - the problem completely dispaaears once i invoke Snapz Pro, and, after I shut Snapz pro down there is no (apparent) cursor problem.


    SO this morning the anomolous behaviour occurs in Mail. WHile scrolling through my morning emails the cursor flickers in and out of a standartd "cursor insert" icon  - just flickers, doesn't completely disappear , just flickers. Aha, I htought, time to try again to use SNapz Pro to see if I can record this. Lo and behold as soon as snapz pro is invoked and recording of the screen begins the cursor goes back to what it should be - an arrow pointer - and functions flawlessly.!!


    Go figure??????


    Maybe others of you with screen capture software (snapz pro? camtasia?) could try this - ie makign a video recording of the problem, post it up on vimeo or youtube for all to see? Or, perhaps like won't be able to becasue "something" happens to "correct" the problem once the video recording software  starts?



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    Adding my voice to this issue...


    I notice that the problem only occurs when I use an app that has tools that change the cursor.  For example, Photoshop and Aperture.  In both of these apps, I will be fine for various lengths of time, but suddenly the cursor disappears after I choose any tool that changes the cursor.  Nothing short of restarting the computer will bring the cursor back.


    This problem only started occurring in the last few weeks.

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    For what its worth I am having the same issue. Happens in photoshop constantly. In safari occasionally. Mabou is correct in that it appears that when the software is changing the cursor the cursor will disappear.


    I am also using cs6 with wacom 5. All software is up to date.

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    Something you installed in the last few weeks.

  • andyg74 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, photoshop cs6!

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