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  • ubernaut Level 1 (65 points)

    not sure how much hope this provides to anyone but myself but another of my forrestal/ive canaries in the coalmine was just fixed yesterday. The mini player in iTunes 11 lost its progress bar an equally obvious omission. let's hope it's a sign that other great abandoned features will be returning soon.

  • yugua Level 1 (0 points)

    Here are my feature suggestions for user configurable snooze in iOS and Mac OSX.


    Consider adding a 2-3 of configurable snooze option buttons to the


    The idea would be that a user could define 2-3 user configurable snooze buttons for a reminder.


    Users could create configuration rules to suit their needs  similar to how smart playlists are constructed in iTunes.


    Basic Examples:


    > Snooze for XX Minutes

    > Snooze for X Hours

    > Snooze for X Days

    > Snooze for X Weeks

    > Snooze for X Months

    > Snooze until I leave XX location

    > Snooze until I arrive at XX location


    Complex Examples:


    > Snooze until XX Minutes after I arrive at XX location

    > Snooze until XX Hours after I leave XX location

    > Snooze until I have been in motion for XX minutes


    Another feature could be the introduction of "Do Not Disturb" into the workflow such as:


    > Do Not Disturb for XX Minutes

    > Do Not Disturb until I leave this location


    All of these interactions should also be available in iOS devices as well, with full Sync capabilities, so you iPhone/iPad doesn't continue to alert the user when the reminder has been implemented.


    I also suggest introducing an API to allow 3rd party developers to integrate into the system.



  • Mark T1 Level 1 (35 points)

    I just got a new MBP and have been using 10.8 (came from 10.6) for about a week and I too miss the old snooze feature in iCal.


    Also, what's with the misplaced looking top bar on iCal's front page? That brownish bar looks very out of place.

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  • RandyChev Level 1 (25 points)

    Go here:

    Been there. Done that. Got ignored.


    That's the page that asks:

    Q: What version of iCal are you using?

    A: Uh, it's now called Calendar; Ver 6.0. Pull down answers only offer up to 4.0.4.

    Q: In what setting do you use iCal? (one answer only)

    A: I use it at work, at home, on my phone, etc. IE 3 or 4 answers.

    Q: What view do you primarily use? (Month, Week, Day, All)

    A: What if I use Year View? Oh, yeah; you didn't have that in iCal. I use Calendar..... 6.0!

    Q: Do you publish any of your calendars?

    A: Oooo, ooo! I publish with that last one; "To .Mac for viewing on the Web".


    Are you KIDDING ME?!!! They haven't even updated the feedback form in 5 years! Is anyone really expecting them to update Calendar? I gave up on this a long time ago and went with BusyCal. It's not perfect but the developer LISTENS and it's a **** of a lot better than calendar for real world work!

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    Your customers clearly DO NOT like the alert system in iCal.




    This is ridiculous.

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    Apple previously delete a post of mine because I suggested that the use of the above mentioned feedback form is a helpful as relieving oneself into a strong wind.


    I'm sure this post will be gone soon as well. At least it's proof that Apple looks at these, even if they TAKE NO ACTION WHATSOEVER TO FIX THE ISSUE.


    I suppose it's not a bug, it's a feature.

  • ubernaut Level 1 (65 points)

    more of a ux issue then ui but yeah it is fairly disheartening that they can't fix something so obvious as this.

  • mschipperheyn Level 1 (0 points)

    That's one of the things I don't like about Mac OS and Apple. As good as it is, there are a number of small niggles/oversights that are easy to fix but never get addressed. I guess it's no real surprise, but Apple apparently is not the kind of company that listens to its customers. After all, everything they do is awesome.

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    I mentioned BusyCal a few posts back. Many on this thread have switched to BusyCal and have posted how pleased they are to have variable snooze back.


    Well I just got an email today from BusyMac Software announcing Version 2.5. The major improvement in this version is support for Excange and Office 365. I don't use Office or Exchange but its nice to see BusyMac continues improving the product.


    The reason I post this here is that along with the update they have put the app on sale at the AppStore for v1.6 users to be able to upgrade at (I believe) 40% off retail. The good news is, ANYONE can get the discount.


    The Mac App Store does not allow upgrade pricing for owners of earlier versions so we are offering introductory pricing of $29.99 for all users, for a limited time.


    So this would be a great time to try out BusyCal with their Free Trial and do a quick evaluation while you have the chance to buy it in the AppStore for a discount.


    I am not affiliated with BusyMac in any way. I'm just a happy user since Apple started taking features away from us in iCal/Calendar.

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    I tried BusyCal but I found myself more comfortable sticking to Calendar with SnoozeMaster for just $15 available in the App Store.  I'm not connected with SnoozeMaster but, like you with BusyCal, just find myself very comfortable with it.  You can configure the alerts any which way you like.  So flexible and easy.  If only Apple could be that helpful!


    The only thing SnoozeMaster can't handle is alerts for birthdays because they come from Contacts.

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    It's hard to believe Apple won't fix something as easy as this. Especially if it's driving customers to purchase a replacement for a basic component of the OS!


    I like Apple products pretty well. But when Apple disappoints, they make sure to do a good job!

  • RandyChev Level 1 (25 points)

    I found myself more comfortable sticking to Calendar with SnoozeMaster for just $15 available in the App Store.


    I hadn't heard of SnoozeMaster. I may have to check it out.  I HAVE heard of SnoozeMaster. It's just not $15 so I was confused. There are a couple bugs that get me once in awhile with BusyCal that can really be irritating but I see SnoozeMaster has some bugs too. One description implies I might miss some notifications. That isn't an option for me so I'm staying with BusyCal. But $15 just to fix the snooze?! It's not $15 but.... Apple should STILL be ashamed.



    I like Apple products pretty well. But when Apple disappoints, they make sure to do a good job!



    HA! What a great line! Goes along with what mschipperheyn said just before you:


    After all, everything [Apple does] is awesome.

    ... even their screw ups!


    Message was edited by: RandyChev

  • ubernaut Level 1 (65 points)

    am i the only one that thinks paying more (or even half as much for that matter) as much as the cost of the os itself just to fix one program that used to work fine is nuts? i'm sticking with lion until they fix that bs.


    speaking of stuff that's broken, this forum is the worst ever. always signing you out and putting you on the wrong page of threads.


    come on apple wake up or someone is going to come along and eat your lunch!

  • mschipperheyn Level 1 (0 points)

    Couldn't agree more.

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